Kodi vs Plex – Which One Should You Use? [2020 Update]

Kodi vs Plex - Which One Should You Use

Kodi vs Plex discuss a comparable lineage but also have diverged into different home media server choices.

Preparing a digital media center in your house is an excellent way to maintain your favorite movies, music, and available. If you are considering setting up one, there are two chief choices you need to be thinking of Plex or even Kodi.

The two Kodi and Plex have been spinoffs from XBMC, an open-source media player initially designed for the Xbox (thus the XB). Kodi is the new name given to the newest variant of XBMC, while Plex was spun away from XBMC’s source code back in 2008. Since that time, both services have grown into fully competent media servers using their particular strengths and flaws.

So let Colorfy take a look at both, and you’re the judge who would work better for you and your requirements.

What is Kodi, and what’s Plex?

Kodi is a standalone program of this multimedia center, and libraries are handled from the target device. It’s possible to synchronize the library at the local network utilizing the MySQL server. Kodi is an open-source program, and its interface is exceptionally configurable. There are several skins available to modify the appearance, depending on your preferences. Countless plugins are made to expand the functionality of this program. Some plugins permit access to pictures from prohibited sources, thus the unwillingness of several gear manufacturers to this program.

Plex is a server-client system. The machine’s center is your Plex networking server program located on the host and sharing the library in the local community and out it. Accessibility to libraries is possible through the net from anywhere on earth. The library on the host is handled with a browser. Playback and access of substances are potential on target apparatus utilizing the program and via the browser.

The Differences between Kodi vs Plex

Security and safety

Whether you are streaming content via Kodi add-ons or downloading a Plex media library, it is crucial to protect yourself. Even though many and Plex users change to a VPN link to conceal their identity, we’d advise using a VPN to keep your connection secure and confidential.

Hackers attempt to intercept your information, thus stealing your information and data in the traffic involving your Kodi apparatus and various remote servers. Performance can fall if you select the wrong VPN provider, and we’d, therefore, urge you to utilize the top ones.

Platform accessibility.

Accessibility is equally as important as the features and user expertise available if it comes to media players. What is the purpose of a network player if you can not get it on the majority of the devices on your property?

The fantastic thing is that Plex can be found on virtually every platform imaginable, from Android and iOS to niche operating systems such as Apple’s tvOS and Roku OS, and it is available as a Kodi add-on – meta, I understand.

So, what about Kodi? It is safe to say the open-source player can not compete with Plex from the system section, offering a shorter set than the contest. You will need to adhere to a complicated workaround in some specific situations to have the program in your preferred platform. Kodi is readily available for iOS, by way of instance, but necessitates xCode and also a Mac to do so.

Shared documents in Plex on Kodi

Each program manages your library of downloaded movies and audio distinctively. In Kodi, your library is not shared with other devices. In Plexyour library is instantly available to each device attached to the server. The comparison in library management is among the most significant and most significant differences between Plex and Kodi.

In training, Kodi is generally better suited to media center PCs or Raspberry Pis that link to a TV via the HDMI port. Kodi deployments are simplest to install whenever they stand alone.

Plex is considerably different, along with your library of music and videos shared with default to some streaming or cellular device logged into your accounts. This makes it a much better option if you wish to take your press on the move, or possess more than one display in your house that you would love to flow on.

That does not mean Kodi will not work with shared libraries, however, or Plex is just great for scenarios where you have multiple devices.

Shared files in Plex vs Kodi

Kodi has a couple of unique techniques to talk about your library, built into the program’s center. Many folks choose between SMB sharing or UPnP, but Kodi additionally supports MySQL libraries. It is important to remember these all take some extra settings to get up and running, but any or all of these may be made to operate.

Likewise, it is entirely feasible to set up a Plex server in your Android apparatus, Raspberry Pi, or media center PC and plug it straight into your TV using HDMI.

However, generally, Kodi should be considered standalone streaming applications, while Plex is a legitimate streaming media server supporting remote customers.

Library direction in Plex on Kodi

Plex and Kodi utilize metadata to show your movies and audio in the most excellent way possible. They automatically appear episodes, records, and movies to provide cover art, summaries, and evaluations. As opposed to viewing a bare list of documents you can flow, the two programs provide an interface that is much nearer to Netflix.

Plex advantages out Kodi in training. They cover to permit access to the most comprehensive networking database on the internet. With Plex, you will always see the official art and complete information down to a list of celebrities that worked on the project. Kodi employs an entirely free choice, which may be hit or miss, though it steadily improves.

Library management in Plex vs Kodi

Kodi also can not keep up with the manner that Plex manages big libraries. Within my Plex server, I’ve got a library with thousands of tunes, across tens of thousands of files. It scrolls quickly and shows album covers in real-time. Kodi is considerably choppier and sometimes freezes up for a few minutes as you scroll through the entrances.

Concerning library management at Plex in Kodi, I think Plex comes off as the winner.

But Kodi’s potency is customization. In case you’ve got the patience and capacity to make a SQL database holding all your networking, Kodi can do as well as Plex. Nevertheless, it’s much more difficult to access the identical functionality level as Plex provides by default.

Compatibility across apparatus

Plex has a substantial advantage. It is compatible with each streaming device. It’s simple to install and is accessible across all program shops.

Kodi faces particular issues due to its image as a piracy enabler. For example, it isn’t recorded on the Amazon fire shop and takes a manual setup.

Kodi is excellent if it is installed on some apparatus that immediately connect to a TV. Its official hardware assistance out of Android TV device maker Minix and also a custom made Raspberry Pi picture named LibreELEC, making it fast and straightforward to get running in your Pi.

Plex vs Kodi Video Quality

Plex and Kodi may play music or videos via your apparatus, and both encourage a broad assortment of formats with output in HD and 4k and change in transcoding. This is the way they convert file formats on the fly.

Some streaming devices have pick chipsets that work quickly with particular file formats. This permits you to play a movie or play audio in your high-end speaker program.

Plex’s transcoding choices are far better than Kodi’s. It supports acceleration around the AC hardware host. If your processor is slow, then Plex may transcode any noticeable buffering in your apparatus.

Kodi’s transcoder is an open-source program, compatible with most formats. But, it doesn’t have any configuration choices. This means that occasionally your articles may not play in any way. Should this happen, you want to convert your documents to various formats using software such as Handbrake.

Kodi or even Plex are equally applications acceptable for most users to perform the job. But, on-the-fly transcoding ensures your videos to play onto a much more comprehensive selection of streaming devices. Though Plex isn’t perfect, the movie quality is far better.


Both programs permit the setup of add-ons/plugins to expand the performance of their programs. In this regard, nevertheless, Kodi principles, in which the variety of plugins will be counted in thousands or hundreds. Different plugins can be found, e.g., for downloading subtitles. But plugins such as VOD services will be the most popular, but many are websites with illegal content. There’s a Plex client plugin. Besides plugins, it is possible to install many skins that change the appearance.

Plex provides plugins as stations. Additionally, there are unofficial add-ons to get Plex installed utilizing the WebTools plugin.

Plex also provides access to its VOD platform. Based upon the nation with different content. Back in Poland, the library’s material isn’t dazzling, mainly some previous films and shows.

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Which is better?

At face value, Plex provides a more straightforward UI and better features, such as the newly added Alexa Skills and centralized storage to your documents, which are subsequently available across all of your devices. On the flip side, Kodi is open source and customizable through skins and add-ons. Suppose you have got an NVIDIA Shield TV or another new Android TV box or a tablet you want to devote to seeing media. In that case, Kodi Is a Superb choice – so Long as you are okay with tinkering inside the program and spending time studying how to maximize your own Kodi experience.

In the end, the choice of which is most significant will return to your requirements. Suppose you seek to establish your entire websites only on a single computer or device. In that case, Kodi is much more than competent and fully customizable, using the choice of finding some trendy add-ons. Tech-savvy people might enjoy how Kodi is open source and Kodi; you do not necessarily require a dedicated computer to run a host.

On the flip side, the advantages of Plex being commercial applications is that there is a dedicated service for all your installation requirements. Plex is a well-tuned product that’s made even better using Plex Cloud – you will no longer have to dedicate a computer to function as Plex Media Server if you choose to combine the Plex Pass subscription. However, even if you opt to select this free version of Plex, you will still have an excellent experience streaming your articles to each of your other devices.

In general, we give Plex a nod because of its flexibility, superior features, and more polished experience.

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