Top 10 Free Phone Number Validation APIs

Phone number validation has become essential to various business operations in today’s digital age. Many developers and businesses rely on Phone Number Validator APIs to streamline this process and ensure accurate and reliable results. These APIs offer a simple and efficient way to validate phone numbers by leveraging powerful algorithms and databases.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 free Phone Number Validation APIs that can enhance your application or system. First, we will start by understanding what a Phone Number Validator API is and how it works. This will provide a foundational understanding of the technology and its relevance in today’s interconnected world.

Next, we will dive into the benefits of using a Phone Number Validation API. Then, we will introduce the ten most popular Phone Number Validation APIs available today. These include Numverify, Abstract API, Mocean API, Veriphone, Twilio, Nexmo Number Insight API, Numlookup API, Vonage Number Insight, Loqate, and NumValidate API. 

By the end of this blog, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the top 10 free Phone Number Validation APIs and be equipped to choose the one that best suits your business requirements. 

So let’s dive in and explore the world of phone number validation!

What Is a Phone Number Validation API?

A Phone Number Validation API is a software interface that allows developers to integrate phone number validation functionality into their applications. It provides a standardized way to verify the authenticity and validity of phone numbers, ensuring they are formatted correctly and exist in the global numbering plan.

Phone Number Validation APIs connect to databases and algorithms containing comprehensive information about phone numbers worldwide. When a phone number is submitted to the API, it checks against this data to determine its validity, including the country code, area code, and subscriber number. The API performs various checks, such as syntax validation, number formatting, and carrier identification, to ensure accuracy.

What Are the Benefits Of Using a Phone Number Validation API?

Using a Phone Number Validation API offers several benefits for businesses and developers. Here are some key advantages:

  • Phone Number Validation APIs help ensure the accuracy of contact information by verifying phone numbers in real time. This reduces the likelihood of errors or fake numbers, resulting in cleaner and more reliable data.

  • Businesses can prevent users from entering incorrect or invalid numbers by validating phone numbers during registration or account creation processes. 

  • Phone Number Validation APIs play a crucial role in fraud prevention strategies. They can detect suspicious or blacklisted phone numbers, identify disposable or temporary numbers, and check for patterns associated with fraudulent activities. 

  • Validating phone numbers before sending SMS messages or making voice calls helps optimize communication costs. Businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses associated with failed delivery attempts by filtering out invalid or non-existent numbers.

  • Phone Number Validation APIs provide valuable insights into the carrier, location, and line type of a phone number. This information enables businesses to segment their customer base effectively. Moreover, they can tailor their marketing campaigns based on specific demographics or regions.

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential in certain industries, such as finance or healthcare. Phone Number Validation APIs assist in adhering to regulations by validating phone numbers. Hence, ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

What are the Ten Most Popular Phone Number Validation APIs?

Here is our list of the ten most popular phone number validation APIs


Numverify can help you with phone number validation no matter where you reside. It can give you information like location, country, line type, carrier, etc.  It offers a simple, easy-to-use interface for validating phone numbers in various programming languages.

You get the following endpoints at Numverify. 

  • Number Validation
  • National Numbers
  • Country & Location
  • Carrier Detection
  • Countries Endpoint
  • Line Type Detection

Abstract API

Abstract API offers a robust phone number validation solution that verifies phone numbers in real-time. This API is known for its simple integration and easy maintenance. Apart from that, it is highly available and scalable. Abstract API’s user-friendly documentation and SDKs make it convenient for developers to integrate phone number validation into their applications.

Mocean API

Mocean API is a powerful communication platform that includes phone number validation capabilities. It allows developers to verify phone numbers, retrieve carrier information, and perform other related tasks. Mocean API provides reliable and scalable solutions for businesses looking to validate phone numbers. Here is the base URL for the Mocean number lookup API:   

You get a response similar to the one below:


    “status”: 0,

    “msgid”: “MSGID10507102706000011.0001”,

    “to”: “60123456789”,

    “current_carrier”: {

      “country”: “MY”,

      “name”: “U Mobile”,

      “network_code”: 50218,

      “mcc”: “502”,

      “mnc”: “18”


    “original_carrier”: {

      “country”: “MY”,

      “name”: “Maxis Mobile”,

      “network_code”: 50212,

      “mcc”: “502”,

      “mnc”: “12”


    “ported”: “ported”



Veriphone is a widely used phone number validation API that offers comprehensive phone number verification services. It provides accurate phone number validity, carrier details, and geographical location information. Veriphone’s easy-to-use API supports over 240 countries. This API allows you to format, locate, and perform bulk validation. 


Twilio is a leading cloud communications platform that offers a range of services, including phone number validation. Twilio’s extensive documentation and support make it a popular choice among developers. It can also help you know the caller names, SIM swaps, and call forwarding. This is something that makes it an ideal choice for secure business operations. 

Nexmo Number Insight API

Vonage’s Number Insight API provides instant information about whether a phone number is valid and reachable and if it is currently roaming. It also helps you ensure the number is correctly formatted in your application. Additionally, the API offers features like fraud score checks, SIM swap checks, and CNAM (Caller ID Name) lookup for enhanced functionality.


Numlookupapi has all the features you need and offers great value for the price. You can make 100 requests for free every month, perfect for hobby projects or to get started with your professional project. The dataset is built using top sources and is regularly updated and improved. You can also get premium support, ensuring it meets the highest service expectations. 

Vonage Number Insight

The Vonage Number Insight API uses customer data to get new and up-to-date information from real-time sources. With this API, you can find phone numbers worldwide and decide the most effective way to contact customers. It helps identify risks, stop fraud, prevent fake accounts, and improve customer acquisition, all without customer input.


Loqate is a top-notch software that helps businesses capture, verify, and enhance address data worldwide. It uses the best location data available, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. With Loqate, businesses can rely on precise address verification to meet their needs effectively.

NumValidate API

NumValidates utilizes Google’s LibPhoneNumber, a phone number formatting and parsing library created for Android. This library follows strict rules to accurately parse, format, and validate phone numbers from every country. It ensures reliable phone number validation across the globe.


The availability of free phone number validation APIs has greatly simplified verifying phone numbers in applications and systems. The top 10 free phone number validation APIs, such as Numverify, Twilio, and Abstract API, offer many features and capabilities for validating phone numbers. 

These APIs provide developers with user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, and reliable results, making integrating phone number validation into their projects easier. Whether you’re building a mobile app, a CRM system, or an e-commerce platform, leveraging these free phone number validation APIs can enhance data accuracy and user experience.


How to Verify Someone’s Phone Number?

To verify someone’s phone number, send a verification code via SMS or call the number for confirmation.

How Can I Get Details of a Mobile Number?

To get details of a mobile number, you can use phone number lookup services or API-based solutions for accurate information.

How Can I Find the Owner of a Phone Number?

Finding the owner of a phone number can be challenging, but you can try using reverse phone lookup services.

Can You Google Search for a Phone Number?

You can use Google Search to search for a phone number and find related information.

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