GoPro Hero 7 vs 8 Comparison: Should You Upgrade? [2020 Update]

GoPro Hero 7 vs 8

Are you considering between GoPro Hero 7 vs 8? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

We are pleased with all the newest GoPro Hero8 Dark. However, the past season’s Hero7 Black is no slouch and is still accessible fresh and lower. Here is what you want to understand more about the differences between both of these top action cameras before determining whether the top is well worth it to get GoPro’s newest and most significant.

With an MSRP of $400 for your Hero8 Dark and $330 for your Hero7 Dark (now available for $300 through Cyber Week), the cost difference is not enormous, and the elderly Hero7 should satisfy the requirements of several clients who wish to save a couple of dollars.

GoPro Hero 7 vs 8 Comparison

GoPro Hero 7 vs 8 Comparison


All of GoPros share the same overall layout. But in comparison to older versions, the GoPro Hero 8 Black includes a slightly revamped design since mounts are integrated into the camera system. As a result, you don’t have to acquire a mounting frame or case to attach it on a tripod or handheld attachment.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is a whole lot smaller when compared with Hero 7 Black. It’s also more compact when compared with its predecessor because the lens lumps far less in the body. Though it’s somewhat more massive, the built-in mounts imply less total weight when in use.

GoPro Hero 7 vs 8 Design

Sensor and processor

Diminutive cameras imply small detectors – a bog-standard 1/2.3-inch sized processor for every – so we do not anticipate results from accommodating interchangeable lens DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. A much better comparison, possibly, would be a smartphone in your pocket.

Despite these’constraints,’ the GoPro Hero 7, along with Hero 8, provides users the dual punch of 4K video and 12-megapixel stills in both Raw and JPEG accession of a time-lapse style to sweeten the offer.

Why are all possible here is that the mixture of a 12MP CMOS detector and GP1 processor? Participants also have the benefit of a SuperPhoto style, first introduced to the 7th creation of the flagship unit, which claims to provide intelligent scene analysis and so optimized shots. It accomplishes this by automatically deploying the likes of broad dynamic range (HDR) – claimed to have been improved over the Hero 8 version, compared to Hero 7 – to tone mapping and sound reduction.

The consequence of this can be that highlight detail has been recovered, otherwise missing, while shadow detail is improved. About the Hero 7, Black selfie fans also got a Portrait Mode made for sharing to Instagram Stories or Snapchat. In contrast, farther Face, Smile, and Scene Detection modes also use GoPro’s QuikStories program that builds clips and montages for more comfortable sharing on social networking, so this device would appear to be ideal for internet bloggers.

The Hero 8 does not match the trend set by its predecessor in also offering 12-megapixel stills. Its SuperPhoto attribute, in our humble view, captures better dynamic range images with much more pop than most activity camera snapping modes. At the same time, nighttime photography considerably betters movie functionality in similar situations. There’s conventional HDR and Raw service also, while exposures of around 30 minutes length are possible.


The Hero8 Black features a brand new front-facing mic right beneath the lens and brand new sound processing algorithms. GoPro says its audio quality is currently better in both silent and loud surroundings.

For its part, the Hero7 Black’s sound was pretty great. The Hero8 is going to get an advantage, and we did detect it did an especially good job in picking up voices in the presence of loud background noise; however, when sound is not essential for you personally, the Hero7 ought to be just lovely.


  • GoPro Hero 7 Black: 2-inch LCD touchscreen
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black: 2-inch LCD touchscreen

The GoPro Hero 7 Black provides a 2-inch LCD in 16:9 format in addition to an overhauled user interface (or UI) compared to its direct predecessor. The simple fact it is also a touchscreen means that available browsing features are relatively intuitive. A front-mounted screen panel with crucial settings further assists use. The 2-inch display with this model allows Touch Zoom performance, which allows for more accurate monitoring of topics and shooting situations. It does behave like digital zoom, nevertheless, degrading image quality.

On the rear of this GoPro Hero 8 Black, the display has not changed much at all, being little and receptive to the touch, using a glowing enough to view whatsoever but the sunniest of conditions. Its characteristic ratio is between the camera picture and video capture measurements, thereby giving video and photo takers a middle floor.

We would have liked the GoPro Hero 8 Black’s display to be slightly bigger, which could have made this choice near flawless in our view. Additionally, there’s no selfie display, which may be another potential improvement. However, we get a comfortable monochrome screen at the front, and, as stated before, there’s a brand new collection of bespoke discretionary extras with this camera called ‘Mods.’ We are especially fond of this Display Mode, which possibly adds another monitor, thereby creating the camera ideal for joggers and fixing our previous gripe.

Waterproof Body

They are both waterproof with no requirement for different underwater housing, both rated down to 33 ft (10 meters).

If you have to go deeper than this, you can find another dive housing that is more powerful and provides more protection from water pressure.

But due to the different lens interface layout, alongside the slightly different body dimensions, the HERO8 Black and HERO7 Black aren’t compatible with the identical dip housings.

That means you will want to acquire the ideal dip home for the perfect camera-they are not synonymous. For your HERO7 Black, it is the Super Suit. For your HERO8 Black, it is the Protective Home.

Added features

Because you’ll probably have gathered by now, the GoPro Hero 7 Black could be the old version, but it still boasts excellent whistles and bells. It features the anticipated connectivity choices of Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS’s bonus. It can also be controlled via voice control, thus enabling hands-free use and 14 languages supported.

As you may be mounting the apparatus in which it’ll float around (on a helmet or handlebars as an instance), an anti-shake center feels just like a necessity and, as we have mentioned earlier, that is precisely what the GoPro Hero 7 Black (and GoPro Hero 8 Black) deliver using a mixture of hardware and software fixes jointly dubbed’H Smooth,’ together with image capture functions such as the face, groin, and scene detection.

YouTube-rs and Facebook Live lovers will also enjoy the GoPro Hero 7 Black’s live streaming capabilities with 720p output – the initial GoPro camera to attribute such live-streaming centers – stated footage being supported up into the camera provided microSD card slot. Also worth mentioning is its SuperPhoto attribute, which claims to decrease picture noise cases in shots.

About the GoPro Hero 8 Black, one quite wise shooting style is TimeWarp 2.0, which will affect a time-lapse manner, but which allows the user to tap on the screen to quickly slow the footage down to actual time or tap it to rate up footage. This attribute works at up into the camera 4K 30fps resolution. And, if the answer is what’s valuable to you, be aware that the Hero 8 Black additionally captures 100Mbps Bit Rate 2.7K / 4K – a specification that’s over and above the 78Mbps footage captured from the Hero 7 Black.

Fields of View / Digital Lenses

There are three fields of view available across each of the video modes on the HERO7 Black, but they are not all available in all shooting modes. The typical one is the fundamental Wide FOV, that’s the default one which we are utilized to with GoPro footage. There is also one that squeezes more in the framework, known as SuperView. And there is a Linear FOV that compensates for the fisheye distortion and can be particularly useful when shooting drones.

The HERO8 Black has all those too as a Narrow FOV, which are offered in a few resolution/framerate choices. You may get a more comprehensive breakdown of that FOV can be obtained with which configurations: HERO8 Black | HERO7 Dark.

The HERO8 Black also presents a new name for the FOVs: electronic lenses. Here Is What was called fields of view earlier versions correspond to the electronic lens focal lengths on the HERO8 Black:


The ranges from the Broad and Linear choices are factoring from the electronic zoom feature.

The typical one is the fundamental Broad / 16mm-34mm, that’s the default one which we are utilized to with GoPro footage. SuperView crams more spectacle to the framework. Linear digitally corrects for lens distortion.

Still photos

Still, photography might be a secondary focus of GoPro cameras, but they do a reasonably good job. New into the Hero8 Black is Live Burst mode, which always buffers 1.5 minutes of frames until you press the camera. It then saves that 1.5 seconds and an extra 1.5 minutes after the shutter is pressed. From here, you can pick the ideal framework to store as a still photograph or save the whole clip as a 3-second video.

GoPro’s Super Photo style has also seen an update with improved HDR processing. When photographing moving subjects, the Hero8 Black is not as prone to “ghost” in such a manner in comparison with this Hero7 Black.


Together with the Hero8 Black, GoPro is rolling out a brand new collection of accessories known as Mods. The Display Mod will include a selfie display; the Media Mod consists of a shotgun mic, 3.5mm mic port, HDMI outside interface, and two cold shoes; along with the Light, Mod is a little LED light which may be attached to the Media Mod or some other GoPro mount.

These Mods are developed for bloggers and other movie storytellers and produce the Hero8 Black, a flexible camera. They won’t be harmonious with all the Hero7 series or sooner because of the distinct physical layout.

Batteries & Charging

The batteries to the HERO8 Black and also the HERO7 Black seem quite similar on the outside. They are the same size, shape, and design. They have the same power spec evaluations. And often, you can eliminate using them.

There’s one clear difference: the bright blue ring around the bottom of this new battery. That is, over a cosmetic change-it symbolizes the brand new battery intended for the latest version.

That is also, at least in concept, a performance gap with battery. It is not something that you could encounter in regular shooting. But suppose you truly worry the battery and camera using the processor-intensive shooting modes like HyperSmooth increase in sweltering conditions, by way of instance. In that case, you may discover that battery life dissipates faster, the battery overheats, or even the camera shuts down (or even all those).

So using the brand new battery variant in the camera would be your best choice to decrease the danger of performance problems. It is also possible to utilize the new battery variant from the HERO7 Black-it is entirely backward compatible. And a lot of the time, you may use the old battery version for your HERO7 Black at the HERO8 Black.

I’ve got a more thorough article on GoPro HERO8 Black batteries.

Extended Batteries

The USB-C interface is not in Precisely the Same place on each camera so that you can not use any Elongated battery options that click on the camera’s entire body (you can use ones which stay separate and plug in the USB-C port using a cable)


The Hero7 Black can be a bargain at $330, but it is also priced near enough to your Hero8 Black at $400. It probably will not require a very major nudge for one to choose the newer version. In our view, the Hero8 Black is well worth it for the brand new layout independently, mainly if you believe you believe you might choose to utilize one of the Mods in the long run.

But if you require a fantastic camera and would like to save a little cash, the Hero7 Black is a good option.

Final Verdict

As soon as it’s apparent the GoPro Hero 7 Black has been the best dog on launching, if you truly need all the bells and whistles available to the camera consumer, including the above ‘Mods,’ then the scope topping GoPro Hero 8 Black is your clear choice – and may well be the ideal camera available at this time. Simply speaking, this fully featured successor appears to be its producer’s effort to maintain its summit of the very best action camera single right now’ in position and protected.

Nevertheless, some individuals will involuntarily bend a Roger Moore-style eyebrow increase at the truth that it is priced the same as an entry-level DSLR. Plus, also consider that it is not worth paying extra for features you will possibly not use, meaning that last year’s version from the Hero 7 Black might be a much safer – and less costly – wager. Should you believe you want 360° photography, nevertheless, do have a peek at a different camera at the GoPro Max scope.

In summary, fortunately, there’s a GoPro strategy to fit every budget in addition to whatever use you wish to use it.

Video: GoPro Hero 7 Black 10 hour Night Lapse Protune ISO100-1600 in 4K

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