The best theatrical performances in games


Oscar Wilde once said: “Life imitates art much more than art imitates life.” Unfortunately, the author will never see real proof of his words. Immersion in art is different. One of the most creative areas is a live performance, performance, in front of an audience. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a play or a musical.




Therefore, it is worth recalling the best theatrical performances that have been seen in video games. By the way, sometimes they took place with the participation of the player, and sometimes without.

Final Fantasy 9

The production of “I want to be your canary” is rather old in its conception. She tells about a nobleman who fell in love with an ordinary peasant woman. The performance itself is warmly welcomed by both members of the royal family and the poorest citizens. This production has a special place not only in Final Fantasy 9 but also in the hearts of fans of the franchise around the world.

The play even contains references to past parts, as well as to real literary works. The poetry content is good. It is she who makes the performance more exciting.

The Witcher 3

“Long live art!” is an excellent part of the main quest in Novigrad. To search for Doudou, the Witcher decides to go through a long process of preparing not only himself but the whole group for the performance. The performance is needed to find a potential ally in the crowd of spectators.

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The quest is the correct memorization of replicas. At the same time, with their confusion, the performance will begin to acquire a very funny character. The play itself is rather short, but it is still quite interesting to watch. Plus, if you help the troupe properly, then it will definitely respond positively to Geralt in the future.

Kentucky Route Zero

Perhaps this is one of the strangest indie games ever created. There are enough mysterious and eerily interesting things in it. Plus, you can separately find additional content in the form of “The Entertainment” on thepiratebays proxy list. It allows you to play your own performances on certain subjects.

These are animated adaptations of two existing plays from the 70s. Their author was Lema Doolittle. The add-on brings even more dark emotions to the storyline of Zero without distracting from the main game. So, you have to feel like an introverted trucker named Conway. He makes a stop to have fun at a bar. However, according to the plot of the play, he will have to wander along the lost highway in search of uncomfortable answers.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

This game is an amazing combination of nice graphics and fun gameplay. Mario and his friends arrive at the Big Sho theater, waiting for the performance of their life.

At the same time, all theatrical performances describe Mario’s previous experience in the fight against villains. By the way, the Big Sho theater is not the only venue for performances in Paper Mario: The Origami King. But it is the most artistic and dramatic, which is only provided for in this game. Plus, paper Mario looks pretty cool.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The whole series of games about Japanese mafiosi is already a pretty vivid representation. But Like A Dragon begins with an unforgettable theatrical performance. It features two actors. The script tells about a murderer who is confronted by one of the daughters of powerful people. She is even armed. Plus, the girl wants revenge. The play itself ends with an emotionally touching finale.

Immediately after the performance, the second video begins. No less emotional events unfold in it with their own certain amount of drama. The video is entirely consistent with the theatrical performance. Especially in terms of “acting skills”.

Modern games focus more on karaoke and rhythmic mini-games. Rarely are full-scale stage performances used. Thus, the developers have expanded the range of entertainment in video games, giving them the status of art. But let’s not forget about the real scene. After all, it was a source of inspiration for people in ancient times.

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