How Do You Write A Convincing Ivy League College Essay

Are you nourishing a dream of being a part of the Ivy League university?

Do you believe that you have it in you to become a core part of Harvard, Yale, Cmoorecains 24h-bottle benettonoutlet lamilanesaborse lingerie super sexy loevenichhutkaufen air max goaterra 2.0 marellaoutlet uspoloassnscarpe guardianiscarpe harmonte-blaine diego-dalla-palma marellasaldi geoxoutlet von-dutch olumbia, Dartmouth, and Princeton University?

Well…the opportunity of getting admitted to these prestigious education institutions is getting narrowed down with every passing year. This is the crudest reality; let us tell you this. 

Let us give a fact here, the passing rate at Harvard university was 4.59%, and this is the lowest in several decades. The situations of Yale and Princeton are no different. So you will have to give your best shot and go beyond the confines of your ability. 

Are you preparing for essay writing for the admission test?

You can download some high-quality essays free from the Pirate Bay. Let us see what you have here. We discuss some ways you need to follow to write a convincing Ivy league college essay. 

Writing A High-Quality Ivy League College Essay

You definitely have to do something different while writing a highly convincing Ivy league college essay. So let’s try to understand them here.

1. Make It Personal

Your essay demands a completely personal undertone, especially when you are writing an international relations essay.

Suppose you write about the strategic-diplomatic ties between the members of QUAD; you simply cannot write on the surface of the elevated levels. 

You need to dig deep to touch upon the places where the strategic ties between the Quad nations affect your personal life. This personal touch creates an interesting essay. 

2. Put Your Own Perspective

A high-quality essay is crafted with a lot of care and attachment. You can not but simply hover around the sky and deal with the theoretical aspects. Everybody prepares the subject to the core.

But how would you score?

The best approach to writing your essay is opening your open perspective to the topic. 

For example, if you write about Black lives matter, instead of writing about the anger, you must look back on the anger. Then, you can write how the event creates an element of mistrust and why it is detrimental to the democratic framework of the country. 

3. Research And Make It Analytical

The examiner will definitely search for your research on this topic. Therefore make sure that you try to provide some statistical data to make it analytical. 

Whenever you try to establish some point, you can not end up putting your ideas there. You need to show that you have put good substance into your work. 

 If you don’t put ample data, your essay might slip from the pedestal of logical alignment. So instead, work on the intricate details. Try to be watchful with your use of words. 

4. Try Not To Be Funny 

Remember, you are writing according to the Ivy league and that you can not simply get away with a lighter mood. 

 At every point, you need to show your seriousness towards the topic. Keep your narrative tough and steady throughout. Letting yourself loose at any point will end up with missing points. 

 Therefore, make sure that you are putting things into perspective and carry out with your logical alignment. Finally, bind the chords with the threads of personal touch. Simply being funny and loose will keep things out of track. 

5. Make Yourself The Hero Of The Story 

Make yourself the hero of the story. Yes, this is one of the most important requirements when you are attempting an Ivy standard. 

Putting yourself central to the narrative might put things in better shape. While you are writing the essay, always try to put in your personal viewpoint. Write what has the top to do with you. 

Are you directly or indirectly related to the topic? Are you a part of the topic? Let’s put things in this manner.

6. Proofread

Proofreading is the ultimate tool of refinement. You need to show your seriousness with your proofreading. The more you read, the better it will be for your work. 

With more checking, you can catch more mistakes. Mistakes include spelling, grammatical errors, and sentence construction formatting (fonts, alignment).  

Repeated checking of your essay will definitely bring more refinement and the desired quality to your work.  

Closing It 

Essay writing is not easy when you are writing accordion to the standard of an Ivy university. Therefore, your writing has to be of high quality, and you must ensure that you follow the requirements discussed above. 


This makes a high-quality essay for you. Best of luck with your attempt.

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