students like board games and how it help in learning?


Board games help students to pass the time after a long day in class. They are also popular during parties and relaxation hours. Some require a lot of mental engagement such that they are associated with the most intelligent persons in the community. 

Educationists recommend board games for college students because of the personal and social benefits they offer. They help students to learn different concepts necessary in class and life. Here are reasons why students love board games and their usefulness in the learning process. 

Passing time and relaxing 

Students are encouraged to play board games in the evening after class or over the weekend. It is a perfect way to wind down after a tough day or week. You can hire a nerd for homework to create time for board games and other relaxation activities. Such games protect your body and mind from fatigue or burnout.

A tired student cannot concentrate in class. Such a student will also take too much time to complete simple class assignments. Some of the games provide a chance to continue studying without feeling the pressure of schoolwork because the learning is indirect. A student resumes studies or takes the mind off academic work, leaving him relaxed and ready for further learning. 


A healthy social life is one of the most important elements of the college experience. It helps you to practice social skills that you will require to succeed at work and in life. Socialization builds a circle that you can use to share ideas, combine efforts, and gather resources for academic as well as future projects. 

Extensive reading hours will leave you holed in the library or your room. It could take a heavy toll on your mental health if you do not find time to socialize. In case you have a disturbing issue, you will share it with a friend and find a solution. The resulting calm and healthy mind will find it easier to grasp the content taught in class. 

Critical thinking 

Board games require a strategy to win. You engage opponents in situations where you have to think of their next move. The game also requires you to advance while protecting your behind. Winning such games takes advanced critical thinking. 

Games sharpen your critical thinking skills to prepare you for real-life situations. You can apply the same knowledge when solving questions in class. A critical thinker will also produce creative solutions when faced with a problem. It is one of the ways to exercise your mind hypothetically in preparation for real life situations. The creativity and advanced reasoning will enable you to solve difficulties in life that will earn you a fortune in the corporate world. 

Language and other subjects 

Board games are based on different concepts. One of them is language where you are expected to spell words or act in a manner that is directed by particular words. Scrabble is one of the board games that you can use to learn a language. It requires you to spell words from where you will earn points. 

The language you learn when playing a game can be applied in an essay or real-life conversation. The break between gaming sessions will require you to study the language. You take note of words that can earn you more marks. This is a perfect way to improve your vocabulary while having fun. 

Promote inquiry 

Board games will have you questioning every decision you make. You want to make a smart move that does not leave you exposed. The inquiry skills involve consideration of multiple possibilities to eliminate the chances of failure. 

An inquisitive mind produces some of the most insightful discussions when writing an essay. The student who plays video games can combine ideas generated during the literature review to build the best theories. He can also see incredible conclusions from simple data. Such an inquisitive mind will also win debates. The games help a student to exercise his mind in preparation for real-life or academic tasks. 

Enhance creativity 

A creative mind produces some of the most brilliant ideas when writing essays. Board games help the mind to relax, making you a more creative student. The strategies you develop and banters with opponents will raise your creativity levels. The same ingenuity will rub into your writing once you begin drafting essays and research papers. The relaxation that comes out of playing video games will also help you to see great ideas when studying or revising for your exams. 

Applying concepts learned in class

Board games help you to apply the concepts you have learned in class. Such concepts will be animated in your mind, making them easier to understand. For instance, scrabble will help you to practice your language. You will be better at spelling words as well as improving your vocabulary. Monopoly is an excellent game to learn financial management, liquidity, and investment. While the games appear like passing time, they offer excellent life and academic lessons that will make learning easier. 

Lesson on patience 

Board games take time to complete. While you might have your next move figured out, you have to wait for your opponent. Some of the games will take hours to complete. This is a perfect situation to learn patience. The lessons will be useful when working on an idea as an entrepreneur, solving a difficult academic problem, or working on projects beyond school. You have to take a step at a time. Patience will help you to strategize and win instead of rushing to make dangerous moves. 

Focus and attention 

All video games require a lot of concentration. A lapse could result in a serious loss since you miss the moves made by your opponent. You must see your moves and those of your opponent ahead. The same concentration in class will help you to complete assignments faster and study easily. 

Video games help students to relax, pass the time, and practice crucial concepts learned in class. They improve social skills which enable students to share learning resources. The board games can conveniently be used to learn concepts like language, investment, and money flow. They offer a chance to learn while relaxing. 

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