Viberate’s Game-Changing Hub: Every Indie Artist’s Dream!

Independent artists in the music industry have a reason to rejoice with the introduction of a comprehensive hub tailored to their specific needs. Dubbed “Viberate for Artists,” this platform amalgamates a host of tools, such as digital music distribution, a free website for musicians, and Spotify playlist pitching, along with robust analytics across social media platforms and music channels.

A Brief Overview of Viberate

Known predominantly as a data-centric music company, Viberate’s primary offering has been professional music analytics catering to industry experts. However, they have broadened their horizons to include data-centric tools for artists. The remarkable part? Some of these tools won’t cost you a dime, while others are accessible for a mere $39 annually.

Why Should Independent Artists Consider Viberate?

Free Website for Musicians:

Being hailed as the most extensive crowdsourced artist database globally, Viberate ensures that every artist page is meticulously verified by a dedicated team of curators. This meticulous curation is the driving force behind Viberate’s ability to offer a free website for musicians. These artist-specific websites are comprehensive, encapsulating details like genre, country of origin, top tracks, upcoming events, and an audience profile. This information proves invaluable for professionals in the music industry evaluating prospective talents. Viberate prides itself on ensuring these websites are visually appealing, self-updating, and always primed for sharing.

Spotify for Artists Stats and Comprehensive Music Analytics:

On the Viberate platform, artists can amalgamate their social media analytics and streaming data, enhancing their understanding of their reach and influence. By simply connecting their Spotify account, artists gain access to their comprehensive Spotify for Artists stats. This integration offers insights into playlist performance, audience demographics, growth zones in terms of cities and countries, and tracking song performance. It becomes an invaluable tool for artists to gauge the success trajectory of their releases and derive insights to fine-tune their promotional campaigns.

Effortless Digital Music Distribution:

Before venturing into music promotion, it’s imperative for artists to release their tracks. And Viberate’s platform is also equipped to assist in this regard. It ensures artists can distribute their music seamlessly to major streaming platforms, eliminating potential roadblocks in their musical journey.

Spotify Playlist Pitching – A Game Changer for Music Promotion:

Once the music is out there, promotion becomes the next big challenge. Viberate for Artists introduces an intuitive Spotify playlist pitching tool. Artists can explore a chart that ranks over 12M Spotify playlists based on their popularity. With this tool, artists can easily identify and curate playlists that resonate with their musical style, promising an enhanced reach. The available filters, ranging from genre, playlist type, song release date, to song popularity, make the process efficient and focused. To illustrate, it’s possible to identify indie curator playlists that predominantly feature House music, boasting a substantial follower count and a predilection for recent releases.

Moreover, this tool empowers artists with the capability to reach out to some playlist curators directly, while others can be accessed through external links. This access can be a pivotal advantage for artists looking to broaden their reach and audience engagement.

In conclusion, Viberate for Artists promises to be a holistic platform that addresses the diverse needs of independent artists, from distribution to promotion. With a premium plan priced at just $39 per year, inclusive of music distribution, advanced analytics, and other promotional tools, it seems like a promising avenue for artists aiming to elevate their musical journey.

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