What to do for better client acquisition? A mini-guide for home services providers

home services providers

Residential services such as minor renovations, cleaning and installation (roofing, electrical, moving, plumbing, pest control, and others), and general repairs work with a promising demand. Generally, those looking for these services on the internet have a punctual and specific need home services providers. 

Your potential customers are on the internet looking for solutions. It is common for people to hire these professionals when the problem arises. To reach potential customers at any stage of a conversion funnel and grow the potential of your local business of home service, we are sharing some ideas.

Inbound marketing is crucial- home services providers

You cannot achieve your goal without digital marketing and other techniques, such as a good marketing and business plan. It is not just about hiring a digital marketing agency. Only a professional company, such as Scorpion, specializes in creating your business growth helps. Inbound marketing is one of the finest home services marketing ideas. 

Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with those who need help. If your company already has a website, you can dedicate an area on it to write content that helps your customers. If your website has a blog post covering this topic, you can be sure that Google will consider this when ordering the results of this search. 

Sponsored links are miracle- home services providers

As much as competition is high, so is the customer’s need at this time. That is why the Google search network is very promising for residential service companies. Specifically, this niche pays to invest in ads on Google Ad words. When someone is not effectively looking for a solution they can do alone, you can show up when someone wants to hire your company.

Geo-located ads on Google, with a good selection of keywords that indicate the proximity of the location and the use of ad extensions can give good results in a relatively short time. Another strategy is to work on Google with a “Call Only” campaign.

Social networks are inevitable

Your home service company’s social networks will be the place where you connect with the public. Never forget how your satisfied customers’ reviews can improve your image on the internet. Work on it. It is also interesting to share the day to day of the company with customers. You can do it via Instagram or Facebook page dedicated to your service.

You can start with these tips or some of them. The important thing is to understand that this type of business is very relevant for people who search on the internet. It is definitely worth investing for home service businesses.

Content is king

Content is another priority for better website performance. Your website content should share information about your business that will keep users engaged. Ideal content should answer common questions about your company’s services and have information readily available so potential customers can learn more.

Explanatory and educational content for your home service business can explore everything – maintenance, cleaning and upkeep tips, product reviews, video tutorials and many others. You can promote your business organically and share it on your social networks with these materials. 


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