Why it makes sense to consult a lawyer during the bail process even though you can do without it

Since the purpose of bail is to prevent the accused from committing new crimes while abiding by the legal process, the bail amount is usually relatively high, which acts as a deterrent. Since bail involves cash or requires providing some collateral for the issuance of Castle Bail Bonds, it increases the stakes of the accused, who would think twice before jumping bail. Therefore, it is important to consult a lawyer during the bail process. 

Violating bail conditions is a criminal offense that can lead to the accused person’s arrest, who would even lose the bail amount, or the collateral pledged with the bail bond agent. As the losses would weigh in heavily on the accused person who is already facing legal trouble, in most cases, bails work well to bring the accused to task and compel them to abide by the legal system that follows the arrest and leads to trial.

Why prefer bail bonds?

Since the bail amount is often hefty, the accused might find it difficult to arrange for the funds quickly, and spending jail time becomes unavoidable. Even if it is possible to arrange for funds, the process of depositing the money by proving its legal source can make things complicated and elongate the process. It would not help early release always that the accused wants. 

On the other hand, furnishing bail bonds is an easier and faster process as the accused can avail of the services of a bail bonds agent or a bail bonds company that make all arrangements for speedy release by acting as a surety on behalf of the accused.

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What are bail bonds?

A defendant must approach a bail bonding agency to provide a bail bond to secure the release of the accused from custody. In addition, the bail bondsman agrees to act a surety on behalf of the accused and take full responsibility to ensure that the accused adheres to the bail conditions. The bail bonding agency enters into a contract with the accused. The latter will pay only 10%-20% to the agency for issuing bail bonds equivalent to the bail amount that the court is ready to accept and release the accused. 

Should you involve a lawyer for availing bail?

According to the process of obtaining bail, it does not require a lawyer because the bail agent can make all arrangements for releasing the arrested person at the earliest. However, it is always better to consult a lawyer for guidance and understand the legal ramifications of the case so that the accused stays mentally prepared to face the outcome of the legal process. Moreover, bail is just the beginning of the story because although the accused can escape jail, for the time being, the fallout of the case during trial can bring more misery if the person faces conviction.

A lawyer can understand if the bail imposed on the accused is justified. However, suppose the accused does not have any criminal history and has respectable social standing. In that case, the lawyer might negotiate release on their recognizance or ROR without going through the bail process altogether. 

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