NFL Stadiums Invest More In High Tech and AI?

NFL Stadiums

After a shaky 2020, and not too much attendance on NFL stadiums and matches due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the situation is slowly stabilizing as NFL arenas open their doors for fans. In the past year, we’ve learned many things and the most important lesson is that sports are not the same without the rumble and the roar of thousands of cheering fans.

This opened up new debates about the improvement of arenas and how they should accept technological advancements just to make improve the overall fan’s experience when they are watching a game.

Over the past couple of years, NFL stadiums have improved a lot in terms of utilizing technological advancements. With billions of dollars in reconstruction, some of the teams now have more sustainable and environmentally friendly stadiums that have better energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.

But the technological advancements open up far more opportunities, yet to be explored. 

Here are some stadiums in the NFL that are already using high-tech just to bring the fan’s experience to another level.

1.Sun Life Stadium

The home of the Miami Dolphins has partnered with IBM to put analytics tools into the stadium. They’ve installed technologies that use IBM Cloud and give fans instant access to scores, stats, and updates on their smartphones. 

This technology also improves the interaction between fans and the game since they can share information anywhere in the stadium.

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On top of that, the collected data helps the organizers see the experience from the eyes of fans, and make changes just to the ever-improving experience.

2. Levi’s Stadium

Despite the shaky first half of the season for the 49ers, they can at least pride themselves on having one of the most high-tech stadiums in the league. They’ve partnered with Yahoo Fantasy Football Sports Lounge which keeps fantasy football fans updated with the latest news while they are at the stadium. 

3. AT&T Stadium

The AT&T stadium more than a decade ago installed the largest LED display in the world, being 130” wide, but since then, the world has seen much larger displays. With that said, the stadium is very tech-forward and always looks for a way to infuse new technology just to make the game more interesting.

For example, the stadium is connected with an app, and when fans press the app logo during certain points of the game, it creates vibration throughout the stadium and some flashing lights.

Should NFL Stadiums Invest More in High-Tech and AI

There are some examples of technology being used in the NFL. However, this is a fast-moving industry that needs constant updates and tweaks. You cannot rely on a technology installed 5 years ago since it is already outdated.

With that said, NFL stadiums must think more about the future of the sport and possibly explore more tech options that will bring more fans to the sport.

With artificial intelligence slowly moving into every sport in the world, it seems like stadiums will have to adapt to this latest trend and leverage some of this technology in their construction. 

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As we all know, AI relies on od big data, and if you already have all the data collected, the opportunities for this technology are limitless. For example, AI can improve fans’ excitement and engagement by providing them with live data during matches. 

On top of that, stadiums can also use VR technology alongside AI where fans could scan a live game with their smartphone and possibly get some stats, scores, and see the action from different angles. Can you imagine seeing a replay of Tom Brady’s touchdown pass multiple times on your smartphone in a live game? It is incredible!

Additionally, we have chatbots, which can be used in every corner of the stadium that can provide information about the game, where to find food or bathrooms, or entertain you with NFL games during half-time. Plus, combined with free fiber-optic Wi-Fi, you can browse through NFL Picks Powered by The Quant Edge in your phone while you are sitting comfortable in a stadium and betting in real time.

There is a positive trend in the NFL league when it comes to accepting technology in the stadiums, which is a good thing for the sport. In the future, stadiums will be technological fortresses, and with the help of AI, facial recognition, smart ticketing, and crowd management, live events won’t only be more exciting to watch but also safer and more organized.

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