Engaging an Application Officer With Your Essay: Is It Even Possible?

an Application Officer

Many college applicants wonder if admission officers ever read essays and whether it’s worthwhile spending time on writing it well at all. What if it’s a pure formality and no one cares about the things you write in your essay? And even if they do read those papers, how can you make yours stand out on an Application Officer? 

If you want to know all the answers, read on.

What Is an Application Essay and an Application Officer? 

Basically, an application essay is a piece of writing an applicant provides while applying for some position, usually for a student position at an undergraduate or graduate school. 

There are several other names for this document, including:

  • admission essay;
  • personal statement;  
  • statement of purpose.

In the mentioned context, all these terms are interchangeable. 

Is an Application Essay Mandatory?

As not all prospective students are equally talented and skilled writers, many of them are anxious to know if there is a way to avoid writing a personal statement. 

Unfortunately for them, most US colleges and universities require applicants to provide an application essay along with their scores and other documents. The same is about the majority of tertiary educational institutions in other countries across the world.

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Luckily, there is still a way to make the task less daunting. If you’re not sure whether you can write an impressive personal statement, you can find essayservice and ask them for help. These writers have extensive experience and know exactly what a statement of purpose should be like to impress application officers. 

There are also some schools that do not require application essays, but all the best educational institutions in the world do. So, it’s better to take pains and put it together anyway. 

Is It Possible to Engage an Application Officer With an Essay? 

The short answer to this question is yes. It’s absolutely possible. Examples are galore – perhaps, there are some of your personal acquaintances who can confirm that a personal statement helped them get accepted! 

There are also several essay contests that enable their winners to qualify for a scholarship and secure a place at one of the best universities in the world. And these texts are even more powerful than that. 

One instance representing the fact above is The New York Times providing an opportunity for everyone to submit their college essays. The editors then choose the best ones and publish them on all the media giant’s platforms. 

So, you see, there are lots of ways how a piece of writing can advance your academic career, provided it’s well done – even if you’re not planning to impress the New York Times editors.  

So, How Do You Write an Engaging Personal Statement? 

Stick to the Guidelines  

Every piece of writing follows certain guidelines. Although all texts are basically words connected into sentences, there are innumerable ways you can do that to produce exactly the type of writing you need for a certain purpose.  

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A well-written application essay should adhere to specific guidelines as well. Most schools provide them for their applicants, and you should start by carefully studying their instructions. They usually include the required word count and other information that you should not fail to pay attention to. 

Structure Your Thoughts 

Even though a personal statement is not a typical academic paper, it should still be equally well-structured and written following the same basic principles. 

It means your text should have:

  • a catchy introduction;
  • body paragraphs supported by evidence (examples, in this case);
  • and a clear and concise conclusion. 

If you have lots of ideas but cannot structure them properly, you can always find help at some of the best essay writing services on the internet. Sometimes, a professional touch is all it takes to turn a seemingly chaotic stream of consciousness into a brilliant statement of purpose, you know? 

Make It Personal     

If at some point, you’ve had an idea that downloading a generic sample and slightly modifying can be enough, we should strongly warn you against it. Application officers read heaps of papers, and they definitely know a generic sample when they see one! 

So, the only way to engage them is to write a really unique personal statement that is really personal – i.e., contains your original thoughts and ideas. The best application essays that officers never fail to notice are passionate, honest, contain specific details from the applicant’s experience, and are written in a distinctive personal tone of voice. 

Summing Up  

To sum up what’s been said, an application essay plays an essential role in an applicant’s overall success. Sometimes, it alone can make all the difference, so it’s crucial that you put enough time and effort into writing it as best you can. 

You can choose to do it alone or use some help from a domyessay.com, but in any case, you should make it original, unique, and truly personal to stand out from the crowd.  

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