Hi-Lo Game Review

Hi-Lo Game

Introduction- Why is it better to choose Bitcoin Casino Tower Bet? Bitcoin casino provides the same features for the users as any other usual online casino. The only difference is that the Bitcoin casino provides an additional protection for the user’s identity. It does not request information about the bank account. The Tower Bet casino does not need access to personal banking information. It protects users from malicious attacks and provides an additional level of security. On the Tower Bet website, the player can play only a few games. So players can feel that winning big money is much easier than it seemed to be. Hi-Lo Game 

Tech info

One of the important aspects of Tower Bet is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. All of them are available for deposit and use. Currently, there are 14 different cryptocurrencies. Some of them are BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and USDT, as well as XRP, XLM, ETC, BTG, XMR and ZEC.

Removing funds and deposits occurs in the blink of an eye. It will pleasantly surprise you.

The support team is always ready and glad to provide you any help. They can solve all your gameplay issues. You can contact them directly on the site through the chat.

Game features- Hi-Lo Game 

Tower Bet is perfect for novice players. This casino has simple rules for the game and an intuitive interface. The High-Low card game is one of the simplest card games among others. The player can increase the game budget in seconds due to regular winnings and flexible rules. The main advantages of this game are high chances of winning, dynamic gameplay and various bonuses.

Tower Bet awards players with pleasant bonuses. For example, the player can open the chests and win the coins of Tower Gold. This is an in-game currency that can be exchanged for other benefits in the game. Players can also get online casino bonuses if:

  • they win;
  • pass the registration process;
  • fulfill the rules for wagering;
  • play bonus games.

In addition, any game with bets allows you to earn experience points. So they define your online casino rating. Experience glasses depend on your winnings, rank, game activity and rates.

The game High-Low on Tower Bet allows the player to customize the bets and the parameters of the game. By clicking on the gear icon, the player sees the table to install the rates. This online casino allows the player to choose the following options from a deck of cards:

  • card suit: black-red
  • card rank: from deuce to joker

Multipliers change with parameters for BTC and other cryptocurrency rates. They determine how many times the winnings will increase. Your game progress can also bring bonuses and winnings for the next game sessions.

 Game plot

One of the most exciting games is a card online game Hi-Lo. The plot is simple and suitable even for beginners. Here, players need to guess what the following card will be: below or higher than the card players see in front of them. The uniqueness of Tower Bet is that players can make rates even on jokers. The deck of cards is standard and consists of 52 cards that are taped before each distribution.

There are many game strategies. So everyone will be able to work out their style of the game, which will help to win and great winnings. After all, you can bet on the online casino and bitcoins.

On the playing table there are several betting options, for example:

  • Suit bet;
  • Rank bet;
  • Higher card bet;
  • Lower card bet;
  • Betting parameters: minimum-maximum, amount of cryptocurrency, double or half bets, etc.

There is a regularity in the game High-Low: the higher the map, the higher the multiplier. So, the player can calculate the winnings using simple mathematics. The system has the following multiplier coefficients:

  • Cards 2-9: 1.5x
  • Cards from Jack to Ace: 3.00x
  • King or Ace cards: 6.00x
  • Card suit: 2.00x for black or red suit

So, by betting on this or that card, the player increases his winnings.


Tower Bet is a provably honest casino working with cryptocurrencies.  “Provably fair” means that the site uses a cryptographic algorithm that cannot be manipulated. In fact, you will be in reliable hands when you play in the provably honest games. This casino has a license of Curaçao, and the gambling house is managed by Sabant B.V. 

Finally, in terms of convenience of use, this site works quite smoothly both on mobile devices and on a PC. They may not have thousands of casino games. But they have invested a lot, and it creates more noise in the cryptocurrency gambling community than expected.

Tower Bet has everything you can find in a crypto casino. Reliability, honest system and experience qualified command directly on your phone or computer.


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