The Five Parts Of The World That Could Welcome Online Gambling Next

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing, and already lucrative, industries on the planet, and around the world billions is spent on it each year. In the likes of the UK, playing online is huge and the revenue it generates has got many other countries around the world considering it. Perhaps most notably, the USA. 


The United States has been opening up to gambling over the last few years, with new states welcoming the likes of sports betting and their free bets almost on a monthly basis. Most recently we’ve seen the likes of New York and Louisiana legalise forms of online gambling, but where next?


From the USA to beyond, we take a look at those countries, states and cities in which online casinos and sportsbooks look firmly on the horizon…


Brazil is at a landmark moment for the nation in terms of gambling, with the country on the cusp of legalising both online and offline gambling. A vote has taken place already and saw votes largely in favour of overturning a ban that had been in place since 1946.


The bill will allow casinos, online gambling, horse racing, slot machines and even online bingo allowed in the country, with the only restrictions being how many resorts can be built in various cities. 


It will be a huge boost for online gambling, with Brazil the sixth most populated country on the planet, with around 213million people. 


Staying with South America, the undersecretary of Finance for Chile, Alejandro Weber has unveiled that the country could earn as much as $55million per year through regulating an online gambling marketplace, and that the government is putting in place rules and laws in order to make it happen.


Online gambling is already happening in the country, with around 900 online gaming sites currently operating. However, there is no legal framework around it at present. It would mark a complete revamp of the industry in the country, with companies required to operate in the country, as well as paying 20% gross income tax, as well as commitments to national federations of sport, responsible gambling and users being subject to 15% income tax when withdrawing from sites.

Florida, Nebraska and Ohio

States are updating their laws and regulations continuously in the USA and it appears the next few states to legalise sports betting will be Florida, Nebraska and Ohio. In all three states it is now legal but there are currently no operations within them. 


Many brands and betting sites will be beginning to go through the motions in order to get the green light to begin operating and you can expect that to happen as the year progresses.


Gambling in the UAE has long been illegal as it doesn’t fall in line with the country’s religious beliefs. However, that could be about to change. While there has been no firm confirmation of this by the UAE itself, the agreement for a new Wynn resort to land in the country, complete with “gaming area” has certainly got tongues wagging. 


The resort itself won’t open until 2026, so gambling in the country isn’t imminent even if it does mean it’s arriving. The vagueness surrounding it is being seen by many as a test. Jakob Kisser, UAE managing partner at Strohal Legal Group said of the move: 


“I believe this is a test. They might slowly develop it.”


“Initially they could only offer games within the limits of what is already permitted. Local laws for example allow raffles and wagers under certain conditions. Then there might some forms of e-gaming or other skill games. But this is pure speculation for now. If at some point even a real casino licence is on the table simply remains to be seen.”

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