The Perfect Lighting for Casino Nights at Home: Setting the Mood for Gaming

Casino Nights

What’s one of the core elements of casinos that you and others probably overlook? Is it the amazing bonuses that you can get? Is it the variety of different machines that you can use to test your luck? Is it the energy of a crowd trying to achieve the same objective as you are?

Actually, it happens to be none of these things. While you may pay more attention to certain elements such as the racehorses you bet on, or the way the dealer shuffles the deck, how much attention are you paying to the lights?

What if you were told that they actually have a subliminal effect, which is why they are used? If you’re going to be having a casino night at home, you also need to use them correctly to make the setting perfect. Here’s a look at how you can do just that!

What Makes Casino Lighting Essential?

If there were ever a setting that embodies the saying “everything happens for a reason,” a casino certainly makes a strong argument. Do you think it’s just a random chance that all of them have all these colors and lights flowing around creating a strikingly similar aesthetic?

Realistically, the environment needs certain elements to appear relaxing or fun to the human brain. Certain colors, visuals, and patterns are subliminally associated with various feelings and events. For example, when it’s your leisure time, unless you specifically want to spend some quiet hours alone, dark, dreary, and congested places are not appealing.

So, when a casino decides to make things flashier, it’s more welcoming to you. You’ll also notice a lot of red in many casinos. Red is an interesting color, being used by restaurants because of its ability to influence food purchasing decisions. It also has its role in the casino, being able to exert an unseen influence to engage in riskier decisions.

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This is coupled well with live performances or high-tempo music which boosts adrenaline, leading to the desire to play some games and try to win.

There’s also accent and dim lighting, which is said to make people stick around a bit longer than they might have otherwise.

What Should You Be Trying to Avoid?

Even though you now have a basic idea of how lighting is used, you do want to avoid certain pitfalls at your casino night. For example, the last thing you want is for your guests to complain that they can’t see what they need to properly because of the glare.

If whatever games you’re going to be playing use screens or reflective tables, ensure that you set things up in a way that isn’t blinding to those you’re hosting. You don’t want to be the reason why they end up with migraines or any eye strain, as any further casino night you put on would see them taking a rain check.

The Different Segments of the House and How to Treat Them

Of course, you don’t have a whole casino at home. You’re going to be improvising, using existing rooms to serve certain purposes. This is going to be a quick rundown of different pieces of the puzzle that you will need to account for at your house.

The Gaming Area

It’s a casino night, after all, so this is going to be where the festivities take place. While you want to avoid unnecessary glare as indicated before, everything that needs to be seen must be clearly visible. A good rule of thumb is to set up your lighting in such a way that it spreads evenly.

If you’re going all out and you have a couple of actual slot machines at home, remember that they are typically heavily lit. To balance things out, you’re going to need to light up the space around them.

On the flip side, if it’s just a couple of card and table games, then maybe some dim lighting is good since there are no screens to compete with. Additionally, going the dimmer route should make your guests want to stay as long as possible.

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You must feed your guests if you’re hosting them, and you want the food to be as appealing as possible. If you’re already going for the dim aesthetic, maintain the same kind of vibe for the food area, or you can go a little warmer.

The greatest appeal here will often come from a sort of intimate lighting setting, so hanging pendants or recessed lights may be a good idea. You get bonus points if the lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust them until they’re just right.

Drink Area

Your choices here are going to borrow heavily from the food station side of things, but remember more than anything, drinking on casino nights is for getting a little break and relaxing. Therefore, creating a feeling of ease and comfort with ambient lighting is recommended. Maybe you can go for smart LEDs that can adjust based on the time.

Different Types of Lights to Consider

LED Wall Washers

Use these if you want to get a balanced spread while illuminating your walls, especially if there are imperfections you want to mask. They can work well outside, but you’re going to want these lighting up whatever rooms are a part of your casino night.

LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are sought after for the different colors and brightness levels that you can get. Additionally, the strips tend to be super flexible, meaning you can get creative and start to make shapes and patterns.

LED Neon Lights

Neon lights provide a surprising level of energy efficiency. They’re meant to draw attention, so you can use them to outline your tables, for example, or for any impromptu signs you may be putting up.

LED Bulbs

Changing out your existing bulbs for smart bulbs can also help greatly with your lighting. The bulbs typically can connect to apps that you can use to edit their brightness and color easily. Therefore, they can be normal lights when you need them to be while giving you special colors for casino night.

The Bottom Line

Casino night at home can be incredibly fun, but your lighting needs to be on track to give off the right vibe. Make use of the tips above such as eliminating glare and creating a more intimate visual for food areas. Stick to the script and your guests will have a great time, provided your game selection is on point too.

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