How to Persuade Skeptics to Implement RPA?

How to Persuade Skeptics to implement RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has captured the imagination of most of the enterprises with the technology scaling new heights across all industries and domains in recent times. Even though many of them have embraced the application of RPA within their processes, there are still a few that are skeptical about implementing them. Therefore, to encourage them to incorporate the automation solution, it would be sensible to throw some light on the concept of RPA, its benefits and future scope, and some of the best robotic process automation software

What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a solution for automating manual business operations and allows organizations to stay competitive and flourish in the technological and business landscape. By combining RPA with artificial intelligence, organizations reinstate numerous rule-based, repetitive, and human operations. The application of RPA solutions like AI-powered AssistEdge RPA tool will lead to faster, more secure, and more reliable services. 

Benefits of Using RPA Services  

Faster Delivery of Task  

Robotic process automation tools can complete tasks faster than humans, thereby enhancing the process efficiency and nullifying the logjams. 

Documentation and Compliance 

Robotic process automation software services are the best bet for tracking, recording, and documenting data in a single cloud-based repository, making audit trails, and maintaining regulatory rules with precision. 

Accuracy and Dependability 

Robotic process automation tools minimize human errors and their costs, thereby creating reliable, efficient, and accurate outcomes. 

Enhanced Employee Confidence 

Employees are relieved of redundant tasks and find enough bandwidth to focus on the more value-added roles that require expertise and knowledge. 

There are many robotic process automation tools in the market, but here are some of the best ones:

Top RPA Tools 

EdgeVerve Systems 

EdgeVerve Systems’ AssistEdge RPA offers end-to-end automation with related intelligence and OCR resources. It predicts alerts about bot performance and service level agreement (SLA) failures that allow businesses to stay ahead of any issues. The business intelligence dashboards consist of data on both historical performance and forecasting with actionable insights. Additionally, it also incorporates enterprise-grade security and access features, together with GDPR compliance and assimilations with CyberArk’s Credential Vault. AssistEdge has over 120 operations, including the blend of RPA with email bots and chatbots. 


  • Scales easily across various functions
  • The technology is very vibrant and EdgeVerve provides regular upgrades
  • The account management team is very approachable and obliging 


UiPath provides a service by mechanical scanning and finding out the best options available for automating. Besides a submission hub for requests submission, the solution is also ingrained with low-code, no-code, and full-code that allows the users to implement the automation to their service. Additionally, it has a ‘Task Capture’ feature for businesses to document their processes automatically and ensure that all employees are using them in identical way. 


    • Wide-ranging tools for employees
    • Strong assistance and training tools
  • Customizable and Scalable policies 

Automation Anywhere 

Automation Anywhere provides a cloud-based RPA tool which automates the processes in legacy applications and software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is the Automation 360 platform (end-to-end automation) that highlights the processes with simplified workflows, fewer errors, and quicker response times which gives the highest ROI from the service. 


    • User interface is insightful and efficient
    • Allows to schedule and update the process
  • Customizable tool 

Blue Prism 

Blue Prism, a low-code automation platform, allows employees of all competence levels to add automation to their plans. It comprises a ‘drag-and-drop’ process automation builder that makes it easy to tailor tasks and add automation AI capabilities wherever required. 


    • Users can effortlessly design automation and utilize the processes of the platform
    • Scaling and work queue management are sound
  • Good compliance and security resources 


WorkFusion, a cloud-based RPA solution, analyzes a company’s processes to find the best ones for automation. The solution includes pre-built packages which swiftly power the most time-exhausting processes. The bots are pre-trained to lower the number of errors. They contain advanced analytics to deliver insights into how automation is affecting the most important key performance indicators (KPIs). 


    • ML (Machine Learning) bots produce value-added outputs as they are well-configured
  • Users can instantly and smoothly generate new processes 


The NICE RPA solution works on the back-end servers that take over the recurring organizational processes countless employees deal with daily. The bots work in unison with human employees on their desktop so that it is easier for the employee to intercede if the task does require human effort. Moreover, the platform incorporates some leading AI capabilities, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), chatbots, and machine learning to extend automation even further. 


  • Effortlessly encapsulates data and gives easy access to information about performed processes
  • Simple to observe, adopt, and schedule bots 


Kofax is a codeless RPA solution tailored to automatize labor-intensive tasks across numerous data sources and systems. The end-to-end automation includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows the bots to elucidate data and act accordingly to minimize the errors during data entry and document processing. By incorporating the RPA system with a business process management (BPM)/ case management platform, companies can enhance their existing technology investments and see higher ROIs. 


    • Codeless features allow employees to automate tasks without advanced expertise
    • Easy to use
  • Wide array of facilities supports the projects of any size and scope 

Future Scope of RPA Tools 

By blending automation tools with AI, industries can re-establish volumes of rule-based, repetitive human operations. With the automation industry expanding quickly, the application of RPA tools will lead to a faster, more secure, and more dependable business service. The intention is nothing but to maximize efficiency and keep the costs grounded and maintain extreme security levels. 


As there are numerous benefits of executing robotic automation process software in various business operations, it is high time for the companies to embrace the technology for flawless, secure, and faster solutions. This will not only minimize the cycle time and enhance productivity but also the companies will be able to capture the attention of their targeted customers besides reshaping the growth trajectory of their businesses.

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