Surefire Strategies to Master Playing Baseball on Mobile

Baseball on Mobile

Baseball Star is one of the most straightforward single-handed sports games you can play on mobile. With easy game mechanics and controls, mastering the baseball game is a piece of cake. Baseball on Mobile Star is a PVP sports game where your objective is to score higher runs than the opponent before the timer ends. While the game is highly entertaining, it is also challenging to compete for a higher score. 

Hitting home runs may sound like an easy task if you are a real-life baseball player. But your real-life strategies may not work well in this fun online game. Here, aiming for a higher score means scoring home runs after home runs without hitting the strike or negative runs cards. Swinging the bat at the right time is the key to scoring home runs, and you need the right strategies to make sure that happens every time you swing your bat. The next time you play baseball online on MPL, don’t forget to use these surefire strategies to score higher runs and win the game. 

4 Simple Strategies to an Easy Win in Baseball Stars- Baseball on Mobile

Exploit the Practice Mode

No other strategy can help you win the game more than a lot of practice. Timing your shots perfectly comes with practice. So, the most important strategy to master the online baseball game is to keep practicing and improving your skills. Fortunately, there’s a practice mode available that offers free practice games against real players online. Exploit the practice mode to work on your shots before you take up a challenge in the cash contests. Playing multiple games in the practice mode against live opponents will improve your hand and eye coordination, and you will know when to swing the bat towards the home run.

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Swing Early to Hit Left

When you play the game for the first time, you are given essential instructions before the game starts. One of the most critical instructions, which also makes up for a strategy to master the baseball game, is swinging the bat early to hit towards the left. While playing baseball stars, if you see the home run card (HR) at the left, swing the bat early without a doubt, and you will see the ball fly toward the HR card and hit a home run. Tap anywhere on the screen as soon as the pitcher throws the ball, and you will easily score 4 runs.

Swing Late to Hit Right

The other critical instruction is hitting the ball to the right when you spot the HR on the right. If you swing the bat late, it will make the ball go in the right direction. Therefore, if you want to score a home run or go for the next best runs, tap anywhere on the screen a little late after the pitcher releases the ball.

Steer Clear of the Negative Runs and Strikes

While hitting the home runs is your main objective when you play baseball online, you must also keep the Strike and Negative Runs card in mind. As per the game rules, a -1 (minus 1) card reduces your runs by 1, and hitting a Strike card reduces one life. If you hit Strike thrice, your game will end. Therefore, at all times, you must avoid hitting the negative runs and strikes. Practice enough to time your shots perfectly so that the ball doesn’t hit these cards.

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Avoid Hitting HR if the Strike Card is Close

Well, of course, you need to hit a home run at every opportunity you get if you want a higher score. But sometimes, the greed to make a higher score quickly can break your game. Don’t put yourself in trouble by aiming for a home run when the strike card is right next to it. Chances are, you may hit strike instead of a home run and will regret it instantly. Similarly, when you spot a negative run near a home run or another run card you’re aiming for, it’s better to hit a smaller run card. In such situations, it’s best to hit a +3, +2, or even a +1 if that’s the safest option. The objective is to increase your runs, so you’d rather hit a +2 that’s further away from a strike or -1 than take your chances with a home run.

The Bottom Line

While there’s not much strategy-making you have to do while playing baseball, these sureshot strategies will undoubtedly work to your advantage. Ready to swing your bat to hit strikes after strikes? Flex your fingers, hold your breath, and make use of all the above strategies to give your opponent a taste of the worst defeat possible. Play baseball online with live players and challenge them in cash contests to win real cash prizes. A great hand and eye coordination in this fun online baseball game will guarantee you multiple wins. 

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