Why Vincent Kompany went down in Manchester City history

Vincent Kompany

Belgian football is very unpredictable. This country can hardly be called a centre of the football universe, but at the beginning of the 21st century its national team was rightly considered one of the best in the world. All this was possible thanks to the golden generation, which Vincent Kompany belonged to. At certain moments, placing a bet on 1xBet on the matches of this team could bring big profits to bettors. After all, footballers didn’t have a single defeat in many qualification rounds for major tournaments. As for Vincent, at the youth level he was part of one of the best academies in the country, namely Anderlecht. 

He joined the main roster at the age of 17 and defended its colours for three seasons. Naturally, the confident performance of the young center-back attracted representatives of the stronger leagues. As a result, he moved to Hamburg. He played there for two years. 1xBet has already provided an opportunity to bet on German championship matches on its official website. Due to the fact that he continued to actively evolve, he was able to carry out the main transfer of his career at the age of 22.

He interested the bosses of Manchester City, who at that time were building a new super team. It was a great opportunity for the Belgian defender and he took it. Thanks to Manchester City, many bettors answered the question what is live betting on sports with 1xBet? After all, it was such a bright team that fans wanted to bet on its matches even after their start. Fantastic attack and confident defense. This was the team’s success. After several seasons with the Citizens, Kompany got a captain’s armband, which directly indicated his authority among colleagues. As a result, in 11 seasons with City, he played 360 matches and scored 20 goals. That is, despite the position of the central defender, he was extremely good in attack. The club saw him off with tears in their eyes, and he spent the last season of his career in his native Anderlecht. There he was no longer an obvious attacker, and therefore 1xBet offered to try live betting on sports with the highest odds. The player gave a total of 15 years to the Belgium national team, playing 89 matches and scoring 4 goals.

What has the Belgian defender achieved?

Naturally, the very fact of Vincent’s performance for Manchester City at the beginning of their crazy development suggests that he chose the right team. You can go to 1xBet – try casino online to feel like Kompany in that situation. After all, it’s hard to be sure of success if you don’t know how a new project will function in two years. However, during his career, he managed to:

  • win the Belgian Championship twice and the England Championship four times;
  • win eight different cup tournaments with Manchester City;
  • take the third place at the 2018 World cup with Belgium;
  • be recognized as the best Belgian player of the year once.

As a result, we can safely say that Vincent Kompany has had a phenomenal career. After its completion, many of his players tried casino online at 1xBet, because they have lost interest in football without such a player. 

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