The Greatest MacBook Games

The MacBook family of laptops is a favorite work tool for millions of people. This is due to the powerful hardware, proprietary software from Apple and the most accessible macOS interface. But when MacBook owners have a desire to play something, even online slots, they sometimes run into problems. Many hot new products and classic hits are not optimized to work on the local operating system – you either have to dig deep into the catalog of games, choosing the most suitable, or look for all sorts of unofficial exploits, or give up the idea of playing at all.


Here are the best games for MacBook from the top studios with worldwide reputation.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Is there anything new to say about Counter-Strike at all? The shooter about the eternal confrontation between terrorists and counter-terrorists moved from the computer clubs to the online space. The game itself attracts millions of players every day, updated with new content and soon is going to move to a new version of the legendary Source engine. The most important is that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is distributed absolutely for free and works perfectly on the operating systems of macOS line.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

A game in which the quality of narration can be compared to the masterpieces of literature and, according to many, the greatest narrative RPG since Planescape: Torment. A detective story about a murder in a fading town turns into an introspective and emotional story about the burden of the past and the acceptance of loss that can touch almost anyone.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands series if not invented, then it certainly canonized the genre of looper-shooter – cooperative shooter in which almost every enemy has new guns with their own characteristics like Diablo. To this day the second part of the franchise remains the most beloved in the nation, and, fortunately for us, it received an excellent optimization for macOS, which made the sequel to the space adventure a place in our top games on Mac.

Desperados III

If you’re a fan of such game franchises as Desperados or Commandos, we have two pieces of news for you. Firstly, you are quite familiar with the classics! And secondly, the genre of tactical stealth, which is represented by these games, is experiencing a real renaissance! German studio with a cute name Mimimi Games single-handedly back on the screens of monitors sneaking in the shadows of ninjas and aptly aiming the victim cowboys – just the latter is dedicated to this game. It’s a classic western with adventure, humor and no-nonsense dangers, full of charismatic characters. And the methodical stealth gameplay, forcing you to carefully eliminate enemies one by one and combine the skills of heroes, can drag on for hours.

Fishing Planet

Virtual fishing is a strictly amateur pastime, but Fishing Planet is sure to please such an amateur. Fishing simulators in general rarely receive a port on macOS, and this project is a pleasant exception. The gameplay is extremely optimized and works as if the simulator was originally developed for macbooks. A smooth performance is the most important factor for immersion in the atmosphere of fishing. It’s also full of content: almost two hundred varieties of fish, two dozen picturesque reservoirs from around the world, a sea of all kinds of gear, dynamic weather, and an intriguing system of artificial intelligence fish.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Despite the popular love and even re-release of the game, Sleeping Dogs in many ways remains an example of underrated and lost on the background of the flood of other action-pesque games, which fervently imitate the Grand Theft Auto series. And meanwhile Sleeping Dogs has its own style and characteristic setting, an unusual atmosphere, and even a good storyline! The game was inspired by the cult Hong Kong criminal thrillers – in fact, and the action takes place in Hong Kong, where the player as an undercover agent must gain the trust of local gangs. The gameplay is constantly bouncing between car chases, car chases, shootouts, and adrenaline-pumping races in sports cars, and the scenario is full of unexpected turns and colorful characters.

Half-Life 2

If we plunge into the classics of game building, it’s for the best! Revolutionary, sophisticated, deep, cinematic, beloved by the people… What epithets didn’t deserve Half-Life 2, and you can hardly argue with them. It’s not for nothing that the hopes for a full-fledged threequel are still warming in the hearts of the most devoted fans, and even the most distant from the industry people heard the jokes about the fact that the developers of the franchise can’t count to three.

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