Memes: The New Source of News

Memes Source of News

In this digital era where most people are glued to their phones and do not have enough time to update on worldly affairs, memes come in handy to distribute the news. With almost every one of us on social media, the news intake becomes easier and more rapid. The rapid development of technology has made information accessible to all in an easier manner. In the last decade, we have seen a new trend to distribute information, which is memes. Let’s see about Memes: the new source of news.

Memes circulate among social media as they are funny and have a sarcastic meaning of expressing someone’s feeling in the cyber world. They are quite popular because they are benefitted in so many ways and not just humor. Memes are useful to a strategist for marketing purposes as well. Nowadays, memes are used in several political campaigns as well. Generally, they are in use for product commercials and as a satire on various political campaigns.

Source of News

For most people, the main source of news is memes. Now the question is, why memes? Yes, why do people are loving memes and are relying on them for their news content? Almost every one of us loves to learn visually, and we like to consume content that is easy to read and does not take much of our time. This is one of the reasons why Tik-Tok and Instagram are so popular, and memes are a source of news. Memes convey a lot of information in a short period and summary. This, in turn, makes the work easier and provides the consumer with a summary of the situation. This is where meme scout helps future memers to work on memes and share their creativity.

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There is quite a crossover between memes and news. The news for people means to give them objective information about most of the important things going on around the globe. At the same time, memes provide people information in a more subjective way and just 50 or fewer words. With each day passing, the lines between memes and news are getting blurry as it is becoming hard for people to keep up with so much information. Every minute there is something new happening and people making memes about it.

Memes have a factor of virality in them. To get information quickly, memes are the best way to keep updated. It has certain advantages, such as it helps people understand complex matters easily, such as politics, so the people can discuss it further while encouraging people to do more research.


Memes bring humor to the situation and make the difficult news bearable for some people. The times that we live in are overwhelming for some and each day, one has to process different sorts of information that directly hampers our lives in some way or another. For most of us, a meme is a coping mechanism, and we use them as a method to process a huge amount of information. So, we can conclude by saying that meme is the new media and having different benefits one major drawback is that of fake news.

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