Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc 2020 Top Brands Review

If you are in the market for a brand new gaming computer and you are working with a small budget, one method to get more functionality from the cash which you need to spend would be to construct your personal computer yourself. In reality, in this guide, we will show you exactly what parts to become so as to construct a good gaming PC for under $400.

This Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc is ideal as an entry-level platform, and it’ll handle just about any match on an inexpensive 1080P monitor, such as games such as Valiant, COD Warfare, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. No, it is not the ideal gaming computer on earth.

However, if you’re presently using a system that can not run your favorite games, then this construct will allow you to begin playing these matches. And, it is going to provide you with a wonderful base that may be updated later on to some mid-range gaming PC that may max out anything you throw at it.

Thus, if you are prepared to find out what the very Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc resembles, read on!

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Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc System Breakdown

In our view, the components above are what’s going to enable you to build the best gambling PC below $400 (be sure that you check for varying prices, however.)

But, there are different avenues you can go on this construct. So, below we will examine what a few of the other avenues are, and what sort of functionality you can expect from the $400 gambling PC, and the kinds of updates you may make for it to turn it into some mid-range 1080P-killing gambling system.

How Can This $400 PC Build Perform?

In terms of this $400 gambling, PC will hold up against the top matches; you can expect to have the ability to conduct less-demanding games onto a 1080P track on higher configurations and much more demanding games onto a 1080P screen at lower preferences. However, for an example of exactly what kind of frame rate, you can anticipate to get out of a number of the popular titles, check out the bullet-point record below:

This construct Will Have the Ability to run games such as Rocket League, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, etc. . with greater settings at ~50-60+ frames per second.

This construct Will Have the Ability to conduct more demanding AAA games on reduced preferences at ~30+ frames per minute.

For under $400, that is really pretty darn great functionality. You will have the ability to play any sport on a 1080P screen. Yes, more demanding matches, you are going to need to turn down the settings, but you’ll have to play with them. And, for popular eSports/competitive titles that are not really demanding, the CPU/GPU mix will have the ability to manage them easily.

Ways to Cut the Price Additional

While this construct is fairly barebones as is, you can possibly cut down the cost a little more. Listed below are a couple of ways you can save even more money with this particular system so as to lower the cost:

You could select a less costly instance and spare ~$10. There are cases out there that cost just over $20 that’ll hold this system good.

You could choose a more affordable energy source and conserve ~$20. If you fall to an overly low-end of an energy source, however, it is going to damage your ability to update the machine later on.

You can start with only 4GB of RAM and conserve ~$30. This would not be dreadful, but if it had been me, I would definitely try and match 8GB to the construct.

And that is about it. You can always search for components that are used as well and attempt to cut back on prices that way. But if you would like a brand-new system, these two choices would probably be the perfect approach to find the purchase price down just a little bit longer.

The Build:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G

AMD shocked the entire world with their latest collection of CPUs (Ryzen 3rd Gen) and also have apparently knocked Intel off the best place for the very first time in, well, so long as I could recall. Among the standout actors in this new show is your 3400G, an APU that comes outfitted with remarkable RX VEGA 11 integrated images.

The 3400G is a core/ thread CPU with clock rates of 3.7GHz bases and 4.2GHz when beneath AMD’s precision increase. The 3400G provides enough electricity to perform low-intensive games like CS: GO, Fortnite, DOTA two, and Rocket League in 1080p while keeping smooth, playable FPS.

It includes its own CPU cooler that works great right from the box and provides trendy temps for the most part. In general, the ideal APU now available and one which really offers great gaming performance too.

Cooler: Wraith Spire Cooler

Wraith Spire Cooler

One other fantastic thing about this CPU is the fact that it includes its very own cooler. The AMD Ryzen-line of all CPUs is well-known for its superb stock knobs, as well as the Wraith Spire is one of the very best of these. You may call it the Wraith Prism’s small brother, and that is saying something.

This inventory cooler works wonders and can be much more than you will ever need for this particular PC.

But if you are dead set on overclocking, you’re going to want to appear at some aftermarket alternatives. However, that is not necessary for this particular build. It is not fancy at all, but it will get the work done, which ought to be the primary priority when dealing with a budget in this way.

Mainboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Gigabyte B450M DS3H

This motherboard, the Gigabyte B450M DS3H, is one of the least expensive B450 motherboards available. We have chosen for this on the less costly A320 motherboard options since it allows for design, meaning it’s possible to get the very best performance from your CPU, and it’s markedly better to construct and attribute sets than those stone floor planks.

It has HDMI and DVI-D movie output signal, onboard Ethernet and audio output, and two full-length PCIe slots, and a single PCIe x1 slot to create a WiFi PCIe card easily.

There is an M.two connector, which we will populate with the most important SSD for this particular system. The CPU energy delivery is a 4+3 stage setup that is not anything to write home about, but it is going to happily support the requirements of a 3200G or, for instance, the six centers Ryzen 5 3600 in the event that you opt to update in the future.

The BIOS works for this’3000′ series CPU because BIOS revision F40 so that you’ll have no problems booting directly from the box. However, if you are in doubt, consult with the Vendor that you are becoming up-to-date BIOSwith the plank you are purchasing. From the box, you will discover that a SATA cable plus m.two mounting hardware.

Total this motherboard is a no-frills choice that gets you exactly what you want without overspending.

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair is a trusted and reliable manufacturer that brings some of the most economical hardware supplies to our shelves. Because of this, we have gone for 16GB of the DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3200MHz RAM kit at our 400 builds. We considered placing 8GB in this construct, but for the cost difference, we believed it was worth picking for dual.

With this RAM, you will have the ability to push just about any game you desire without difficulty. That is having been said; your CPU will feel the consequences long until the RAM does.

Therefore you continue to be confined to what the 3200G can perform. On the other hand, the RAM is fast enough (3200MHz) to extract exceptional performance from their CPU and is a lot better suited to slower, 2666MHz, and beneath, RAM.

GPU: Radeon RX Vega 11

The Radeon RX Vega 11 is not a separate card. As we have discussed, it is incorporated in the Ryzen 5 processor in our construct, which means you won’t need to make another purchase.

This has its benefits and pitfalls.

On the downside, an integrated graphics card does not have dedicated video RAM. This sets it at a disadvantage when compared with committed GPUs that have their own onboard VRAM for preserving graphics assets. An integrated card must rely upon your own PC’s RAM, which may slow it down, especially while enjoying demanding games.

On the flip side, an incorporated card is much, much less expensive.

A fundamental dedicated GPU will cost you nearly as much as another processor, whereas the mid-range and high-end ones go for tens of thousands of dollars.

An integrated graphics card, though, will just add a percentage to a processor’s price, and a card with 11 cores working on 1400MHz like this one is well worth every penny.

Secondly, higher-end graphics cards may frequently get bottlenecked from the processor or RAM. If both of the components are slower than your graphics card, you can waste a whole lot of money installing a costly GPU that really does nothing to get you.

Storage: WD Blue SN550 500GB

WD Blue SN550 500GB

As stated previously, NVME pushes are far faster than mechanical hard drives and are a bit quicker than conventional SSD drives.

You won’t need to await your PC to boot up, your games will load unnaturally fast, and you will be much happier overall.

The sole downside to deciding on an SSD within an HDD is that SSD drives are more expensive per gigabyte, but concerning functionality, the value is definitely there.

This NVME driveway is easily twice as fast as any mechanical drive you are able to find and is significantly less than double the cost. It is a no brainer, especially considering you can add a cheap hard disk in the future.

PC Case: Q300L


We have picked the very common Q300L mini-tower case from Cooler Master. This variant includes the TUF Gambling’ branding and operates out a couple of bucks cheaper than the conventional version at the time of composing. It is a flexible mATX case that could be placed flat or slid on its side, and it provides lots of room and also a window to see components.

It is no secret this is not the top thermally performing situation available in the industry, but we are only loading it using a 65W CPU and little else to earn warmth: it will work fine in this setup or using a mid-range GPU in the future. It’ll take GPU’s up to 4-slots profound and 360mm long significance that any GPU you select in the future will fit with no problem.

It ships with an exhaust fan and cabling and hardware to hook up the USB interfaces and switches.

Power Supply: Thermaltake Smart 80+ 500W

Thermaltake Smart 80+ 500W

Power supplies and instances are the trickiest elements to search for if building on a budget.

Your intuition is telling you how to pour all of your tools into parts of hardware that affect in-game functionality in a purposeful manner, which they do not. But using a low-quality PSU in a dishonest manufacturer carries more danger than anybody should take.

What is good about the Thermaltake Smart 500W is it is a well-made PSU you won’t ever need to be concerned about. It’s standard wattage which will be sufficient to support a dedicated graphics card, a silent fan, heavy-duty protections, Bronze reliability, a 5-year guarantee, and a sensible cost, which make it an ideal match for this particular build.


Operating System: Windows 10

We recommend getting Windows 10. Does Windows 10 provide many gambling improvements over its predecessors? It is also the best-looking OS from this bunch. Support for older versions additionally declines as the planet starts to move to newer operating systems.

Monitor: Acer SB220Q IPS Ultra-Thin

Here is the very best 1080p budget monitor on the market. Produced by Acer, an extremely reliable company, this screen is 21.5 inches in length and weighs approximately four pounds. For the cost, you can’t go wrong as a result of amazing color contrasts, amazing brightness along the matte screen. If you’re seeking to obtain a 1080p track on a budget, then this is the one to purchase.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset: Havit Mechanical Computer Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset Kit

Because this is a budget build, we believed a package is the best choice as you get many decent things for a remarkably low cost. Thus, if you’re searching for a computer keyboard, mouse, mouse, and headset, and you are on a budget, then the Havit Mechanical Computer Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset Kit is a fantastic place to get started.

Searching for packages can be complicated since oftentimes, among those things in the package is great, and others are there only for display. But, there are a number of surprisingly good-quality choices out there, and also, this Havit package is undoubtedly one of them.

For $90, you obtain a full-size mechanical computer keyboard using a sturdy metal casing and mechanical switches offering the texture, sound, and functionality of a far higher-end product. Additionally, it is outfitted with some racing RGB using 14 lighting styles and seven distinct effects, which you can pick from.

To top it off, the keyboard also has anti-ghosting and complete n-key rollover, which ensures that not one of your own keystrokes will go awry.

Mouse Pad: Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Not many individuals have particular preferences in regards to mousepads, and several apart from the pro-gaming community sense that the gap between the grasp of distinct substances in day-to-day use.

An ordinary user will largely examine the dimensions, stitching, and cost.

Within this part, we attempted to find something which would attract a broad audience, something great enough that would not render even the most demanding users desiring, and that is the way we discovered that Ktrio Extended Mouse Pad.

Fortunately, the ideal mouse pads available on the market are not too costly, hence without the cost being a problem, we depended on something which had both fantastic quality and classic design — a black XL mouse pad.

It’s a fabric surface easy to permit the mouse to quickly slide it over without forfeiting control, stitched at borders to prevent fraying, and also a rubberized base that sticks into the desk. The mouse pad is big enough to match both the mouse and keyboard, and it looks great paired up with almost any color.

Regrettably, however, Ktrio does not offer you any more compact variations of the mouse pad. Therefore if the magnitude of the one does not suit you, we suggest having a peek at the HyperX FURY S mouse pads, or you may take a look at the link below to find more recommendations.

Microphone: Blue Snowball

If you’d like premium sound quality, the Blue Snowball is a fantastic mic, supplying the very best bang for your dollar.

I have been using one for the last couple of decades, and that I certainly love it. Add in an inexpensive pop filter, and you will be set for some outstanding quality.

This mic includes a tripod design stand to your desk so that you can set it wherever, but from personal experience, there’s nowhere you can set it on your desk at which it will not be in the way.

Lucky for you, the Blue Snowball can be used with the majority of adjustable suspension microphone stands. We recommend a mix with a number of Amazon’s top selections of mic accessories to go together with the Snowball.

Things You Must Know:

By this time, you need to have a fairly good comprehension of how we select and examine the hardware we’ve recommended. Then let us discuss a few of the matters we believe you should consider before deciding which to build is ideal for you. Following are a few of the essential aspects of a custom build and ought to be deliberated before finalizing your pick.


Before buying a customized PC, you need to specify what you’d like to accomplish with regard to functionality and capability. Builds may vary hugely concerning in-game performance, along your budget may not reflect your performance expectations.

By way of instance, this construct is custom-designed to perform low-intensive games like CS: GO and Fornite in approximately 900p. If you are searching to play with the hottest AAA games in 1440p, then we’d suggest taking a look at our 700 constructs and over.

It is worth mentioning that costs do vary on Amazon; the builds could be above or below the planned budget. We do check our assemblies every few days to be certain they’ve not gone over budget and also make sure we’re still recommending the very best value-for-money hardware.

With this construct, we chose to choose the Ryzen 3400G and set it with 3200MHz RAM. We did toy with the concept of employing the 2400G and quicker 3600MHz RAM, but it did not quite satisfy our needs for this event. After much deliberation, we concluded that the performance gap between the two setups is minimal. So we went to the Ryze.

Upgradability And Future-Proofing

Future updates are always worth considering, even more so on a budget construct like this. Fortunately, this construct was designed with this aspect of your mind. The motherboard is one of the most recent B450 PRO MAX out of MSI, which delivers out-the-box Ryzen 3rd Gen compatibility as well as 3466MHz RAM support.

Though the APU has its own powerful built-in images apparatus; a standalone GPU would also include adequate performance gains. Fortunately, the motherboard may also adapt to a GPU too.


As a result of improvements in hardware, overclocking has become more and more popular, and you will pretty significantly outperform every component of your build today. That is having been said, it comes with acute dangers, particularly if you are not fully up-to-speed together with the process.

If you are considering trying your hands in the PC boosting dark artwork, then you will be delighted to know this construct is completely equipped for mild overclocking. Ryzen chips are nearly completely optimized out-of-the-box, however, and so you will fight to find any worthy performance profits.

Ease Of Construction

For me personally, the 400 was a comparatively simple one to piece together. Evidently, at this budget, it had its own limits, but let us begin with the advantages. The M-ATX motherboard is the best size for this particular case and allows for exceptional airflow throughout. As we utilized an APU, we had lots of room to play when it came to cable direction.

That is having been said, and the cable direction has been less than desired as a result of numerous different case problems. With this budget, however, it is difficult to be overly disgruntled.

We use an Ifixit PC toolkit when constructing this PC, and we highly suggest that you do the exact same since it makes life that much simpler. You might even utilize an anti-static wrist ring if you feel the need to.

Non-Gaming Performance

Can it be just gaming you are seeking to perform, or are you currently using this construct as a workstation too? This is a matter you need to be asking yourself from the beginning. Why? Well, some PCs are made to do better in gaming situations instead of extreme multi-core workload circumstances.

Fortunately, this APU has got the best of both worlds. As a result of this remarkable single-core and multi-core functioning of the 3400G, you won’t observe any significant performance drops when shifting from work to gambling and vice versa.


Last, we consider the joys of this construct. Aesthetics are a fairly significant part of a custom build nowadays, particularly once you have costly hardware to show-off. Regrettably, at this budget, you do not have space in your budget to get a trendy case. That is having been said, we did manage to match a tempered glass instance into our finances, and we believe it seems pretty great.

As a rule of thumb, RGB supportive hardware includes top price tags attached. If this construct is not up to some high aesthetic criteria, you might need to expand your budget a bit.


How to upgrade computer for gaming?


This is a wonderful building, and we expect this $400 budget gambling construct helps you create a wonderful PC for the purchase price of a console. If this construct is not what you’re searching for, you could always have a look at our other gambling builds. Great luck!


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