How to Share a Specific Clip from a YouTube Video

Without question, sharing videos on social media is growing in popularity. Considering that 89% of video marketers (as per Sprout Social) intend to use YouTube as part of their strategy, perhaps your company is obligated to develop a strong YouTube marketing plan.

YouTube Clips are, for example, a simpler alternative to trimming your longer clips before sharing them on social media. But not the sole alternative though. By creating quick clips to broadcast straight to YouTube without using any video editing software, you can promote your channel and bring in more viewers.

So, have you ever wanted to share a specific clip from a YouTube video, whether as an ordinary user or a businessperson? There are several ways you can do this. Find out exactly what the methods are in the rest of the article!

Copying a YouTube video’s URL or Internet address 

You can share a specific section of any video on YouTube using the built-in tools on YouTube. Simply pause the video at the precise moment you want to share it, then pick “Copy video URL at current moment” from the context menu when you right-click anyplace on the video or hit “Ctrl + Click” on your keyboard.

Your clipboard will now include the URL including this precise timestamp, ready for sharing. The link will take anyone who clicks it directly to this section of the video on YouTube.

Adding a Timestamp While Sharing a Video

You can type in the precise timestamp you wish to share if you have trouble hitting pause at the appropriate time. Follow these steps to apply this method:

  • Press the “Share” button below the video.
  • In the next pop-up window, select the “Start from” checkbox.
  • YouTube’s default suggestion is the point in the video that is currently stopped. However, you can always type in the related text box.
  • When you are satisfied with the data you have provided, you can share this video on YouTube as normal. You may share it on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp, for instance. As an alternative, you can copy the created URL and paste it wherever you choose, for example, in Instagram stories or messages.

Using YouTube Clips

A unique feature on YouTube called “YouTube Clips” allows users to share a particular portion of a video. All compatible videos have a “Clip” button at the bottom. To extract a 5-second to 60-second snippet from the original video, click or tap the button. Once shared, the clipped video will only play from the original video’s website and can be shared with others. Keep in mind that clips do not produce a new video. The steps below can be used to cut a portion of a YouTube video:

  • Start watching the desired video.
  • Click or tap the “Clip” icon below the video.
  • The clip creation screen will appear. Enter a description for the clip.
  • Enter the start and end time for the clip or use the slider to select the part of the clip you want to share and press the “Share Clip” button.
  • Copy the clip link and share it with others. The clipped video will be played on a loop and users will be given the option to watch the entire video.

Extra tip: To view your clipped videos, go to “Your YouTube channel settings → your clips”.

How to Disable Video Clips

If you do not want others to make clips from your videos, follow these steps:

  • Open YouTube Studio in your browser.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Channel” and then “Advanced Settings”.
  • Scroll down and check the box next to “Allow viewers to create clips from my content”, then click “Save”.

How to Block a Specific User from Making Clips of Your Video

If you do not want a certain channel or user to cut your videos, you can hide that person from your channel. You can prevent someone from recording your videos’ comments by hiding them so they do not show up there.

To hide a user, go to the comment they left on your video. Click the three-dot icon on the comment and select “Hide user from channel”.

Sharing a Specific Portion of a YouTube Video on Mobile Platforms

The YouTube mobile apps do not all offer the same methods for sharing a specific part of a video. Yes, you are able to crop a video from YouTube, but occasionally, especially when the movie is too large, it can appear to include a lot of work. Using the Internet application “YouTube Time” to launch a video from YouTube at a certain time is a simpler method. Also applicable to desktop computers is this technique. Follow these instructions to use the tool:

  • Open YouTube Time in your browser.
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the available text field and enter the desired video start time.
  • Press the “Get Link” button. Be sure to copy the link from the address bar, not from the “Share” button, located below the YouTube video.
  • Copy the new link and share it with others.

Manually Create Timestamps Within Videos

You may have noticed that when you share a specific part of a YouTube video, a new start time is added to the video’s URL. This allows you to manually create the links yourself by adding the start time for the video, in the correct link format.

Creating Timestamps for Shortened Links

When you press the “Share” button below a video, generally the video link will be in this shortened format, e.g.: For these, you must add a question mark (?) followed by the letter “t”, which indicates the time, followed by the timestamp (?t=hms, where h = hours, m = minutes, and s = seconds are) of the point where you want the video to start.

Creating Timestamps for Common Videos

If you are copying a YouTube video link from the URL bar or the YouTube link is in full format, then you need to add to it.

Using the Chapter

You can share the specific chapter if the YouTube video comes with chapters or timestamps.

  • Open the desired video.
  • Click the “Show more” button below the description to see the available chapters.
  • Click on “Show All” to see all the chapters in the video.
  • When the list of chapters appears, click on the chapter you want to share and press the “Share” button. Copy the chapter link and send it to others.

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Video Sharing with Vibby

The above methods are simple and fast, but they are also quite limited. If you want more control over your video-sharing experience, you might want to try a third-party tool. On the website Vibby, you can share individual segments of videos that are hosted on other websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch.

This involves cutting multiple “highlights” from a single video, ready to share with others. The drawback is that you must register for a Vibby account, even though you can do so using your current Google, Twitch Twitter, or Facebook login information.

Start by performing the following actions:

  • Launch Vibby in a new browser tab.
  • Type the YouTube video’s URL and select “Start” to share it.
  • You will be prompted to open an account.
  • Your video is going to be uploaded onto the Vibby editor after the sign-up process is complete.
  • Start the part you wish to share at the beginning using the video controls. Select “Start highlighting” when you are ready.
  • Select “Finish Highlight” once the segment has come to a close.
  • You could repeat this procedure if necessary to draw attention to more areas of the film. A list of all of your tagged videos will show up on your screen’s right side.
  • You can make use of icons to play, adjust, or delete this highlight, as well as provide each segment’s description. Click “Save Vib” after you are satisfied with your highlights.
  • On the following page, give your Vib a name and a category.
  • By choosing the “Make this Vib unlisted” slider, you may either post this clip on Vibby or set it to private. Access to the private Vib will only be available to those with a direct link.
  • Vibby will generate your Vib and produce a hyperlink that you can distribute to anyone who needs access. Every one of your highlights will be accessible to any individual who clicks this link. They can choose to view the complete video as well. It should be noted that anyone can view each of your Vibbys without possessing a Vibby account.
  • To access your Vibby dashboard, click on your profile symbol in the upper right corner and then choose “My Profile” to view all of your Vibbs and the links that go with them. The “Vibs” page will contain all of your clips.


You can share these selected video portions from YouTube on a variety of social media platforms, which complements your marketing strategy if that is what you do for a living. For the majority of people on Earth, YouTube has replaced TV. This website’s primary marketing strategy is to draw in new viewers by using video content. For instance, affiliate programs for gaming and betting of the best online casinos in Armenia reviewed here are fine with YouTube traffic because it is generally relevant; especially if we are discussing deals for gambling. It is unlikely that viewers of videos about online casinos lack initial enthusiasm for gaming.

YouTube videos can be shared on local social networks like KakaoTalk, Odnoklassniki, and VK, in addition to popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. The Clipped movie can also be emailed or embedded on your website. Remember that these features are brand-new. And while it introduces Clips, YouTube is continuously working to make them better.

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