Incorporating Green Ideas Into Your Home Design


A common theme to most things that we do in the world today is climate change and how our activities affect this. Thus, it is crucial that whatever we do conforms to this. This includes designing and building green homes that are energy-saving.

A green home is one that is designed in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. These kinds of buildings focus on how to use resources such as water, building materials and energy efficiently. They use materials that are sourced in a sustainable way or that are recycled. They also make maximum use of renewable natural resources like the sun to improve efficiency.

Building a green structure starts with its design. Every aspect of the plan – the floor, roof, electrical etc. – is targeted at achieving this goal. A look at Truoba modern home floor plans will show just how important it is to have these details sorted out. If you are looking to build one, you can work with architects to help you design an environmentally friendly house.

What is A House Plan?

A house plan or blueprint is the design of a building or home. It is a fundamental requirement before a building can be constructed. It is a set of construction drawings that help to specify the way the structure must be constructed. 

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It shows the positioning of each feature such as rooms, windows, doors, etc. as it relates to the building. It also shows the different dimensions of the features, layouts and the techniques that will be needed to build the structure.

To begin your home construction, you can buy ready-made ones online. These plans come in different unique, modern and functional designs and you can personalize them to your tastes and lifestyle needs.

You may want to alter them to suit your needs by adding features you want or removing those you do not want. The designs can also be reversed, expanded, or narrowed and other floors added. It is all about what you want.

In case you cannot find a suitable design or one that you like, you can simply reach out to architects. Architects and modern house designers are people who design blueprints for homes. They will work with you and help you design your home’s blueprint using the specifications and details that you provide. With this, your dream home can become a reality.

Green Ideas for Your Home Design

A green structure may include several things or may be designed in some specific ways. It is all in a bid to increase its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. No matter which features it comes with, an energy-efficient home starts with a great design. Below are some of the ways you can design your property to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Go For A Reasonable Size House

A small 2 bedroom house plan is typically more efficient than a large one. It means less natural and other resources used. These include less land excavation, less energy and fewer materials to use for its construction. It also means less space to clean as well as maintain and fewer taxes to pay.

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Building a small structure is also cheaper. This does not mean you should not be expressive or live in a cramped space because you are going green. Rather, it means that you do not have to build what is excessive that you do not need. 

Limit it as much as possible to fit your immediate and future needs. You can employ creative methods to make your space expansive without increasing its size. All in all, be thoughtful about the way you build your house and make it cost-effective and manageable.

Building Orientation and Insulation

An efficient home uses less energy to power appliances as well as regulate the temperature. One of the biggest use of energy in the home is for heating. Therefore, to go green, this must be taken care of.

This can be handled by properly positioning your windows. A building that has more of its windows looking towards the south will have its heating requirements reduced. At the same time, these windows must be designed properly to prevent over-heating.

Green Design With Your Land In Mind

When designing your home, you should do so with your surrounding landscape in mind. Take advantage of the various features available on it and design your building around them. These can include trees, slopes, water bodies like streams, rocks and more. 

Your architect will work with you in designing a structure that can help with this. Asides from helping the environment, you will also be saving money.


Building a green home is becoming the norm. Not just because it is a trend but it is a more responsible way to build. You can buy pre-drawn energy-efficient house plans. Alternatively, you can choose to work with an architect or designer to design yours.   

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