Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission: TOP Full Guide 2021

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Are you trying to find an App to monitor your husband’s cellphone without consent? Would you need to monitor the GPS location of your kids? Regardless of the reason is the requirement to monitor a mobile phone place is there.

The phone location tracking process is progressively hard. We can’t realize without the support of specialized phone monitoring programs, particularly if you would like to monitor without consent. If the monitoring might have been done together with their understanding, then things could be different. There are several programs out there for location monitoring, but not all of them qualify for this type of procedure! Let Colorfy show you the Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission in this guide.

What’s Phone Tracking?

Tracking a telephone action is the process of quietly tracking and regaining pieces of data from somebody else telephone. With the assistance of technological progress, spying on somebody’s phone has gotten more undetectable. A spy program is a potent instrument in managing phone monitoring. These programs work together with the pre-installed hardware elements on your smartphone. By way of instance, monitoring a telephone place is simple through GPS locator.

But it must always be remembered that spying involves significant responsibilities since it feels as if you’re stealing someone else info best free mobile tracker program without consent. When spying, ensure that you aren’t going to get caught. Even though you’ve bought to get a high-priced spying program, if you weren’t careful in avoiding getting detected or captured, the Program is going to be deemed useless probably.

Factors To Consider When Choosing And Purchasing a Spy Program

As consumers, each time we purchase specific products or services, we check their usefulness. We record down the benefits of this product and compare it with all the disadvantages. We must weigh the advantages and costs of getting a new product. Afterward, we could purchase the product and find out how to utilize it. Perhaps it is possible to recommend it after you found it somewhat helpful.

Accordingly, Concerning phone monitoring, Once We purchase a spy program, we Will Need to consider these three variables:

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You have to finalize why you’ll be conducting telephone monitoring. This may dictate your game program and your goal outputs whenever you recover information from somebody else’s mobile phone. This has to be established first to prevent repentance or regret if you purchased the wrong product. Reason also assesses the anticipated features you will be on the lookout for from work.


Features are the value propositions of a product. In buying a spy program, after setting your motive for purchasing, you want to list down the features which can allow you to get the outputs that you want. For instance, if you would like to track the calls or text messages, you have to consider programs with these features. Nonetheless, some programs offer you a broad selection of parts to be sure they appeal to your requirements ultimately.


This is a significant element when buying services or goods. You want to be sure you are getting what you’ve paid for. Some programs offer you many features yet at a lower cost in comparison to other programs. You may get enticed with all the price; however, it’s also wise to check for the testimonials Program program. The trick is that before purchasing, you compare each of the programs and locate good testimonials that will help you develop with the last choice.

These variables are significant considerations when purchasing a particular product (in our case, a spy program ). If these variables have already been established, you can now proceed with buying the ideal spy program that will fit your requirements. Now, look at the recorded six most acceptable free mobile tracker programs without consent to locate a perfect one that can make your spying encounter rewarding.

Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission

1. FamiGuard

Cost: The one-month strategy Program program will cost you $12.99 a year, the Program program will likely come at $29.99, and the year-long plan will cost $59.99.

FamiGuard also performs cellular phone tracking without the cone program Program mostly emphasized on parental management. It functions through the install program Program on the target device, and you may find the GPS location without consent. It’s a beautiful, intuitive program with built-in GPS that gets updated every few minutes and provides you real-time place of the target device. Along with the site, history can be provided Program. If you would like to parent straightforwardly, then here’s a fantastic selection for you.


  • You are tracking the GPS location of the mobile telephone in real-time.
  • It may ensure 100% precision with the technologies of built-in GPS.
  • It can see place history with date and time stamp program has an intuitive interface and is simple to operate.


  • No more iOS support program Program is visible on the target apparatus.

VIDEO: How to Get Started with FamiGuard – The Best Parental Control App in 2019

2. mSpy

Cost: The simple version program Program will probably cost $29.99 a month, and also the Premium version will cost $69.99 for one month.

May is just another fantastic GPS monitoring app without consent, famous for its outstanding performance. Though mainly promoted as a parental control program, the monitoring capability of the app is entirely accurate. The same as the programs mentioned previously, mSpy provides a map view of those places.


  • Give the real-time upgrades of the target locations.
  • Compatible on multiple programs.
  • Provides simple accessibility to the target device without consent.
  • It’s a fantastic balance of features and cost.


  • The features are extremely limited to the simple edition.
  • Disastrous customer care.

VIDEO: mSpy Review 2021 – Best Phone Spy App?

3. KidsGuard Pro

Cost: KidsGuard Pro has just one variant for all of the superior features. That means you won’t be charged much for restricted parts. It is only going to cost $8.32 for a yearly program.

KidsGuard Pro is just one of those recently released programs that have gained considerable popularity because of the user-friendly interface, accessibility, and extraordinary functionality. UtiliziProgram program, it is possible to monitor a mobile phone without consent.

The Program applied built-in GPS to monitor the cell phone. It functions stealthy from the goal telephone with a concealed program icon. In conclusion, watching a mobile cellphone’s location without consent by KidsGuard Pro is your ideal option for you. Now, let us take a look at the similar pros and cons under:


  • Works within an anonymous manner and won’t send any notifications to the target device.
  • The real-time GPS monitoring is extraordinarily timely and accurate. Follow Program program is started, the place will begin to upgrade continuously.
  • The place history can be assessed too.
  • When the GPS is turned off, you may use a Wi-Fi link to discover an approximate place.
  • Timestamps are readily available. They’ll allow you to ascertain the history.


  • The iOS variant is below developing and will probably be published on 2021/11/25.
  • It won’t show all of the place icons on the web site.

VIDEO: How to install kidsGuard Pro App? 2 minutes and no root requirement!

4. Hover watch

Cost: The Private version of the app starts from $24.95 for one device. The professional variant begins from $49.99 for five apparatus, and finally, the company version starts from $149.85 to get 15 tools.

Hoverwatch is an outstanding program with huge observation capacities. This isn’t a free phone place tracker program without consent but functions efficiently. It keeps a close eye on the target device. This program also has an internet dashboard for collecting the information. Here we recorded some pros and cons that you know the program better.


  • The program is easy to install.
  • The port is user-friendly.
  • It provides different variants for different demands.
  • Other tracking features are also offered.
  • It functions in stealth mode.


  • Location tracking isn’t quite as precise as other programs on this listing.
  • They are designed only for the Android apparatus.
  • Root for the Android apparatus is essential.


This spy program may also be retrieved through the Android Play Store along with the iOS App Store. This spy program is acceptable for parents with many children and companies with multiple employees because its dash may let them track and monitor numerous devices. Additionally, altering screens is as simple as one, two, three. It may also monitor the keystrokes of the apparatus with its keylogger attribute. But this program calls for rooting or jailbreaking the telephone before you may use it.

Can access multiple apparatus

Has a screenshot attribute

Has a keylogger attribute to Understand the apparatus’ keystrokes


  • Stealth mode
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Very Simple setup


  • Reasonably expensive (Basic package starts at $49.97 for three months)
  • Requires premium bundle subscription ($64.97 for three months) to trigger all of the features

VIDEO: XNSPY Mobile Spying App Review

6. SpyFone

This spy program also supports both the Android operating program and iOS. The fantastic thing in this program is that it provides an online demonstration to have a glimpse of what this program does. What’s more, it may access Gmail that’s essential for a company when monitoring their employees’ emails. It also comes with an application blocking attribute that limits using a program acceptable for parents who wish to restrain their children’s actions.

The location could be monitored in real-time.

Has email tracker through Gmail

Supports application blocking


  • Simple to Use
  • Very inexpensive (Basic package starts at $8.33 a month)
  • Can be utilized by Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac


  • It requires the telephone to be frozen or jailbroken to utilize exclusive features.
  • Wants monthly subscription


Can you spy a telephone without access to it?

Yes. With the most recent technology arising nowadays, it’s likely to spy on a telephone before touching it. All of the tools required to run telephone monitoring can now be accessed online through app-sharing sites, Android Play Store, or even the iOS App Store.

But you need to pay attention to these aspects to consider when buying a spy program so that you won’t regret once you purchased something which can’t even assist you with your requirements. Employing the spy programs available on the internet, remotely accessing someone else’s telephone, is now much more straightforward.

What’s the best program to catch a cheating partner?

The response to this question is dependent upon your preference. Nonetheless, in my view, basing my response from the above mentioned six finest free mobile tracker programs without consent; I’d go for utilizing SpyFone. I picked this spy program because taking a look at its features. It’s practically complete.

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