The Difference Between Nintendo 3DS XL VS New 3DS XL [New 2020]

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The New Nintendo 3DS strikes UK shores today and is offered in 2 sizes – the regular model and also the New Nintendo 3DS XL version. As most present 3DS owners possess the first XL, it is a fair question to ask if it is worth updating to the glossy new offering, or are you better off using all the console you already have?

We are here to assist you in answering this thorny question by directing you through every facet of the two approaches. Ultimately, you will be better equipped to make this crucial decision.

The New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL were released in the United Kingdom on February 13th.


Nintendo 3DS XL Overview

The 3DS XL is an improvement over the first version in virtually every conceivable manner. The screen is more extensive and better than its predecessor, and even battery life is still an improvement. And pricing frankly is not all that different between the two models.

The more significant form factor makes this console marginally less mobile than the initial version, but it is not too important of a gap at the end of the day. In other words, the 3DS XL is what a console revision ought to be.

Pros Larger screen with less warmth Improved battery life Better 3D compared to the original version Cons Lacks some of the features of this New 3DS lineup of consoles, such as the C-Stick and SNES Virtual Console

If it comes to drawbacks, the one thing bad we could say concerning the XL is that it does not feature a number of the terrific add-ons which arrive together with the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. By way of instance, those latter versions feature another analog stick – that the “C-Stick” – to get extra control choices. This is exceedingly helpful for camera control, and it gets rid of the requirement for your garish Circle Pad Pro attachment.


  • Larger screen with less warmth
  • Improved battery life
  • Better 3D compared to the original version


  • Lacks some of the features of this New 3DS lineup of consoles, such as the C-Stick and SNES Virtual Console

New Nintendo 3DS XL Overview

The Nintendo 3DS has just been available on the market for four decades, but it has a successor of sorts from the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL includes two significant additions to the management scheme compared to previous versions. To begin with, besides the “L” and”R” shoulder pads are somewhat fresh “ZL” and “ZR” buttons. These look like they may be poorly positioned at first glance, but they are feeling good in practice. We found it natural to slide our hands from 1 pair of shoulder buttons into another in the middle of gameplay with no problems.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Overview

A much larger addition is that the “c-stick” – a little nub over the buttons on the ideal side of this hardware, functions as a second analog stick. This tiny bit of rubber does not seem or feel like a traditional analog stick. But even in games that need powerful control over the camera, such as Dragon Hunter 4 Ultimate and Code Title: STEAM, the c-stick worked flawlessly.

Past the extra controller choices, the New Nintendo 3DS XL also includes wise decisions in how it’s changed around buttons from old versions. The volume control slider is currently on the top display, reverse the 3D slider. We often found ourselves accidentally adjusting the quantity on elderly 3DS models only in how our hands gripped the 3DS; that is no longer a problem.

The start and choose buttons are smaller and tucked at the bottom of this machine instead of larger buttons under the bottom display. That area is currently earmarked for the “house” button, making sure that you will not jump out to the 3DS menu once you just intended to pause.


  • The 3D displays are improved by fresh face-tracking, and also the bigger size provides a less cramped screening experience.
  • Internal alterations and upgrades include a behind-the-scenes increase.


  • The bad battery life has not improved. Having to take out the rear of the console to switch the SD card is a bad design choice, and also the heritage information transfer process is infuriating.
  • There’s no AC charger in the box – you need to purchase one separately.

Nintendo 3DS XL VS New 3DS XL: What is the Difference?

This last holiday season, one console which offered ridiculously well was that the New 3DS XL system. Most retailers promote the increase in numbers to discharge of Pokemon Sun and Moon. There are numerous reasons why the New 3DS XL surpassed the typical 3DS XL up to earnings. According to Nintendo, the recently added “C” rod makes a massive impact on the immersiveness of all the gameplay.

The principal attribute the “C” stick influences are your camera positioning in sport. There are just a couple of games at the moment that use this feature; however, for example, Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D. The machine also includes new “ZL” and “ZR” buttons offering different in sports selections for compatible names. Secondly, a single additional favorite of lovers is that the built-in Amiibo support. Gamers can now simply tap on an Amiibo on display to use it instead of purchasing a different “portal” to your Amiibo.

Some Amiibos may be utilized in various games than you would believe! By way of instance, players may use Splatoon Amiibos in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to deliver the colorfully mischievous squids’ product for their city’s campground. Third, the technical specs have changed.

The New 3DS XL’s CPU performs more than thirty minutes faster than the typical 3DS XL. Last, another attribute that hasn’t yet been attracted to light is the simple fact that a few 3DS games might require the participant to have a New 3DS XL platform rather than its predecessor in the long run. All in all, the features which are supplied in the New 3DS XL ensure it is worth the excess cash.

New Nintendo 3DS XL vs. 3DS XL – Price

New Nintendo 3DS XL – #168 / $199

First Nintendo 3DS XL – #160

The New Nintendo 3DS XL could boast a massive collection of improvements within the regular XL, but in the time of writing, it is being marketed for the specific same cost as the first XL version.

Though the XL has held its value better than the first 2011 machine, it is still possible to pick this up at a discount – and also, together with the New Nintendo 3DS hitting the shelves, you can anticipate the old version to fall in price in this season.

Whether you consider a fall in specifications to be well worth a small economy is your decision, but if you are buying a budget, then you might discover that the elderly XL comes upside down in cost in 2015.

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