How to Stay Motivated, Especially During Exam Times?


There is no time more stressful and demanding than the end semester of any grade or college year. The Pressure and workload are immense, the anxiety and nervousness are all at their peak, and it’s too difficult to prepare everything at the last moment. Under such a situation, it becomes more necessary for a student to keep motivated and have some patience and dedication towards achieving good results. Therefore, we will discuss in this article the tips to help and assist you better, especially when you have an online examination to prepare and attempt. 


Planning is undoubtedly an essential step that you have to do while preparing yourself for a strict schedule or routine to complete the whole syllabus in a given period, including revision work. “To-do list” is one approach adopted by many aspirants to manage their work daily and keep them in a significantly less stressed situation. 

The approach is very advantageous as it helps an aspirant manage time for both current works and pending work, which has not been completed by time management. Time management is entirely in your own hands; no teacher or educational app will do that for you. Your determination and courage will help you succeed and maintain a remarkable record for yourself. 

While planning your “To-Do List” for a particular day, a student should put up at the beginning a topic which you think is tough, like maths or physics study material. To analyze that topic will require a lot of your time, and you should put the most manageable topic at last so that when you are genuinely drained out, it gets easier for a student to wrap it up. 


Stay Healthy 

Eat healthy food, and make sure you are correctly sleeping for about 6 to 8 hours a day, which doctors prescribe, or at last sleep 5-6 hours in a day, for those preparing for an exam because there are many things to do time. A lot to cover; therefore, it is expected that your sleep cycle might face some adjustments. Another thing which one can follow is to exercise regularly. Workout is an excellent way to keep one’s body fit and active and the mind at peace. 

The people who regularly work out or do basic exercises are scientifically proven to be more active and possess a positive attitude which helps boost up their confidence in them. 

Also, the rate of depression and stress is comparatively lower there. 

Stay Away from Negative Thoughts and Negative People 

Negative thinking can affect your overall attitude and confidence to perform well in your studies. Therefore it is suggested that especially during exams, one should look out for Motivational quotes for students available online, make Notes and paste them on your wall near your study table or workplace. The technique is always helpful to keep you motivated and helps you move far away from negativity and negative people. 

Reward Yourself

The best motivation comes from rewards that you get after achieving something. You should also set for yourself some short-term goals and fix some prizes, but make sure that the prize you have selected is worth the situation and attractive for you. Take breaks, and a gap is essential for the relaxation of your mind, which is continuously working. Gratification ensures a positive effect on your motivation to study for the upcoming examination. 

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There are several other tricks and learning management system applications that you can probably work on to keep yourself motivated always. Motivation is the key to developing patience. Motivation is that force that will keep you pushing forward no matter how challenging the situation you are. 

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