How to get Amazon Prime Free Four Simple Ways to Get Answers

How to get Amazon Prime free

Who does not loves kinds of stuff that are free? Well, we all do! Hence, this a piece of the article telling you how to get Amazon Prime free, or in a few cases, more affordable than the actual rate. 

As the online streaming of entertainment, shopping and more has made an irreplaceable spot in our innovative world. Moreover, there are many apps and sites available that provide you with songs, web series, movies and even exclusive stuff. Amazon Prime is one of those apps. The prime feature of Amazon provides a truckload of online services and entertainment. From prime music, exclusive media to all that you want to shop for. Amazon Prime has covered it all for you. So, basically, you get shipping, streaming, shopping, reading and other benefits. 

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a service provided by the Amazon company that requires registering as a community member by paying for it. The prime feature of Amazon has benefits that are impressive. To start with, if you are a prime member of Amazon, then you get a fast delivery of your ordered stuff. Additionally, you can access the Amazon exclusive stuff through it. Also, you get his vast choice of music, movie and series to stream in

Moreover, if you have a prime membership of Amazon, you can even read stuff there. The benefits of the membership are the reason why many of people want to know of how to get Amazon Prime free. 

How much does it cost?

The amount that you would have to pay if you choose to switch to Amazon Prime depends on the duration. Whether you want it on a monthly basis or yearly, prime from Amazon gives you the option to choose from. 

For a month of membership, Amazon charges you with ₹129, while for seizing a membership for a whole year, you would have to pay ₹999. However, there are numerous other ways to get Amazon Prime for free or more affordable. 

So in this article, you would get a few ways to avail it. But here’s a thing, there’s no cheat code for getting the prime membership for free. There are ways, though; it’s just you won’t get some link to get an instant and free membership. 

Keeping on reading alongside us, and you would get your ways. 

How to get Amazon Prime free or at a cheaper rate

In this section, we would get straight to the point where you would know of how to get Amazon Prime free. As the demand for online streaming entertainment and stuff are being sought too much nowadays. Moreover, Amazon provides all that you would want in online streaming things. 

1.How to get Amazon Prime for free- get a free trial from Amazon Prime

how to get amazon prime free
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So one of the answers to the question of how to get Amazon Prime for free is obvious. You can afford it for free by just taking the free trial for precisely 30 days. 

So, in order to get the free trial pack from Amazon Prime, you would need to register first there. For registration, you would need to provide them with your payment credentials. After entering the information, you get thirty days of uninterrupted Amazon prime services.

At the end of the trial, you can either choose to really buy the prime membership, or you can easily cancel it. It lets you cancel your subscription without any hassle. 

2.Use American Express and get Amazon Prime for three months, free. 

how to get amazon prime free

If you own an American Express card, then here’s your chance to get the services for free. With the help of your Amex card number, or by just entering it in the credential required, you can get Amazon Prime free. That too the free subscription would last for three whole months. 

The American Express card is a great deal to get free Amazon Prime membership. In addition to it, it is an exclusive offer as only the American Express cardholder can make a deal with the Prime membership on Amazon. 

Eventually, at the end of three months, you can simply cancel the plan of yours to subscribe to the Prime membership for real. 

3.Amazon Household is your answer to how to get Amazon Prime free or cheap

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If you have your own Amazon Prime membership, and some friend of yours does it too, then you can switch to an option called Amazon Household. With Amazon Household, loosely, a family can avail of a Prime account at a much affordable cost. 

Basically, with Amazon Household, you get the prime membership of Amazon’s services but with some additional benefits with it. First of all, with that one account, you get access to two grown-ups, four children and even more, four teenagers. 

The most important feature of using it that each person at the end of the day still gets a prime account for themselves. To further clarifying this, your history and your streaming videos and audios are just on your device. You get complete independence of your privacy. 

So if you have a family or trusted friends, you can easily access Prime without much of a cost. 

4.How to get Amazon Prime free- be a student

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One of the many ways to answer how to get Amazon Prime free is to be a student. Why a student? Because if you are a student, you can access a free club of Amazon Prime for six whole months. 

For this service, Amazon has this Amazon Prime Student section for you. All you have to provide is with some proofs of you being a student, and you get the free subscription.

The terms of how to get Amazon Prime free-

  • A legitimate school mailing address 
  • Your student ID with an expiration date. 
  • A copy of your OR records or approval letter

Once you’re eligible for the account, you have access to all the exclusive stuff Amazon Prime has to give. Moreover, at the end of your six months trial, you can choose to cancel for further watching. But if somehow, you want to buy the service this time, they give you 50 per cent off on the subscription. 


how to get amazon prime free
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So, closing up on how to get Amazon Prime free, and we do have far better alternatives for it. Hope the above stated hacks or tricks help you find an affordable and cheap, and even free Amazon Prime membership to you.

For more such tech kinds of stuff and hacks, read us to find a lot more of about them. 

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