How to join a Minecraft server and why to run your own Minecraft server?

How to join a Minecraft server

How to join Minecraft server has answers depending on how you prefer and play the three-dimensional video game. So, for knowing how to join the server, we would first need to know what Minecraft really is and how it works. 

Minecraft is a game that was evolved and flourished by a Swedish game studio in the year 2009. Mojang studio is the name of the developing atelier, which is based in Stockholm.

The basic definition of the game is that it’s a realm built of blocks. With no definite ends to fulfil the 3D sandbox game, it provides the players with the freedom to play. The pros can choose to operate it however they want. The 3 Dimensional arena gives them to build a world virtual of their own by removing and placing those blocks. 

So, the game has no set purpose to get on to. Thus, it is all about the player’s creativity and the extent of the imagination. How they want their virtual world of the 3-dimensional block should be. 

Giving the hope of doing whatever one wants to the game seems pretty easy. You just have to put the blocks and use your imagination. The virtual 3D world of the blocks comes with no limit to degrade your own boundaries of creativity. The 3D virtual game of pieces, Minecraft, equips you with infinite feasibilities. 

Now that we are illuminated by what the game is and its arena, let us know how one can play the game. 

Choose your Play style: Creative mode and Survival mode.

How to join a Minecraft server

In the game of 3D virtual slabs, there are two primary modes to play the game. One is the creative mode, while the other is the survival mode. 

Creative mode

When you choose to play in the creative mode, you are provided with every building block you might need. Moreover, you don’t even have to fret concerning the sneaking mobs, who are in search of disrupting your creativity. 

Taking the virtual world full of unlimited building blocks or as an endless sandbox. By taking one measure at a time with the blocks, you can build whatever you want and however. You can compose anything your mind yearns, from palaces of your fantasies to complicated architectural homes. 

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Survival mode

Now, it is totally different when you choose survival mode. So, when you select this mode, your primary goal is to survive. Yes, you got that correct. It is like the name it suggests. 

When as a player, you enter this world, you are with nothing. You have to collect the resources to find food, build shelter, and craft tools to help construct a world. Of course, the world you will build or make from the resources would be how you want it to be. 

In survival mode, there are monsters, usually called mobs, who are always in the way of destroying what you have built. Also, chances are they will exhibit malice against you and even try to abolish you. It is all on you how you survive and keep yourself alive. 

The need to run your own Minecraft server

How to join a Minecraft server
Source: SeekaHost

While you are playing Minecraft out of the crate, the length of your game becomes bound. And hence you get restraint in the rules of the world you are playing in. 

Therefore, if you place your own server of Minecraft, you get to set the rules of your way of playing games. Additionally, you will be capable of inviting your friends to play with you. You get additional features as well. You can customize all the elements which were not there when the world of blocks was initially programmed. Also, you get to install all the mods that you want to.  

How to join a Minecraft server

How to join a Minecraft server
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When playing Minecraft, you get two ways of executing your game. One is you can play alone or as a single player. While the other is when you play with someone else, like your friends and other people. The second way is called the multiplayer, and in it, you can add from just one people to twenty-nine, including you. This means up to 30 people together can play the game in this mode. 

On how to join a Minecraft server, the player’s game version needs to be the same as the server version. That is how you will be able to join that server.  

How to join a Minecraft server- for Java 

You will be able to play on an online server by first locating the server. Afterwards, connecting to the IP address of the multiplayer server. 

To engage with two or more players, you would need to join the multiplayer server. Now there are two ways through which you can join the server. First, you can go to the site of the game and download it from there. And second, you can connect to one of your friend’s to join the server. 

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So, to connect to your friend’s server, you would need to log in to your Minecraft, and once you’re in it, you have to choose the option of multiplayer. Then, you need to select the Add Server option. Once you get there, all you have to do is enrol the server’s Web address or IP address. 

How to join a Minecraft server- for Windows 10/ Mobile Devices/ Xbox

There are three official servers on hand for Minecraft on mobile devices, Xbox and Windows 10. These are InPvP, Mineplex and Lifeboat. So, for how to join a Minecraft server for these, you can select any one of these. 

Moreover, adding a new server or external one by clicking on Add Server option is also possible. But after clicking on the choice, you would need to add a few necessary information. 

Note that for adding this information, you would need to get in touch with your server holder. 

Minecraft is a fellowship and not just a game.

We all know that the game provides an extent of freedom. Thus Minecraft’s group of players has grown as a fellowship. Minecraft’s society has to turn into one of its significant assets when it comes to amusing and refining its users. And none of it differs if you are a new or an old user.

It wholly began while the developers of the game launched the 3D virtual world of blocks. The game came with no manual on how to play or even what exactly is need to be done. So, the users and players had to use the hit and trial way to stature it all on their own. And hence, the internet came as a common floor for each one of them in figuring out the game. They all came along and shared their stories of adventure and success and sorted it all.

The owners and developers of the game say that all they did was created a virtual 3D game. But it was its players and users who created a phenomenon.

Conclusion on how to join a Minecraft server

How to join a Minecraft server has open ended answers. Relying on the gadget you are handling, it varies. From Minecraft for Java to Minecraft for Xbox, Windows 10, and smartphone devices.

Minecraft is not only a game with an endless virtual world of blocks, but it has, over time, developed as a society. It is a fellowship that educates as well as entertain its users. 

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