How to Choose a Reliable Android Game Development Partner?

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The mobile game market is constantly growing, rapidly adopting cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Android games become more and more advanced and challenging for players, which in turn starts to create higher demands for developers to gain a competitive edge and retain an audience.

To avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your development is going to be successful, you can cooperate with an Android game development company. However, to reveal the value such collaboration can bring, you need to find a truly reliable partner who will be able to deliver services according to your expectations and requirements. 

So, how can you understand if a certain vendor is the one you are looking for? Here are a few tips you can use to distinguish a responsible service provider from an untrustworthy one, as well as comprehend if you will be a good match.

Specify Tech Stack

First, you need to filter providers by their tech stack. If you are only starting your project and don’t have any requirements in technologies you need to use, your selection is wide: you just need to find an Android development company. On the other hand, if you have already built something, you need to look for a vendor who works with the same programming languages, platforms, and tools as the ones you used. 

Look for Relevant Experience

The relevant domain expertise and experience are no less important than the technology stack. There are a lot of types of Android apps, and each of them has its own specifics and pitfalls. A team of experts, who have delivered the same apps as yours, already know the details and will be able to guide you not only through tech aspects but domain subtleties.

Research Feedback

Testimonials and reviews give you a great image of what to expect from a company. And while testimonials vendors publish on their websites or on social media are probably hand-picked to give a better impression of the brand, there are also different directories and platforms where clients can leave reviews independently and share honest opinions about their experience.

Talk to Managers

Often, clients do not choose companies – they rather choose managers. A bad manager can make your cooperation cumbersome and difficult, taking more resources from your team than delivering actual value. 

Before signing any contracts, you need to get acquainted with managers you will stay in touch with through cooperation. Then there is a need to ensure that you speak the same language, understand each other’s approaches to work and communication, as well as are able to collaborate efficiently.

Ask About Processes

Different companies approach app development processes in different manners. There are various project managers’ methodologies tailored to software development, and a lot of studios have their own established processes they have tested through years of work. 

Therefore, there is a low chance that two different app development companies will have the same processes. Therefore, it only makes sense to ask your potential partner to describe their system beforehand, so you can assess if it matches your expectations and needs. 

Compare Costs and Value

Pricing becomes a decision-making factor for a lot of businesses to lean towards one partner or another. However, when you make costs the main reason why you choose a certain vendor, you risk generating more problems along the way, e.g., losing in quality of the development or encountering sudden additional expenses later. 

So, when you are thinking about the matter of price, you should contemplate it not as a separate factor but rather compare it with the value you will get for a certain price. A top vendor will have a higher rate than a middle-market one, but it will be able, for example, to build your desired app more rapidly and efficiently.

In Conclusion

Truth be told, finding the right partner is a challenging task, and it might take weeks before you will meet your dream team. But thanks to the internet, you have access to a wide selection of companies providing app development services. Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush, and other B2B marketplaces and directories help you get a full view of dozens of available providers and choose the one that will suit you the most.


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