Content creation is another buzz that has taken over social media. Everything and anything can be made into content. Your content can be in the form of short or long-form videos, newsletters, audios such as podcasts, photography, videography etc. Just be sure to pick the topic you can be consistent with and create good content out of. When you’ve successfully picked a niche, you need the right target audience that connects with your content and looks forward to seeing what next you have in store for FULL-TIME CONTENT CREATOR.

It’s however important to note that to become a successful content creator, you cannot afford inconsistency. Consistency is one of the major keys to retaining your audience. Once you’ve gained your audience through good content and consistency, you can start looking for ways to earn with your content creation. You deserve some reward for making your audience happy and that’s why we’ve taken our time to curate 10 steps you can take to be well on your way to earning yourself a comfortable lifestyle through your content.

10 ways towards earning your living as a full-time content creator:

Memberships/Subscriptions for Exclusive Content

When you start off as a content creator, your content comes free and accessible to everyone because you’re trying to gain your audience and build their trust. With time, some of your followers might need you to make exclusive content that they will benefit from. With that kind of request, you can charge an amount you consider reasonable, and this can be a way you earn money. 

Those kinds of content could come in different packages where each package is priced based on the number of benefits in it. This content might be in the form of newsletters, videos, e-books etc. Platforms like Allcreate ensure that content creators can be monetized, while following their passions and interests. However, take note that people will only continue subscribing to your content, if they’re getting good value for their money. So a mix of consistency and top-notch content will keep your audience glued to your profile. 

Accept donations

In recent times, followers have often cultivated the habit of giving back to whoever makes them happy with their content. Platforms like Tiktok, Allcreate, etc. allow followers to send online gifts to content creators. However, some followers might be willing to go all the way and send cash donations to you in return for a small appreciation message, exclusive meeting or quality content in return. 

Most of your followers will do this if you’ve brought them so much value and joy that they want to give it back to you to appreciate your efforts. It’s a good way for small start-up content creators to upscale and grow in their journey. It shows support from your followers, and how much they rate you and your content. The donations might not come from all your followers, but with the little you can get from the majority of them, it could also be a source to gain a living for a content creator.

Sell Branded Merchandise

Having branded merchandise is one of the easiest and most common ways to earn as a content creator. If you’ve successfully created a niche for yourself, and you’ve also been hard working enough to gain the trust of your audience, branded merchandise might come in handy for you if you want to start earning. A unique catch phrase or facial expression you use consistently in your content can be made into profitable branded merchandise like a shirt, a cap etc. Not only will you be able to earn from it, but you’ll also be adding a little bit of flavour to your brand as a content creator. 

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For example, famous makeup artists that have been able to perfect their art and put up their tutorial videos on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms sually end up creating physical makeup products of their own and end up selling them. A large percentage of their audience buy these products because they trust them and have seen how creative they’ve been with their makeup looks.  It’s a great way to connect with your followers and create long-lasting relationships with them. To start, you might need to invest a large amount of capital into production, marketing and distribution. Once you’ve ticked all necessary boxes, your followers will show their support by purchasing your merchandise and earning you some extra cash.

Become a Brand Ambassador- FULL-TIME CONTENT CREATOR

You are probably aware, but for the benefit of those who aren’t so sure, being a brand ambassador as a content creator could afford you a very comfortable lifestyle. Your job as a brand ambassador to any brand is to create content that promotes the brand in the most entertaining and informative way possible. Any brand that offers you a deal as a brand ambassador understands that your target audience would benefit from their brand because they’ve observed the kind of content you put out and they’re satisfied with your method. 

For these brands to reach out to you, ensure that you’re on the right platform like Allcreate that can help you grow your reach and promote your content organically. If they reach out to you, you might need to do some paperwork that officially seals the deal, so it’s advisable to get legal advice for such circumstances. By chance, if you have eyes on a particular brand with which you’d love to work, you could send them a proposal directly making sure to let them know how they’ll be benefiting from your cooperation. You have to also be sure that what they have to offer is actually beneficial to your target audience, because they’re the most important part of the deal. As a brand ambassador, you’d be entitled to free brand products and additional benefits so make sure it’s a brand you’re comfortable working with.

Create an Online Course- FULL-TIME CONTENT CREATOR

Depending on your niche and your target audience, if you feel that your content can be made into an online course, it can make you a lot of money. Online courses are usually pre-recorded and can be played anytime by whoever is learning. If you have enough knowledge about your content, and you’re well equipped with the right tools needed to convert your knowledge into a course, you can go for it. You’d be surprised to find out that as a tutor with good content, you could be making a fortune from imparting knowledge. 

Your videos can be uploaded on learning sites like Coursera, Udemy etc. with a price tag, and you’d earn easily from every purchase. After you must have successfully created and uploaded videos, you need traffic through promotion. Promotion can be done whichever way you want, either by using social media virtually, Google ads or through content promoting platforms like Allcreate without breaking a sweat. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is when you offer to promote products for a brand and get a certain commission or percentage of whatever price the product is being sold for. You could use platforms like Tiktok and Allcreate to produce creative and eye-catching videos and streams or whichever method of delivery you prefer to promote the products. We believe using videos with music in a very fun and interactive way is one of the most effective ways to promote your content. 

When you’re promoting these products, let your audience see the value and lure them to buy the products not because you want to collect their money, but because of the value they’d be getting, when they own that. However, it’s important to note that each product has its specificity and can’t be promoted the same way. Once you understand that, you can successfully generate traffic and eventually convert it to clients.

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After you must have mastered the art of content creation, you can start rendering assistance to newbies who have little or no experience with content creation. Most people are natural content creators, while others require a push and assistance to gain the confidence that others have. You could offer consultation services for such people for a certain amount of money. You can start out by giving out free e-books or how-to guides and then start offering paid consultations to interested people. 

With paid consultation, you’re offering them value that can’t be gotten in your ebooks, and you’re assuring them of benefits only they have access to. Offer to check their portfolio and how far they’ve gone with their content creation and give them a revamp if need be. With time, they’ll grow and might even refer other people to you for such services.


Non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs, are digital assets that represent real-world objects like music, videos, games, art etc. These objects can be bought and sold online with cryptocurrency. NFTs are gaining so much attention, because it has proven itself to be an easier method to buy and sell digital artwork. NFTs can only have one owner at once, and once you’ve sold your digital asset to a buyer, the buyer has the right to re-sell it for any amount, or keep it. 

If you’re a freelance photographer or an artist, you can sell some of your best works as NFTs. As a video content creator, you can use a platform such as Allcreate which gives an opportunity to build an online community around your content. If a particular piece of content gains some attention, you can decide to mint that content and sell it as an NFT on sites like, Rarible for millions of dollars.

Direct advertising 

This is one of the most popular ways content creators earn money. If you’ve been able to build your blog or website around your niche and you’ve been lucky enough to gain an audience that consistently looks forward to your content, you can rest assured that brands might reach out to you to help them put their website links on your blog. With every click from your blog or website, you get paid. 

For example, Youtube has made it easy for content creators by automatically placing ads in videos. For everyone watching that ad, the creator of the video gets paid. This is a method most bloggers and content creators have used to earn a lot of money over the years, and we can assure you that it still works.

 Social media influencer 

As a content creator, there is some level of influence you have on your audience. On popular social media platforms, you might have gained a reasonable amount of following all thanks to your amazing and consistent content. Brands might reach out to you to help them promote their products to your audience.

It’s similar to brand ambassadorship, however social media influencing jobs might be a one-off and might not require a legal signature on documents as such to seal the deals. You might just be a freelance social media influencer and use your platform to promote various products to your audience. You have to ensure, however, that the products you promote won’t harm your image as a content creator. Make your findings on these brands and be sure to crosscheck every piece of information you’re given.

Is it hard to start earning as a content-creator? 

To wrap it up, these steps are not the only ways to earn as a content creator but we’ve done justice to the ones we believe are most effective. If you are looking to be a full-time content creator, you can pick one of these methods or mix them up in whichever way to benefit you and your content. 

We’ve also been able to highlight relevant platforms like Opeansea, Allcreate, Tiktok, Instagram and that can be beneficial in your content creation journey. We hope that we have been able to set you on the right path to monetizing your efforts as a full-time content creator.

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