5 Reasons To Visit the So-Cal Coast Spring 2023

Reasons To Visit the So-Cal Coast Spring

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There isn’t a bad time of year to take a vacation to Southern California. So-Cal is always a culturally rich and naturally beautiful destination. However, the best season to visit the Golden State is still up for debate. From San Diego whale watching season to local festivals, there are benefits to a sunny California vacation in more seasons than you might assume. Here are five reasons why spring might be the best time to take a trip to Southern California.

Avoid Summer Crowds

Summer may seem like the obvious choice for a beach vacation. Swimsuits are ready to go and the water is warm. The major drawback to a summer California vacation, though, is that it tends to be the prime season for family vacations since school is out of session.

You can always plan around crowds by investing in private whale watching and other exclusive attractions. To avoid crowds on a budget, however, you’re better off planning your vacation for an off-peak time of year.

Catch the Warm Weather

Spring in Southern California means perfectly temperate weather. March, April and May in San Diego all have average high temperatures in the high 60s. In summer months, those temperatures can climb to nearly 80 degrees.

See Gray Whales

While summer is blue whale season in San Diego, the best time to see whales is actually from late December to April. This is because gray whales make their annual migration past San Diego to the warm waters of Mexico.

More than 20,000 gray whales pass through these coastal waters in early spring. Blue whales may be the largest animals on Earth, but gray whales are still colossal, coming in at an average of 50 feet long and weighing almost 100,000 pounds. If seeing whales up close is on your bucket list, the gray whale migration spring is an absolute must.

Do It for the Gram

San Diego has hundreds of Instagram-perfect locations for unforgettable pictures. A spring trip means that many of these popular destinations will be uncrowded and ready for your close-up. Some of the best photo spots in San Diego include:

  • Scripps Pier on La Jolla Beach
  • Holy Matcha Cafe
  • Greetings From San Diego Mural in North Park
  • Balboa Park
  • Sunset Cliffs Park

Why is spring the best month to snap pictures in San Diego? Many of the spots on this list include florals, lush greens and botanical themes that are perfect for the season.

Low-Stress Romantic Getaway

The last reason to visit Southern California in spring is for a stress-free romantic trip. Many couples opt for international destinations or resorts, leaving Southern California less busy in the spring months. However, a California vacation can be every bit as luxurious as an island getaway, if not more. With what you save on airfare, you could book a private sunset cruise San Diego.

Choosing a season for your vacation is just as important as choosing a destination. Set your adventure in spring to best appreciate the natural beauty of Southern California.

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