Tesla Model S and Model 3: How Do The Two Compare?

Tesla Model S and Model 3

Tesla Model S and Model 3 are both electrical and packaged with cutting-edge technologies. While they overlap in certain regions, they are entirely different cars that share very few classic pieces. The S is a lot older, considerably larger, and far more costly than the 3, which probably explains why it is outsold with its god.

Here’s how Tesla’s two sedans compare on paper. Keep reading Colorfy’s following article.

Tesla Model S vs Model 3 Comparison

Tesla Model S and Model 3 Comparison

Tech features

Tech is just one of Tesla’s main selling factors, and the Model disappoints. Both cars can be configured using all the brand’s Autopilot package of electronic driving aids. It retains the car in its lane, mechanically changes lanes, navigates freeway on- and – off-ramps, and parks the car by itself. It is available as an extra-cost choice on both and the S. The Tesla sedans also gain from an over-the-air program upgrading system, navigation, and keyless entry, among other features. Remember, you are going to need to pay a monthly fee for some of those improvements.

The Model 3 and the Model S will be equally compatible with Smart Summon, a smart – and controversial – bit of technologies that let drivers use their telephone and a purpose-designed program to summon their car from a parking place. The automobile should be inside its proprietor line of sight, and the attribute does not work if it feels the telephone control, it’s over 200 feet off; you can not order your vehicle to leave your garage and pick you up at an airport 30 miles out. Be aware that utilizing Smart Summon requires a choice called full self-driving, and some old versions of the Model S weren’t provided with it since the technology was not ready yet.

Remember, neither version is autonomous; there’s not a solitary driverless car available commercially in 2021. Irrespective of which one you select, you will want to maintain both hands on the wheel and eyes on the street in any way times.


For a lot of folks considering an electric automobile, this is the one most significant element. What’s an EV if it can not get you where you want to go then back again. If it comes to scope, Model 3 provides a broader overall spread. The regular version goes 250 miles, whereas the Performance clocks in at 299 miles of range. The Long Range version boasts 322 miles between charges. The Model S Performance boasts a range of 348 miles along with the Extended Range version that can go 402 miles. Winner: Model S

Interior And Exterior Layout

Model 3 carries interior design to another level. Its most striking visual aspect is your dash, which can be dominated by a flat display you would expect to see in the television aisle at Best Buy. It replaces almost every button, changes, and assess generally scattered throughout the cockpit. It is an exceptional solution that produces the Model 3 considerably less challenging to construct. It is well worth noting each portion of this 3’s interior has been created in-house by Tesla.

The Model S is futuristic, but it seems more conventional inside compared to its smaller sibling. For starters, elements like the enormous vertical touch display, the device cluster, along the air vents, will be precisely where you expect them to be. The Model S was Tesla’s initial mass-produced car; the business sourced parts from different manufacturers as soon as possible. You will instantly understand the switchgear if you have ever pushed a late-model Mercedes-Benz. It is beginning to show its age, which is hardly surprising considering it made its debut in 2012.

Tesla averted the Russian doll approach to style. Its German rivals are stuck inside. Its sedans discuss a few specifying styling cues, such as a grille-less front end and a fastback-like roofline, but one is not a Xerox copy of another.

The Model S is the better choice if you routinely haul folks or equipment. It gives space for five adults and two jump seats acceptable for smaller children, as well as 30 cubic feet of trunk space. Notice the jump seats and the back area are mutually exclusive. The most you will match in Model three are just five adults and 15 cubes of their stuff.

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Security and Driver-Assistance Feature

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 was crash-tested from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and obtained a great five-star rating; the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not published its findings. Though we wonder whether Autopilot’s title may be ineffective, the driver-assist program has the most significant feature sets in the market, with smooth functioning and remarkable capabilities like automatic lane modifications. Key safety features include:

  • Standard automated emergency braking
  • Standard lane-departure caution
  • Standard adaptive cruise control

Tesla Model S

Even though the Model S has ignited a nationwide conversation regarding the protection of partly autonomous vehicles and continues to be reported to capture fire following certain kinds of high-speed effects, its security authenticity is buoyed by adequate crash-test results from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the understanding that car fires are not rare, either in electric – or gasoline-powered vehicles. Key safety features include:

  •  Standard automatic emergency braking
  •  Standard lane-departure caution
  •  Accessible adaptive cruise control using semi-autonomous driving mode

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s overall guarantee coverage is one of the longest in the EV section, but it is disappointing that the policy does not contain corrosion protection. The Long Range version comprises an extra 20,000 miles on its battery’s policy period and drives parts.

  •  The Limited warranty covers 4 Decades or 50,000 miles.
  •  Powertrain warranty covers 8 Decades or 100,000 miles.
  •  No free scheduled maintenance

Tesla Model S

Tesla supplies a comprehensive warranty package to protect the Model S’s powertrain and hybrid vehicle parts but lacks the extended bumper-to-bumper policy and free scheduled maintenance bundles of this Jaguar I-Pace.

  •  The limited warranty covers four Decades or 50,000 miles.
  •  Powertrain warranty covers eight Decades and unlimited miles.
  •  No free scheduled maintenance


This is supposed to be an easy win for the Model 3 because the compact sedan comes with a starting price that is considerably lower compared to the more giant Model S. Checks Tesla’s official site. You’re going to realize that the Model 3 begins at $37,990, although the Model S costs a whopping $74,990 for your cheapest version. Pick the Model S at Performance trimming with the optional $8,000 Autopilot bundle, and you are taking a look at a starting cost that violates the 100,000 barriers.

The problem for Tesla was regarding the beginning production of this entry-level Model 3. For several months, priority has been given initially to creating the expensive models, fitted with a larger battery pack plus an all-wheel drive. Start loading choices on a Model 3 and, surprise, the cost difference between it and its larger brother, the Model S, narrows considerably.

A range-topping Model 3 with all the dual-motor and all-wheel-drive installment in Performance trim begins at $54,990. Insert AutoPilot, and you are taking a look at a Model 3 that is near $62,990. But credit to Tesla, the regular Model 3 is finally online; according to the Tesla site, if you purchased a standard version today, delivery could take between 6-8 weeks.

As a bonus, regardless of which Tesla you opt for, you’ve got seven days or 1,000 miles to return the vehicle for a complete refund. Considering the total Model 3 lineup is eventually available, the (belated but deserved) triumph here belongs to Tesla’s entry-level sedan.

Video: Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 Performance Is the Best Tesla Yet

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