What Are Screen Recorders and Why Do You Need One?

Screen Recorders

The human mind is crammed with things all the time, and we are prone to forget things. Though we take notes of essential points in a virtual meeting, it is always helpful to go back in the timeline and refer to certain aspects of importance. This is where screen recorders come into the picture. 

Let’s look at screen recording software in detail. 

What Is a Screen Recorder? 

A screen recorder is a simple and easy-to-use software that allows users to record digital activities on the screen (desktop and mobile). Modern screen recording software allows you to record internal audio along with activities on the screen and also allows you to add external audio.

The recorded video can be used for multiple purposes like checking employee activities, recording video calls and saving them for reference, creating tutorials, and many more things.

A screen recorder is helpful in a business set-up in many ways. The following are some crucial few reasons as to why you need screen recorders. 

Improve Communication

Video conferencing has become a standard in the corporate sector. As per recent statistics, the global workforce has increased by 140% since 2005. If the client wants to discuss with the whole team in advance, a screen recorder is the best solution to reach a wider audience. You can record a presentation and share it with every stakeholder to receive information quickly. 

If some stakeholders cannot attend live meetings, you can use screen recording software to record live meetings, and they can watch it later. When discussing projects in a meeting, it is impossible to remember every point and detail discussed. 

Screen recording software can record entire meetings and allow you to watch any part of the discussion for reference. The recorded video will eliminate the chances of misinformation and ensure every stakeholder is on the same page regarding project information. 

Enhance Training Effectiveness 

Video tutorials, whether recorded or live, are essential for employees. They add a new dimension to the learning experience that makes training effective. Employees need not attend training sessions after their shift duties or working hours, affecting workplace productivity. 

Organizations can use screen recording software to create video tutorials for training purposes and upload them on its server.

Employees can log into the company’s server, download them to their device and watch them at their convenience. The flexibility in learning allows employees to learn at their own pace that helps in better knowledge retention delivered through video tutorials.

Check Employee Performance and Daily Activities – Screen Recorders

As per recent statistics, around 8 in 10 workers use social media. While there is nothing wrong with being socially active, it is wrong for employees to use their office time for personal use. It affects the productivity of the workforce. 

Businesses can use screen recording software to record employees’ daily activities at the workplace. Through screen recording, they can know how employees spend their time at the workplace. These recordings can also prove helpful in analyzing the performance of employees. Capturing employees’ screen activities can provide insights into employees’ expertise, dedication, and performance.

You can know how they are responding to customers’ queries. Are they using tools that are intended to increase their work efficiency? Are they taking any shortcuts while dealing with customers or clients? Screen recording can also provide you with a clear picture of the progress of work. 

Managers can make important decisions about the following stages of the project while the team is completing the work in the current stage. It is beneficial when the project has a tight timeline, and managers can’t seek information on each employee’s everyday tasks. 

The Project manager can check the screen recording and get an idea about the progress of the allotted task to each employee without interrupting or disturbing them. 

To sum up, these are a few reasons why businesses need screen recording software.


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