PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Which Is Best For You?

PS5 vs Xbox

2020 was one of the most exciting years for us gamers as many of us were finally able to get our hands on the 4th generation console from big technology companies Sony and Microsoft as they release their first consoles in 7 years. Although they were released in 2020, 2021 is planned to be the year in which majority of the sales will take place and so today we’ve done a comparison to analyse which console would be best form PS5 vs Xbox. 

First of all, technology has come a long way since the release of the previous consoles so now, in terms of power, storage and graphics and therefore there isn’t much between the two when it comes to these. Their processing capabilities are very similar now, but Microsoft have just taken the advantage in term of sheer processing power but nothing that is noticeable for the everyday gamer. With the advances in technology that has been shown in recent times, it now comes down to personal preference with consoles.

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Due to this, we would advise going for the console that has the exclusive games in which each console has on offer. The biggest game that Xbox has exclusively is Halo Infinite which is the new release for the new console. Halo has always been a big selling point for the Microsoft powerhouses. In terms of PlayStation exclusive games, one of the big sellers for them in the initial release has been Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales which has been extremely well welcomed by many PS5 users. Moreover, and something to look forward to as a PS5 owner is the new Ratchet and Clank game and Gran Turismo 7.

Both of the new consoles are fantastic devices, and every consumer would be happy with a purchase of either device but personally we sway towards the PS5 due to its excellent controller, revamped user interface and the array of games it has on offer compared to the Xbox Series X. Both consoles are very similar and whichever console you decide to buy, remember that this is just the beginning for these consoles and the excitement is only going to ramp up over time of PS5 vs Xbox.

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