Dashlane Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Dashlane Vpn Review

Dashlane now includes VPN and dark web monitoring with all premium accounts. The VPN is a fantastic addition to their safety package. This will give you unlimited access to VPN servers in 23 countries. You can install the VPN on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Dashlane does not restrict bandwidth or the number of devices you fit on the VPN app.

You can enjoy a full year of password management and secure VPN access for just $4.99 a month. The Dashlane 30-day money-back guarantee covers all customers.

The company has a solid foundation as one of their co-founders was the CEO of Company Objects, which has been acquired by SAP in 2007. Dashlane has raised $30 million in financing to help achieve its mission and is headquartered in New York.

They understand the challenge when it comes to passwords that users face. Many users either use easy to guess passwords or repeat the identical password. If you still do not yet know about Dashlane Vpn, let Colorfy show you all details in this Dashlane Vpn Review.

Pros and Cons | Dashlane Review


  • Syncs across all your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • all essential and advanced password management features
  • Includes VPN protection
  • Scans Dark Web for compromised accounts


  • Expensive
  • The free version doesn’t sync across devices
  • Has trouble with some multipage logins
  • Paltry cloud storage that can’t be upgraded

Dashlane Software

By installing the Dashlane password manager applications, you will likely start. They also have mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can use Touch ID to log with your fingerprint on the iPad and iPhone.

If you decide to sync the data with their servers, you will have access to your digital wallet and passwords. I recommend using your accounts to be secured by Google Authenticator.

The same is true for any site that provides two-factor authentication. So having a factor will help protect your privacy, passwords are feeble by nature.

As you can see, the Dashlane iOS app has some advanced features. For starters, you can use it to safely store and autofill passwords. It will function as your secure digital wallet for online payments. You can set the program to use your mic to log in to forms and websites. That’s an excellent degree of safety. You might also share passwords and notes you wish through the app.

Pricing and Plans

Dashlane offers a free version, but it has limitations. You can use it with no capability to sync with your smartphone, etc., on a device. That’s a nonstarter for individuals and revealed at the age of smartphones. The free edition also imposes a 50-password limitation on new users, and you are confined to only sharing five accounts. By comparison, LastPass’s free tier puts no limits on syncing across devices or on the number of passwords. LogMeOnce Password Management Suite edition allows you to sync across devices but has some other sharing limitations.

Dashlane Premium costs $59.99 annually. Just looking at password direction alone, that’s extremely pricey. Keeper and Sticky Password Premium cost $29.99 per year, and LogMeOnce’s premium edition comes in at $39.99.

If you factor at the price of VPN protection, Dashlane’s cost makes sense. It utilizes a certified version of Hotspot Shield, which costs $12.99 a month, discounted to $95.88 annually. It is possible to use the standalone version of Hotspot Shield on five devices, but Dashlane does not limit the number of methods.

However, Dashlane’s VPN does not offer quite as many features and customization options as a standalone VPN, so users that have a VPN won’t automatically want to change just because it comes as part of the Dashlane package. Dashlane should make the VPN an optional feature and cut the cost for all those users who don’t desire it.

There is also a Premium Plus plan, which costs $119.88 annually. The Plus features are all about identity. At the Plus level, Dashlane alerts you to anything unusual and monitors your credit rating. In case you fall victim to identity theft, it offers”restorative aid,” and around $1 million in identity theft insurance. AIG underwrites the insurance policy, but you must read the policy before relying on it. This review covers the Premium plan, not Premium Plus–assessing restorative support is beyond the scope of our testing.

Signing Up and Safety

You first must download the program, to begin with, Dashlane. Dashlane offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You might even utilize Dashlane on Linux-based platforms and Chromebooks via browser extensions.

If you are a new user, you need to put in your email address and create a password. Then you enter a code that Dashlane sends to an email address to confirm your identity. This step is simple. It would be best if you came up with a solid master. Dashlane requires at least eight characters, including a minimum of one digit, one lowercase letter, and a single uppercase letter. But do not just go for the minimal.

We strongly advise at least 12 characters, employing all character sets (such as symbols). Your master password Has to Be unguessable to others: Imagine the damage someone could do when they have access to all of the data saved in your password supervisor.

Desktop App

We downloaded the Windows version of Dashlane for testing. The app features a clean design with calming colors and an easily navigable design. The top menu is to make changes to the program preferences, export or import your information, install the net extensions, and enable the VPN. Favorites are relatively regular. You can change the startup behavior, password capture choices, and two-factor authentication settings.

Going down the left-hand facet of this app, you get a list of all Dashlane’s data tools and categories and a search bar at the top. In terms of the information you can add to your vault, you will find sections for Passwords, Secure Notes, Personal Info, Payments, IDs, and Receipts. Safety tools include Password Health and the Identity Dashboard. Sharing options are divided among Emergency Sections and the Sharing Center. We discuss all these features and abilities in greater detail in later sections.

The center section of the program is devoted to all of your stored entrances; you select between a list or gallery view. If you mouse over a password item, you get two choices: Go To Website. The More menu provides you the option to edit the product, talk about it, copy the login or password, or view the password history. As an alternative, you can double click on an entry to open an editing pane.

We’d love to see much better organization options from the desktop app, like creating multiple vaults (Dashlane restricts this to company accounts) or arranging entries into folders. 1Password allows users to create different vaults, and LastPass empowers users to create folders. We appreciate that you add custom classes, in addition to can categorize passwords, however. 1 Password and en pass support tagging capabilities and permit you to nest categories, which Dashlane doesn’t.

Password Manager

Dashlane’s free manager will help you in keeping your passwords secure using 256-bit AES encryption. You can import existing passwords in their protected vault. Dashlane will provide you with alarms when some of the sites you save passwords to become hacked. That can be very helpful as it is essential to understand as soon as possible. Of course, you are going to want to use unique passwords for every website anyway.

The Dashlane password supervisor can assist you in logging into a vast assortment of websites. Including banks and other sites which require logins. One of our favorite features is the capability to change your passwords on popular sites. You may change your password. Yet Dashlane will alter your passwords on as many websites as you need without having to log in and adjust yourself to. This can save you hours and also a great deal of frustration.

The Dashlane security dashboard will help you identify those along with weak passwords you have reused across multiple websites. For all those people who have a vast number of logins that can be helpful, especially as you begin. It will show sites that have been breached, so you’ve got some notion of which accounts and passwords are at risk. It’s possible to set safety alarms up to get messages sent directly to a device anytime a site gets hacked. That can help you upgrade your password and avoid being compromised.

The capability to generate passwords is at the center of any good manager. Dashlane will generate passwords with a single click. From that point, it will save the password to your vault and autofill it in the future, so you don’t even have to recall it. The premium plan permits you to encrypt and discuss passwords. This is especially valuable for those who need to share account information and work in a team safely. It beats passing post-it texts or notes around, which places your password.

Finally, the Dashlane supervisor will allow you to keep secured notes. Maybe you want to keep track of a software key, wifi password, or your girlfriend’s birthday (so your spouse does not find out). You wish to remember but do not want to share with others, just kidding, but you will consider a range of things.

Autofill Feature

Together with their popular manager, Dashlane will help you autofill forms. There are lots of benefits to utilizing their features. It will help save time and help avoid data entry errors. If you are anything like me, there’s always a fantastic chance of fat fingering your address or other significant information. The autofill feature can help guarantee forms are filled out every time.

The advantage of working with the autofill feature that is Dashlane is security. You might not recognize that your information stays encrypted in your browser cache. The Dashlane autofill can help protect your data. I enjoy the feature since it pops up from the form instead of showing in another toolbar. Dashlane did an excellent job of streamlining their autofill, although they were annoying. Along with using autofill, Dashlane offers programs for both Android and iOS apparatus.

Digital Wallet

The Dashlane digital wallet will hold a wide assortment of payment types, including credit cards, debit bards, and PayPal. Irrespective of how you wish to pay, their digital wallet will help you pay for online purchases. Using an electronic wallet, the main advantage I see is you don’t need to store your billing information for reuse on sites. The fewer databases you’ve got your credit card numbers. Your billing info will be saved by the Dashlane solution and let you select which source you would like to use for each purchase. It keeps digital receipts with screenshots that are itemized so you can review purchases.

Countries and servers

The more countries and servers provided, the better the chances are that you’re able to find a host close. So, what exactly did we learn about countries and servers within our Dashlane VPN review?

The company is not receptive to the number of servers provided. You cannot choose an actual server for the server location.
We did find they provide servers in 20 and locations around the globe. This is a small number when you consider that ExpressVPN delivers over three million servers in over 160 areas scattered in 90 countries worldwide.

As the number of servers is modest, the servers will likely be congested with consumers, which may lead to a drop in speed or issues linking.


Widespread use of a Virtual Private Network is when correcting. Thus we have included this in our Dashlane VPN review. The company claims that the program can be used for P2P file-sharing port forwarding and isn’t supported by the VPN.

However, we would not suggest Dashlane VPN be used when torrenting and would choose from one of the VPN providers out there. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost are safe and excellent choices for using when torrenting to prevent DMCA notices.

Client Support

Customer care is something we take seriously when undertaking reviews, and our Dashlane VPN evaluation is no exception.
As anticipated, premium users of the program get priority service. A help center is on the company’s website; here, it is possible to search for help and support. There is additionally a web form and chat support available from the site.

You do need to remember that the program is a password manager. If staff have expertise with Virtual Private 17, we did not contact support,
How Powerful Are Your Passwords?

Finding your passwords is a significant first step, but you can’t stop there. Fix any which are feeble. You have to clean up your
passwords and replace any that you’ve used on sites. Don’t worry; Dashlane makes this process extremely easy. Click the Password Health item on Dashlane’s left-rail menu to get a quick percentage rating of your safety level.

Dashlane provides lists of Compromised, Reused, and Weak passwords. There is also a list of passwords you have excluded from the health rating (possibly because passwords policies on the website involved require a weak password) along with a toggle to show crucial accounts (those that Dashlane deems as containing the most sensitive information).

Dashlane provided a list of your passwords, with a safety percentage and a color-coded description: In the current edition, the Terrible passwords page lists those deemed Very Unsafe or Unbelievably Unsafe. Fixing the reused and weak passwords can be a hard slog but do not let this stop you. Pick on the worst five or six and operate from there.

Dashlane states it can update passwords, but we were not able to get this feature to operate. We reached out to our contact about this issue and will update this review when we are in a position to get this working. Digital, keeper Password Manager & Vault don’t attempt automated password changing, would compromise the company’s zero-knowledge policy. However, save and Keeper and both Dashlane, offer to update a password using one click when they detect a standard password-change page.

Share Your Passwords Securely

When a friend asks for your password to a website, “So I can check something,” you understand the answer. Just say no more! But it would be best if you shared credentials with a partner or a colleague. Dashlane makes sharing that is secure easy.

Point to the item, click on the menu icon, and then select the Chat thing. Enter the recipient’s email address, and specify a degree of access. If you choose to limit accessibility, the receiver can log into using the item but can’t view, edit, or discuss it. A recipient with complete rights to the shared object can see, edit, and review it, or revoke access by other people who consider it–even you! Before sending the request, It is possible to enter a personal message.

As with a similar attribute in LastPass, the receiver will receive an email and get a notification from Dashlane’s Sharing Center. We will have to prepare a free account, naturally.

Once the recipient accepts, the item’s status on your Sharing Center will change from Pending to Full Rights or Limited Rights, depending on your selection. You may click on an icon to switch between restricted and full or click another to reverse the share.

Final thoughts

Colorfy Dashlane VPN test results and reviews are mixed. It will have many great features. Most are based around keeping passwords protected and safe and filling in forms.

To benefit from the VPN part of this software, you need to pay to get a premium account. When considering this, many standalone providers are offering you much more for the money.

A Virtual Private Network added along with if you are looking for a manager with added extras, Dashlane might be well worth considering. If you want a full-blown VPN protection and the benefits that have it, check out ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost.

Dashlane Vpn Review FAQs

The VPN tracks or logs what information?

The information tracked is specialized advice to keep functionality and stability related to a VPN connection.
No background is kept on your browser via the VPN. Additionally, Dashlane provides no identifiable information about our users to Pango, the technology providers behind our VPN.

Any information does not collect or keep from the users of Dashlane and therefore does not share any information with third parties. What’s more, Pango serves no ads and does not provide any advertising SDKs to its partners’ applications.

Can Dashlane use a third-party provider?

Dashlane uses the Hotspot Shield technologies to power the VPN. It follows that your encrypted internet traffic is routed through servers hosted by our partner, Pango (provider of Hotspot Shield).

The VPN protocols utilized depend on your system. On Android and Windows, the VPN protocol used is OpenVPN, an open-source protocol. The protocol used is IPSec, an open protocol. And the protocol employed is Catapult Hydra, a proprietary protocol developed by Pango.

I am using free Premium, can I use the VPN?

The VPN is a Premium feature, with payment required to trigger unlimited data use. As such, the VPN is not accessible to free Premium or Premium Trial users.

As a business user, do I get to use the VPN?

The VPN is available for many business plans but must be enabled by the admin of your project.
Consumers on Dashlane Business programs have access to this VPN on cellular only.

You can see more: support.dashlane.com 

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