GTA Vice City: Best Ways To Make Money Quickly


Vice City is one of the most played games in the GTA 5 video game franchise. If you have been playing this game for a while, you know that as in real life the money is crucial for you to become the top gangster. While the players are offered a decent amount of money for finishing the story missions, making more will still every gamer’s goal. More money equals more weapons and more properties.

Even though there are money cheats in most of the games to help the players earn cash immediately, sadly Vice City doesn’t have one. Here are some of the best ways to make more money in the game.


Cone Crazy is activated by entering a parked Stallion on top of a multistory car park that can be found in Ocean Beach. What you have to do is collect all five checkpoints without breaking any traffic cones. Sounds easy enough? The reward for this mission for the first time is $200. And every time you beat your time record, the prize money will be doubled. Since the reward exponentially increases, this is one of the quickest ways to earn extra cash. But keep in mind that there is a limit to how many times you are allowed to complete this task, which is 23 times. The amount of money that you can make if you finish the task successfully can be up to a total of more than one and a half billion dollars.


The goal of this mission is to drop off 100 passengers at their destinations. The good thing is you do not need to do this at one time. You will get money for every dropped off passengers, but it is more ideal and you will make more money if you can do combos of passengers. For 5 passengers, you will get a bonus of $500, for 10 you will get $1000, for 15 you will get $1500, and so on. You can even get more money by getting speed bonus. What you need to careful with is that sometimes the passengers will flee if you drive to dangerous areas or your cab is dirty.

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Robbing a store requires full completion, but it will give you a decent amount of money. First, you will need to have a gun. Your robbery can’t succeed without one. Then drive to a store that can be robbed. There are 15 potential stores to rob in Vice City. See the next section for a detailed list of available stores. When you are in the store, find the owner, he usually stands behind the checkout counter. Now if you have ever seen this in a movie, you will know that you just need to point the gun at him but do not shoot. Even it is a game but murder is still not good. The owner will raise his hands and a glowing stack of cash will appear on the counter. The longer the gun is pointing at him, the more money you will get. This method is a good way to earn money but you will be wanted. But you can get rid of your wanted level if you can bribe the police.


The purpose of this mission is to pass all levels in one go. The goal is to eliminate the criminals to get money. The levels will become more and more difficult once you start doing this mission. Not only you will get the prize money for each criminal you killed, but the criminals also leave money behind when they die, which means there is extra money for you to have. Once you crashed into the escape car long enough to make the criminals get out, you will get out of your car to fight with them. But remember to return to the vigilante vehicle before the time runs out, or else the mission will be considered fail and you won’t get the reward.


Even if you considered yourself as an out-law, you might want to help the cop since this is the way to get some extra cash. When you see a cop chasing someone, you can chase that guy too and punch him in the face. Because that is an act of a hero, not only in real life but also in this game, you will be reward with $50. It is not much but if you come across this situation while you are playing, then why don’t take this chance to collect some cash?

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This side mission is started once you enter a top fun van on top of a multistory parking lot, which is next to the North Point Mall in Vice City. The goal of this mission is to race with your RC Baron against three other ones and of course, being the winner of the race. The reward is $100. Wanting quick and easy money? This is the go-to mission.


This is the first thing you will think about while walking on Vice City’s street. You can either shoot or punch any random bystander to kill them and take the money from their pockets. Is this a good thing to do in real life? Definitely not. But you are in the GTA game, so basically this is what you should do if you want quick money and become a top gangster who brings fear to anyone who hears your name. You won’t know how much money a person can bring with them, so why don’t go out there and figure out by yourself.


There are many ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Above are some of the quickest way to do it. Apply these to be rich in the game. After all, you are playing a video game so no one will question why you have so much money. Keep on playing, earning money, and remember that the most important part of your playing experience is to have some fun.

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