Professional Benefits Of Voice Over PowerPoint Presentations

When delivering a Google Slides presentation, a Voice Over PowerPoint presentation is among the best ways to engage your audience, teach your students, train your employees, or explain a vital product release. If you are keen to learn a simple way to record a Voiceover within your Google slide presentations, this blog is for you.

Got a script? That is it! You are already one step ahead. You need to add it as a voice-over to your video content. You do not need to record or even worry about unnecessary background noises!

You may choose from various feature-rich software, like Murf, which lets you choose from 120+ curated natural sounding voices.The software specifically, offers a text to speech voice feature that is extremely helpful. If you are looking for high quality audio with realistic and non-robotic sounds then try Murf’s Romanian Text To Speech voice.  

Murf voices support various customisation options such as speed variations, pitch management, and emphasis addition. If you are still on the fence about using this, let us see why one should opt for a Voiceover PowerPoint.

Why consider a Voice Over PowerPoint presentation?

Many confuse a voiceover PowerPoint slide presentation with a screencast video creation. However, both are very different things. The main difference is the visual elements in the voiceover slides. All the images are static and often designed from a digital slide deck. This particular style of representation gained significance in the early days of e-learning. Around twenty years ago, online slide presentations were designed directly from existing PowerPoint slide presentations.

There are mainly four types of multimedia presentations widely used. The voiceover PowerPoint presentation is often overlooked due to its complex creation process.

In doing so, we fail to consider the positive impact voiceover presentations have. Visuals tend to be more appealing than text, sound, or static images. Moreover, the high amount of production effort required is a misconception. Making such presentations is considered time-consuming; however, it is much simpler. Development in technology has brought video streaming platforms to our devices. Similarly, they have also simplified the conversion of the PowerPoint slides into an easy-to-use format.

If you wish to add a particular language voice to your presentation, you can do so with Murf. You can explore Murf’s Romanian Text To Speech voice and other voices such as British English, Spanish, German, etc. 

3 Benefits of Voice Over PowerPoint Presentations

Voiceovers have become an integral element of any multimedia content. We often find a variety of multimedia presentations with added voiceovers usually incorporated with the help of a powerful narration feature.

These slide decks with added sound are more compelling and convincing to the audience. They can effectively deliver the right messages to their targeted audience. An appropriate voice with the image or visual also helps connect better with the audience.

Apart from these, there are many more professional benefits of a Voiceover PowerPoint. Let us discuss 3 of them.

  • Quickly cut down the development time and effort:

Users can save up to 50% of their development time and effort using voice over powerpoints. The premium text-to-speech feature allows professionals to add various instructed narrations that can be done quickly, at any time and in any place. As a result, it eliminates the hassles and add-on costs of voice recordings.

  • Emotional connect and engagement:

Murf’s voiceovers offer a perfect mix of the right pitch, accurate speed variations, and other tonalities which deliver the content just as one wants. These will help engage the audience, deliver your messages correctly and express the emotions exactly how one wants. If one is looking for an active audience, these offerings are the way to go!

  • Quick updates with no additional costs:
    Professionals can easily update their presentations to keep them accurate from time to time. Otherwise, doing a voice over with a voice over artist would require multiple sessions, follow-ups and paychecks. 

Also, many delays can happen while processing all these updates, resulting in inaccurate facts and figures left on the presentation for long-standing time.

On the other hand, the powerful editing features in Voice over PowerPoint presentations allow an author to make multiple revisions. We can manipulate the text and edit the narration clip as per the slide to get faster updates.

While these benefits stand true, the choice of voice depends on the presentation’s mood, content, and context. We recommend you experiment with the software’s VoiceStudio to explore your options with this easy-to-use software.

It offers a faster way to incorporate any professional voice overs for your PowerPoint deck or Google Slides. You will not need any recording equipment; just a laptop and your script are enough. Moreover, no post-processing software is required either.

Quick wrap-up

We can conclude that selecting the appropriate type of multimedia for your business content is essential. A voiceover PowerPoint slide presentation uniquely presents your content using visuals and voice. Hence, if you need to deliver a lecture or a message with no visuals, audio-only content would be enough to produce. Whereas, if you are doing a product demonstration, the screencasting approach serves better.

However, when you need an active engagement/response from your audience, always consider a video format in your presentations which can easily be curated using a voiceover PowerPoint. 

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