5 Best Bg Remove Alternatives Tools for 360 degree Car Photography


Sometimes you take photographs of a vehicle with a background you do not want, or you take an excellent one that does not match the background. In such cases, background removal tools can assist you in removing such annoying backgrounds. Another good news is that you can even add a new creative background. One of the prominent tools for removing background is remove.bg. It is one of the leading tools where high-tech artificial intelligence leaves no traces of changes being made in the final image.

However, it has two significant limitations; the first one is its cost. It is priced as per the number of pieces, and if you want to process multiple images, it could be heavy on your budget. Second, it needs a high-resolution photo for downloading in HD format. So, here in this blog, we will discuss alternatives to remove bg car to help you make perfect 360-degree photos. These have the same background removal features, pocket-friendly prices, and no high-resolution demands. 

Top 5 Remove.bg Alternatives & Competitors

Here we have made a list of the five best alternatives of the remove.bg. These softwares also cover background removal and car photo editing background that remove.bg offers you. The background removal feature of these softwares is more optimized than the remove.bg and provides you with more options. Each tool has its focus on background removal. You can pick the one best suits your organization. 


Spyne is one of the best platforms that provide you with car photos using AI tools. It enables you to capture high-quality images with a simple smartphone camera and enhance it using AI to make it realistic.


Fotor is an all-in-one photo editing and design tool. It is unquestionably the most significant substitute for remove.bg. In terms of free background removal, it even outperforms remove.bg. It has remove.bg’s AI one-click background removal feature. Additionally, it gives you a selection of background image templates for various settings. Fotor gives you more color options than remove.bg in terms of colors. 

This application enables you to change the background of the photo to a different color combination. If you find any unwanted objects in the background of the car photo, fotor can help you to remove them using the AI tools.

Removal AI

Remove AI is a specialized background removal software. With the help of AI, it provides you with fast and high-quality background removal. It also provides you with a noise reduction feature. After removing the backdrop, you can also change the image’s size. Additionally, you can select the size template that it offers. There are options for Facebook size, Instagram size, etc.


PhotoRoom is a prominent online background removal tool that has gained wide popularity. Its background removal interface is very simple to use. You will receive a translucent image after uploading the photograph, so that you can add the background as per your need. Above the image, a color toolbar is provided. You can use this to alter the background’s color quickly. Additionally, it gives you access to several categories of backdrop photos, such as festive, simplistic, and so on. It is perfect for changing the background of your product photos.


Unscreen is a powerful competitor of remove.bg. It is a gif background and video removal oriented application. You can easily record footage anywhere and then remove the background using Unscreen. It does not need you to have professional skills or undergo tedious steps.

How to Do Car Background Editing?

Now you know the various alternative tools to remove bg cars for image background editing. Let’s focus on how to perform car background editing. If you are looking for manual car photo editing, you will need a professional and skillful editor, along with the appropriate editing software. However, this will increase your expenses. The tools mentioned above are user-friendly, and you can learn to edit pictures yourself or hire a professional to perform the same task. The simple interface of this software will enable you to eliminate the additional hiring staff and significantly reduce the company’s cost. 

Another alternative method is to automate car bg editing. In this method, you don’t have to hire any professional or buy extravagant software to complete the task. You need an automated car photo editor such as Spyne Darkroom or Spyne AI smartphone application. This application can significantly reduce your burden by providing you with HD car photos with minimum effort. These applications also reduce the need for manpower to operate a camera or edit parts manually.


In this blog, we have gone through the various applications to remove the background of 360-degree car photography. Perfect background removal is a very crucial process in the car dealership space. However, if you want to get rid of all the burdens, you can hire Spyne to complete all those tasks. 

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