Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Comparison [BEST Guide 2021]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Comparison [BEST Guide 2020]

Are you considering between Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

In several ways, yes. Galaxy Note 9 Samsung includes a larger battery, some innovative camera features, and more storage. Additionally, it will come with a more innovative S Pen, which may be utilized as a remote (which, should you purchase the blue variant of this Galaxy Note 9, comes in bright yellow).

The Galaxy Note 9 can also be larger, thicker, and costs at least 70 over last year’s version, placing it on par with all the iPhone X among the priciest smartphones you can purchase.

However, the Galaxy Note 9 also has a very similar general layout to the Galaxy Note 8the identical camera from a hardware perspective. Last year’s version and indistinguishable features like wireless charging and a virtually edge-to-edge screen.

So if you are considering upgrading from the Galaxy Note 8 or attempting to pick between both mobiles – after all, the Galaxy Note 8 remains a superb phone and today has a diminished price tag – here are all of the ways the Galaxy Note 9 differs in the Galaxy Note 8.

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8

Specs And Features

Within the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will discover lots of updates over the outgoing model. The Exynos 8895 was substituted using 9810, providing quicker overall functionality, better graphics, and improved connectivity. This Exynos variant will not find a launch in America, however. Instead, the US edition of this Note 9 will package a Snapdragon 845. Again, this can be an update over the Snapdragon 835 utilized at the Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Specs and features

A massive drive for Note 9 is gambling. Here is the very first Android phone where you will have the ability to play with Fortnite, so anticipate a fluid experience. Fortnite will come to other mobiles in the Galaxy household following a month, along with other Androids linking the celebration afterward.

RAM stays at 6GB (plump to the 512GB version, and you are going to receive 8GB RAM) – the perfect amount, in our view – and storage choices go all of the ways up to 512GB. There is a MicroSD slot machine, also, so with the ideal card, you’ve got over a terabyte of storage together with the Note 9.

Though the Note 9 includes a bigger screen than Note 8, this AMOLED panel’s resolution stays at 1440 x 2960. Both phones also encourage HDR; anticipate support to it by Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video.

The update that could produce the Note 9 a far better phone is your 4000mAh battery. Note 8 fought about endurance, and through our initial review of this telephone, it fought to get beyond a day of use. For a huge apparatus like this, that isn’t good enough. Adding a larger cell within Note 9 should cancel such problems and, fingers-crossed, there will not be any judgment 7 meltdowns now around.

Concerning the camera, Samsung has taken all of the great pieces from the excellent Galaxy S9 Plus and put them to Note 9.

You’ve got precisely the identical dual-aperture lens, which will change between f/1.5 along with f/2.4 based upon the lighting. Additionally contained is dual-pixel focusing technology plus a secondary detector for 2x zoom. The largest gap between Note 8 and Note 9 is that smart shifting aperture, as the incoming Note itself needed a secondary sensor for improved learning.

There are two or three camera features that stay the same. The leading detector remains an 8-megapixel f/1.7 unit, 4K video service up to 60fps stays, and OIS is current on both cameras.

The Note 8 ticked pretty much every connectivity box. Therefore there was small for Samsung to add besides the quicker LTE speed afforded by the improved silicone interior. Both telephones contain NFC, Bluetooth 5, GPS, and maybe hooked up to your monitor via Dex.

Layout And Screen

At first glance, there is not much to separate the brand new Note 9 from its predecessor. Both phones have the same Infinity Screen, although the Note 9’s display is a little bigger at 6.4 inches when compared with the 6.3-inch panel on the Note 8. The screen is certainly more vibrant on Note 9, together with the newest phone able to reproduce 224 percentage of the sRGB color gamut compared to this Note 8 204 percent.

Despite the additional screen real estate, the 2 Notes are approximately the same size, although, at 6.4 x x 0.34 inches, the Note 9 is only a bit wider than a year’s 6.4 x 2.9 x 0.34-inch version. The new phone is 0.2 ounces heavier than Note 8, even though it’s unlikely you will note a great deal of disparity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Layout And Screen

Where you will find a difference is if you hold the 2 mobiles. Note 9 feels much more horizontal in comparison to the curved body of this Note 8. Some users will get the phone much more comfortable to hold for this reason.

Regardless of the fractionally bigger display size on the Note 9, the resolution is unchanged from last year’s version at 2960 x 1440. If you enjoy the Super AMOLED panel on previous opinion telephones, you are very likely to enjoy the Note 9’s display still.

Samsung is becoming less conservative with colors this time around. The Note 8 sent in Midnight Black and Orchid Gray here from the U.S. Note 9, by comparison, will be accessible in Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue, two eye-catching colors that actually pop, mainly when seen together with their predecessors.

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Samsung also lifts the Galaxy S9’s fostered internals for its Galaxy Note 9, giving it a purposeful upgrade over the Note 8 in both its US and Global variations:

  • Galaxy Note 9 (US) – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core chipset (4x 2.7 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4×1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver CPUs), Adreno 630 GPU
  • Galaxy Note 9 (Europe and Asia) – Exynos 9810 (4x 2.8 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A55 CPUs), Mali-G72 MP18 GPU

Note 8 used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 that is 20% slower and 30 percent less energy efficient than the new 845. Samsung has also fostered RAM in the Note 8 6GB to 8GB, but only if you purchase the (hugely expensive) top-of-range alternative (more below).

Lately, Samsung has included a’Water Carbon Cooling program’ into the Galaxy Note 9 to prevent it from throttling under stress, like when playing matches. Considering that the Galaxy Note 9 will start with a (very) brief Fortnite exclusive, that is likely to be put into the test.

Concerning connectivity, the Galaxy Note 9 has LTE Cat.18 compared to Cat.16 on Note 8, which means it’s capable of 1.2 gigabits (1,200Mbit) 4G rates. However, this is not of fantastic significance, given its not attainable in real-world situations. Bluetooth 5.0 (2x rate and 4x assortment of Bluetooth 4.2) can also be present in both telephones.

1 nice apart: the Galaxy Note 9 can link to a screen to make a desktop-style PC. The phone’s display functions as a touchpad and digital keyboard, meaning there is no demand for your organization’s different Dex attachment. I have long contended that if you can spend a superior Galaxy smartphone, you can afford a dedicated computer to your Chrome OS-style surroundings Samsung provides. However, it is still very likely to be useful in certain situations.


Samsung has made from the Galaxy S9 for its camera to Note 9, so it ought to be an update on the Note 8 snapper.

The Samsung Galaxy Notes 9 includes a dual-lens rear camera, using a single lens being a variable-aperture wide-angle one that can change between f/1.5 along with f/2.4. In contrast, another lens is a telephoto, one having a fixed f/2.4 aperture. Both lenses additionally match optical image stabilization (OIS).

Their features include 2x optical zoom, smart scene recognition (using the camera able to maximize its own preferences based on what is in the viewfinder), along with a flaw detection instrument that will alert you once you take a photograph that is, by way of instance, fuzzy or one where the topic blinked, allowing you to have a better shot until you overlook the moment.

The Galaxy Note 8 also includes a dual-lens camera, but there is no changeable aperture. Rather it’s a 12MP lens using an f/1.7 aperture along with a different 12MP lens having an f/2.4 one. Both lenses do sport OIS, although while the f/2.4 lens is capable of 2x optical zoom.

Note 8 lacks Note 9’s smart camera features listed previously, but it is still capable of good shots. Additionally, it features an 8MP f/1.7 front camera, exactly like the Samsung Galaxy Notice 9.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 SpeedTest and Camera Comparison

Battery life

Ever since the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung was playing it safe when it comes to battery dimensions. Note 8, by way of instance, includes a 3,300mAh battery, setting it far from market leaders such as the Huawei P20 Pro. Samsung finally chose to take a step ahead together with all the Note 9 by arming it with a massive 4,000mAh battery. Paired with a more power-efficient chipset, the handset must provide a far greater battery life than its predecessor.


Right, let’s get this out of how fast – neither of those phones is economical. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 retailed for £869/$899 as it was initially released, even though now you can pick up one for under 600 on Amazon.

Note 9 is more expensive compared to Note 8, beginning at £899. If you would like 512GB storage, subsequently be ready to cover £1099.


The Galaxy Note 9 provides a 0.1-inch bigger screen, features an updated camera using dual-aperture and scene recognition, and has more storage and RAM-based upon the version. Additionally, it sports a more recent chipset, has a far bigger battery life, and a marginally improved S Pen, one of some other things.

It is a monster of a telephone, but I would not advise purchasing it if you already have the Note 8. The list of updates is not exciting enough to warrant spending a 1,000 on the apparatus, in my view. But if you happen to get an older Note apparatus or another smartphone that is not up to your criteria, the Galaxy Note 9 is a fantastic alternative.

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