What You Can Do If Your Mac Is Not Charging

If there is one thing almost all Mac owners can agree on, it’s that Apple’s laptops are tightly reliable and capable devices. However, this doesn’t mean that these devices are completely exempt from damage or fault. There can still be some kind of malfunction or it may simply just be getting old, due to years of constant use. Either way, whatever the reason may be, when problems occur with your Mac, it can be a frustrating experience. [usb c multi hub]

Luckily, there’s always something you can try to do to fix it. And one of the most common issues that many Mac users experience, is when your device suddenly refuses to charge properly. When this happens, there are usually a number of different methods that you can use to try and fix the problem. So, we decided to dive into some different solutions that you can take, in the event that the green light on your charger is not working. However, before we dive into how you can fix the problem, you should know that when such a problem ensues it’ due to two main things. Either the hardware is damaged or faulty, or there is a prevailing software problem. 


If it is a software issue, then the fix is simply pinpointing the problematic program or app and deleting it from your Mac. However, if the issue is hardware-related, then it may be because the battery is old. Or perhaps there is a damaged component somewhere. This could have happened due to a previous accidental drop or impact. In which case, it is often recommended to always protect your Mac using a MacBook case and also a MacBook leather sleeve, when on the move. After all, even of you own a perfectly functioning Mac, it’s important to keep it well protected at all times. This way you can avoid such problems from happening to begin with. In this respect, we recommend one of Lention’s cases, as they do well to secure your Mac in both wet and dry conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to protect your Mac from hard impacts or to give it some level of water-resistance.  A hard waterproof laptop case will prove to be extremely valuable, when you least expect it.

How To Know If Your Mac is Not Charging


You can easily tell if your Mac is not charging, if the charger light won’t come on. Or, if your Mac won’t boot up. This could also be as a result of the battery running out of charge, so you need to plug in your wall charger. If it boots up, then there’s no worries. However, if you connect your charger to a socket, connect it to your Mac and it’s still not working, then this is an issue. It could be due to a fault with your Mac, a damaged charger or an issue with your socket. Any one of these could be the cause behind your charging concerns, but luckily each of them tends to be easy to solve and fix.[ laptop desk riser] 


How To Fix The Problem


There are usually a few solutions that you can implement to solve the charging problem. However, keep in mind that in the worst case scenario, you may have to purchase a new wall charger for your Mac. In which case, we would recommend buying one from a reliable brand like Lention. The USB-C chargers that they manufacture are not only universally compatible, but also highly dependable. Moreover, they are multi-functional and also fast-charging. Plus they also come with safety features to prevent risks of any power surges or blowouts damaging your Mac.

  1. Check the Power Socket


One of the first things you will to confirm is whether the power socket is functioning correctly. If the Mac isn’t charging, you can always unplug it and connect a different electrical device to the socket. This will help you ensure that the outlet is actually working. You can easily plug in your iPhone for example, to test it out. If it doesn’t charge, then you’ve solved your problem and can just switch to another socket, instead. However, if it does charge the iPhone, then your charger could be the faulty culprit.


  1. Check the Cable For Damage


Another possible cause could be down to your charging cable. It may be either worn out or compromised in some way. This is why Mac users are often encouraged to make sure of a cable organizer to keep their chargers protected. It reduces the likelihood of external damage, especially if you are a user who is constantly on the move. However, it is usually the plastic covering that protects the electric wiring, which tends to wear out. When this happens, your cable may not function as well as it used to.In which case, you can try to solve the problem by covering the area with electrical tape. However, that tends to just be a temporary fix, so your best bet is to invest in a new wall charger.[ usb c hub with hdmi and displayport




These are just a few simple tips that you can use to get your Mac up and charging again. However, there may be several other causes, some of which may be software related. When this happens, your best bet is to take conduct an Apple diagnostic test. It should help you better figure out the issue. Another alternative and more straightforward approach are to take it to your nearest Apple Repair Store to be examined.

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