What is a decent hit rate at online slots?


Slot gaming was once a simple affair, all slot players would sit by the slot machine of their choice, pull the lever, and create a spin. However, in the mid-1990s, these games spawned online versions of Slotzo Casino, known as digital virtual video slots, that could be played at online casinos that were readily accessible on the internet.

Slot Terminology

Slots have always had special terms attached to them, but online slots created more of these that players had to be aware of. These terms have increased further still and now include RNG which refers to the Random Number Generator. This is a special computer microchip that produces all the random results of slot spins across all casino networks.

Slots are all based on odds and probabilities, and therefore they are a mathematician’s dream. The RTP is another term that is exclusive to slots and this is also known as the Return to Player percentage score. This score is reached by spinning slot games under controlled conditions, thousands of times. Whilst the spinning is in process, a close eye is kept on the wagering amounts, and the amount the game is returning to the player. The 2 figures are compared, and the calculation made, produces the RTP score of each game. The higher the RTP score, the better the slot game is for players.

The volatility rating is a little different and this refers to how slots behave, but there is mathematics applied to this as well. Low volatility-rated slots pay-out more frequently with each spin. The pay-outs are usually low to a medium value. Whilst highly volatile slots can serve up numerous dead spins and then hit punters with a huge pay-out from just a handful of rounds.

Slot Game Hit Rates

The hit rate of a slot is not a term that many slot spinners would have heard of before, or even considered acknowledging before choosing a game to play. This is because the hit rate concept remains in the shadow of the likes of the RTP score and the volatility rating of a game. It is however a relatively simple concept to understand.

The hit rate of a slot game simply refers to the likelihood of a slot hitting a pay-out on each spin, as opposed to landing no winning combinations at all. Slots are designed to favour the house with a built-in house edge, and therefore slot gamers lose more often than they win. The hit frequency considers winning combinations, spins that trigger bonus rounds, and those spins that pay less than the original amount wagered.

Hit Rate Scores

The average slot hit frequency rate is between 20 and 30 percent, but the closer to 30 the hit rate is, the better the slot game is for punters to play. Unfortunately, most slot game developers do not see it as a necessity to include this hit rate information for the public to view. Instead, slot players must read slot review sites to get hit rate statistics of various games. Only time can tell if the hit rate will eventually be considered as important as the RTP score and volatility rating, of slot games. Then, the hit rate may one day be included in the game information section of each slot as well.

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