4 activities to do with your smartphone in your free time

activities with smartphone

How nice it is to take advantage of your free time! However, if you don’t know how to use it properly, the boredom that awaits you is inescapable. To help you dodge the downtime that occurs during transport trips or late Sunday afternoon, we have selected eight free smartphone activities to pass the time.

4 activities to do with your smartphone to kill some free time

Satisfy your curiosity

If you are naturally curious, thirsty for knowledge, and keen to learn more about what you already have a good grasp of, we cannot recommend TED highly enough. A multiplatform application available on tablets and smartphones, TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) allows you to benefit from thousands of interventions in various areas of expertise such as art, science, politics, architecture, etc. These conferences, the first of which dates back to 1984, rarely exceed twenty minutes and are held by specialists in their field, covering as many subjects as there are centers of interest.

Find a movie to watch or a book to browse

If cinema is your favorite subject, you can also turn to IMDb. A benchmark cinephile database, IMDb boasts comprehensive content, both for feature films and TV series and the personalities who make up the cinematographic sphere. With so many sheets, trailers, news, anecdotes, you can’t miss information, whatever the subject of your research. By creating a user account, you gain access to additional features such as favorites, lists, recordings and your browsing history.


It goes without saying that playing a game (video games or casino like games) is an unstoppable solution to killing five minutes of free time. However, not all games are suitable for such a context, with some titles requiring more time than others. We therefore avoid embarking on Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy, and we prefer to turn to a casual game like Candy Crush.

The advantage of this match-3 is that you can only play a level from a few seconds to a few minutes before moving on. Progress is automatically saved, and relaunching a game after several weeks doesn’t mean you have to remember any particular scenario or mission to complete. Candy Crush boasts an incredible number of different levels that are regularly updated.

Walk around

Why not take advantage of your free time to get some fresh air? Rather than sadly wandering the nearby streets, add a little spice to your outings with the Pokémon GO app.

Developed by Niantic, who owed the hugely successful Ingress, Pokémon GO makes a childhood dream come true by letting you capture Charmander, Pikachu, and other creatures from the Pokémon World “for real” using augmented reality. Your neighborhood is transformed into a huge playground that you explore up and down in the hope of finding more or less rare Pokémon. It is also an opportunity to (re) discover sites and monuments in front of which you regularly pass without paying attention since these points of interest house PokéStops thanks to which you collect many useful objects for your quest: Poké Balls, potions, eggs, etc.

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