Best Unique Apps For Android In 2021 [TOP 29 CHOICES]

Best Unique Apps For Android In 2020 [TOP 29 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Unique Apps For Android? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

Unique Apps for Android have happened in today’s world. All Android users utilize so many programs on their smartphones. The majority of them are older class programs. We’re getting tired of working with some old programs on our mobile phone. You’ve got a much Android plan. It is possible to see in the Google Play Store.

They all are otherwise categorized. But these classes are also getting older. Today Android users need new attributes and new programs for their Android mobile phone. They need some exceptional programs, along with a lot of distinctive features. That is why Google Play Store is upgrading and developing its program shop with special programs. By which users may perform some exceptional endeavor. These days, users wish to satisfy their requirements quickly.

Thus, they also need unique apps that they may utilize in fulfilling a few unusual activities quickly. Here we’re compiling a listing of the finest unique Android programs which you can download in your apparatus.

Top Rated 29 Best Unique Apps For Android

Top Rated 29 Best Unique Apps For Android


Suppose you have ever been envious of this Samsung-exclusive quality that reads your eyes to be sure the screen never ends as you are actively using your cellphone. In that case, KinScreen delivers a fantastic alternative that should work with just about any telephone. Rather than monitoring your own eyes, this program monitors detectors inside your device to find the most subtle moves, ensuring that your display does not turn off while you are holding your Cell Phone.

Logically – News Powered by AI

Logically is a news program that uses AI to categorize information on the subsequent outlooks – Positive, Negative, and Balanced. This assists the reader make their own decision about the best way best to select the news. The program is mainly for Indian information, and it curates the information articles from many major media outlets.

Aside from the categorization of news posts, the AI also produces a timeline for your information. For this reason, you’d have the ability to observe the very first time an event was reported along with the follow-ups which come later on. This unique news program is worth checking out. We’ve got quite a fantastic collection of some of their most effective Artificial Intelligence programs for Android apparatus you have not to miss.


Vani is the Voice Assistant, which may answer all of your incoming calls from the voice control. The program has a rather tricky and eye-pleasing motif alongside an intuitive UI, which may help you manage all of your calling actions. You can personalize your own words, set your preferred command to be given a call, refuse a call, place your phone on speaker mode, etc.. The program is exceptionally customizable, at which you could select your favorite motif, backgrounds, and put them on the program.

The app is packed with a few distinctive features you won’t see in other voice supporters; for example, you may share your screen as you’re on phone and share pictures, videos, and other files. You may even play games as you’re on the telephone, but the two the gamers will need to possess Vani installed in their apparatus. The most used feature of the app and why it’s been included in our listing of unknown programs is your Caller ID feature, where you could block the spam and anonymous amounts.


There are lots of programs that allow you to send connections between your different devices. Still, these are usually platform-specific and ask that you install applications on every one of your gadgets. CaastMe, on the other hand, uses QR technologies to deliver the links, which means that you can share pages from the own Android apparatus to any computer by simply installing one program.


In the present society, the text message is just one of our most important kinds of communication. This is a relatively recent trend in the grand scheme of things, which means our terminology might be evolving at a speed we have never noticed before. If you want to find out more about how the text message impacts your lexicon, provide TextStats ago. This Exceptional program will diagnose All your sent and received messages, then reveal one of the most commonly used phrases in exquisite charts and charts.


Wavelet may take your audio customization to a different degree. The program has a nine-band equalizer, reverb preset, virtualizer, and 2400 pre-calculated presets. The program’s most wonderful quality is it may adjust the audio quality dependent on the headphones you’re using.

Therefore, if you’re utilizing JBL headphones or Boat headphones, its 2400 pre-calculated presets onto a headset by headset foundation correct the audio according to this headset.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop is a camera program that may provide an appealing appearance to your pictures. You’ve got a good deal of filters to pick from and can observe real-time effects until you capture the image.

The program can be quite handy for social networking influencers because they may utilize auto-tone and bokeh fashion portrait style to add a perfect touch to your videos and images.

Post Box

This is only one of those programs out of Google’s Digital Wellbeing programs to help suppress smartphone utilization. Post Box helps decrease distractions out of the telephone by holding notifications and displaying them in a specified time. You may place a time according to your preference. This is a life-saver for people who frequently find themselves diverted by their telephones when functioning. The alarms are grouped and arranged neatly. Hence you can view all of the alarms by discovering it too overpowering.

Just a Line

This is one of the programs that you will not need to quit using it as soon as you try out. Only a Line only enables you to draw a line in augmented reality. It is possible to make whatever you want, in the full-blown sketch, into only a line. Why is it a unique program is that it is possible to move around the lines that you draw and see them in 3D space. The program’s monitoring can also be excellent, so the traces stay right from the location you draw them to the most part. To completely comprehend what the program offers, you need to give it a shot. Do not forget to browse our comprehensive review of Just a Line to find out more about this program.

Slipstream Music

Everyone has their distinctive music preferences, so it is practically impossible to create the whole party happy using a playlist drawing from 1 individual’s library. Rather than arguing over what tune to play, install Slipstream Music on every apparatus. Everybody can donate to the playlist by sharing with their Android audio library in a few straightforward taps.

Firefox Send

Firefox will help the problem of sharing documents into a remote site. Because most sharing programs have a space to split the files, you’ll be able to share them inside a specific radar. You can upload all of the content and files that you need to share in your Firefox accounts and send the connection of the file into the user you need to share.

Do not be worried about the safety of your files, as most of these are encrypted. The program has to share limitation dimensions of 2.5GB that’s ample for an ordinary user. You might even share numerous documents and make a zip file, and discuss them with the assistance of all Firefox send.

Easy Duplicate

For the most part, if you copy text onto your Android apparatus, you want to paste it into another program. Instead of switching between programs to get the work done, you can use Easy Copy to ship the duplicated text straight to the program or function that you are finally copying it to get.


This brilliant and one of a kind application assists in self-improvement and inspires you to become a much better version of yourself. The program is jam-packed with informative and useful data you could learn from to improve habits and far more. You may find out how to stay healthy, become a much better boss, or manage time efficiently besides many different things. With the program continually being upgraded with the excellent self-improvement articles from the internet, you’ll discover something that motivates or inspires you daily.


Mubert certainly earns the name of being an exceptional Android program. This cool program employs patented artificial intelligence technologies to create music. Obviously, it is combined with user-generated samples and provides a unique music listening experience.

There is no other generative music streaming program that may match Mubert in the present time. The sound quality is large, and you’ve got a couple of different digital genres to pick from. The program surely won’t replace conventional music streaming solutions. But if you only need some background music, then you have to try out Mubert.

Google Handwriting Input

Before we learned to utilize a computer keyboard proficiently, we were taught how to write using a pencil and paper. For plenty of people, this implies handwriting will stay a more efficient way than the choices. Google Handwriting Input capitalizes on this notion by substituting your hunt-and-peck computer keyboard using a blank space that permits you to “kind” along with your design.

Split Cloud

Split blur can be handy for you whether you and your buddy have a different taste in music but need to listen to songs together. This program can play with two independent music at one time with double music players who are superimposed on each other.

The audio player around the top will perform with the monitor on the left earbud. At the same time, the base music player will perform the track in your earbud. It is possible to play all of your favorite tracks in the SoundCloud and enjoy them whenever you desire.

Automatic Dark Theme

The automatic Dark motif extends to you something unique that the majority of the theme programs lack. This program permits you to decide on a theme in line with the period of the day, and you may pick the light or dark motif if you would like. So. You don’t wish to modify themes often as the program automatically corrects the theme in line with their day’s mood and time.

The program has a straightforward UI, and you won’t find any problem in managing the program. Besides changing the subject, you could even select the appropriate wallpaper that can sync with your theme. The motif is discreetly designed, and you’ll love the design and color combination used in creating the motif.

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Due to the way mobile networks have been established, we receive SMS and voice coverage almost anywhere, while cellular data protection has much more dead zones. Should you ever end up in a place without online cellular coverage, SMSmart has the potential to be a lifesaver. The program uses your near-ubiquitous SMS link to transport information, which means now you can use common web services nearly anywhere on Earth.


This program probably is the unique program on our listing of special Android programs. RunPee has a massive database of updated films each week, and it allows you to know the ideal time to get pee up involving a picture.

That is extremely useful since nobody enjoys missing out on a significant scene in a film. What’s more, it also lets you precisely understand what you’ll be missing during this moment. Therefore, you can create your choice if you would like to overlook that portion of the film. There is also a built-in timer that vibrates your cellphone to allow you to know as soon as you’re able to go and urine between a picture. This means You Don’t have to assess your phone each time.


Out of all of the exceptional Android programs, this is the most significant. And you may create a difference in the world by merely installing this program on your mobile phone. Cancer research demands time and heavy-duty computers to analyze information and receive meaningful results. DreamLab is an exceptional program that you could set up to help contribute to Cancer research.

The program works by downloading information and utilizing your smartphone CPU to compute and analyze it before sending it back to the investigators. You don’t need to worry about the program draining the battery as it only works when your telephone is plugged. Moreover, you may even choose which project you’d like to donate to. DreamLab is really among the very best unique programs to test on Android.

Backup Memory

In case you’ve got a relative who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, it is a dreadful awareness to believe that, one day, your loved one might not understand your face. Studies have revealed that constant mental stimulation helps stave off this impact. Hence, a group of Alzheimer’s researchers obtained with Samsung to make Backup memory, which provides gentle reminders of your shared memories every time you and your loved ones are close to each other.


Deepstash comprises several motivating articles which are accumulated from various internet sources. The content, news feed, and feed are often updated to inspire you and keep you motivated throughout the day. This very best unique Android program is a sort of sea of information for you to access the understanding of varied fields. Do not be worried if you’re a busy man and frequently insufficient time to read posts. The program has an outlined area section where you can access insight into each of the appropriate info in a brief outlined form.

To permanently store the accumulated facts and quotations, It is possible to save all of your profile thoughts. This program is the ideal way to improve your customs and enhance your knowledge. Deepstash is free to download, and there are no advertisements that prevent distraction.


If you are ever bored, lonely, or only wish to chat, A-BOT includes a digital buddy awaiting you 24/7. As soon as you’ve set up this chat program, you may select from among three boys that are programmed to respond to your queries and provide wittily or non-sequitur banter any moment you require it.

Dolby On

The following app on the listing of the finest unique Android programs is Dobly On. This program will help you record audios in Dolby’s caliber and can improve your audio quality. They can be great for people that are social media influencers and are actively uploading movies.

The program can remove all of the background distortions and can allow you to capture audio in sharp, clear audio. Dolby On may be used to document videos. Podcasts also beat. The program provides you with the tools to produce an excellent song.


With AppChat, technology support has been crowd-sourced. On opening the program, you will see a listing of all the other programs you have installed on your mobile phone. Just pick any program you are having problems with, then you will be greeted by a chat area of consumers with that program installed.

News Dictionary

While surfing the net or reading our favorite news feeds, we occasionally encounter words we have never noticed before. As opposed to copying the term, then shifting to your Google program to search it into an internet dictionary, a program named News Dictionary will allow you to get right to the point. Just highlight an unfamiliar word, then press the backup button, and you will immediately find the definition in just a tiny pop-up window.

Tor Browser

Torrent was prohibited by several nations and continues to be flagged as forbidden due to legal reasons. Torrent has the assortment of a few of the sites which provide content in high quality. Tracking the IP address is one of the significant concerns for your users.

The Tor browser can help you hide your IP address when you’re browsing torrent websites. This very best unique Android program has multi-layered encryption, so when you use the Tor browser, your visitors are encrypted and uninstalled three times. Trackers can readily be obstructed with the assistance of this Tor Browser.

Glimpse Notifications

For many devices, if you receive a brand new message or telling, your phone beeps, and a tiny LED light starts blinking. This enables you to know that a message has arrived in; however, it will not advise what the message is. Using Glimpse Notifications set up on the flip side, your display will wake up for a short moment when you receive a new notification, enabling you to observe the sender and a number of its contents before deciding whether it is worth working with at this time.

Wake on Gesture

How often each day can you pick up your phone off your desk to look at the time or see if you’ve got any new notifications? If you are like me, the solution is continuous. To produce this habit somewhat more straightforward (and downright trendy ), attempt the Wake On Gesture, enabling you to turn your screen on and back by just waving your hands over your apparatus.



Suppose we are feeling tired with our present programs and hunting for Programs for Android. Then it is possible to use over unique programs. We could assure you, using those programs, you’ll never feel tired. All those programs will provide you a few new adventures. And those that take your technical knowledge to another level. Thus, download these programs and delight in many distinctive features of them.

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