The Internet Is Freaking Out About the ‘Tote Bag Crisis’

'Tote Bag Crisis'

The writer opens with quote from the book/movie back to school. The internet is flooded with articles about people’s desire for custom tote bags with zipper and jokes about them being a necessity in the 21st century. People are acting as if there is a “tote bag crisis” because custom totes have become too popular.

Writer claims that custom tote bags were a necessary commodity many moons ago, but now they’re just a fashion statement. Writer believes custom totes are an unnecessary fad and should be put out of their misery quickly because she doesn’t believe custom totes will last much longer or finally disappear from American culture completely.

Key Takeaway: 

According to the writer custom totes are not needed anymore but custom totes are everywhere and people can’t stop talking about custom totes because custom totes are so popular. The writer disagrees with the fact that custom tote bags are here to stay, but she’s wrong in saying custom tote bags will soon disappear from American culture.

Tote Bag Crisis/Demand: 

According to Google Trends custom tote bag searches have risen exponentially over the past 12 years including custom logo tote bags. This means people want custom for more for their company or business whether its custom printed logo Minneapolis, or custom cello bags. It also shows how many people are searching specifically for custom logo totes which prove they’re wanted by companies across the United States.

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Examples of demand: Search Trend Analysis – custom tote bags 

  1. Custom tote bags with zippers are in high demand by people everywhere throughout America for the past 10+ years; 
  2. Custom logo totes are also in high demand. People want custom logo totes all over the United States (including custom phone bags); 
  3. Custom printed totes are also in high demand; 
  4. Custom cello bags are also a popular choice for companies or businesses who need custom printed personalized totes.

Custom tote bags have been a necessity throughout history and it’s clear they’re going to stay relevant as long as there is a need for them which will be forever because custom luggage tags, custom jackets, custom blankets, etc., prove that there is always something custom to make.

Tote Bag Crisis: 

As we all know, people everywhere aren’t searching for “tote bag crisis” on Google which means they want custom totes as much as you do whether it’s a logo tote or a cello tote or whatever else. So, there’s no such thing as a “tote bag crisis” because people want them now more than ever since the internet is flooded with articles about how popular custom totes are now.

Google Trends: Search Trend Analysis – custom tote bags 

  1. There has been a consistent increase in searches for “custom tote bags” since 2004; 
  2. 2016 custom tote bags searches are the highest they’ve ever been since 2004; 
  3. Custom logo totes are also in high demand as seen through custom logo bag searches which have increased over time.

We recently touched base with custom tote bag supplier 4imprint to find out how their custom totes are holding up during the summer. The answer might surprise you. According to marketing assistant Brian Perrous, custom tote bags with zipper are not only popular now but have been trending since 2012. The custom bags are very attractive because people want an eco-friendly way of carrying their can goods or bottles home from recycling events. “Custom wine totes are also extremely popular lately,” he added.  

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There is no “tote bag crisis” since custom totes is more popular now than they’ve ever been before and there is nothing stopping custom, custom, custom. Custom tote bags are here to stay forever because custom luggage tags, custom jackets, custom blankets, etc., prove that there will always be something custom to make. And if you’re still not convinced about how popular these things are just take a quick look at custom pillowcases or custom hobo bags. Too bad I couldn’t include custom Santa bags in this article but custom totes are taking over the world one custom tote bag at a time.


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