Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung S9: Which’s The Best? [New 2021]

Google's Pixel 3 vs Samsung S9

These days, Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung S9 are among the very best and cheapest Android smartphones in the marketplace. Their small size, along with the ease of loving every single bell and whistle that the larger phones bring, makes them better.

Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S9 are almost identical to many high-end smartphones but cost a lot less. The problem comes when choosing between those two gadgets, particularly if you don’t know a lot about the android apparatus.

Now, it’s sure that Pixel 3 is a fantastic smartphone; however, how does this compare to Samsung S9? Well, let Colorfy take this walk and also understand these two amazing Android smartphones compare.

Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung S9 Comparison

Google's Pixel 3 vs Samsung S9 Comparison

Display & Design

Considering the plan and the screen of the Samsung S9 and Pixel 3, you can’t fail to detect their difference. Should you compare these to other mobiles on the marketplace nowadays, the little appearance will cause them to stand out.

Pixel 3 includes a 5.5″ OLED screen, a resolution of 2160 * 1080, and a characteristic ratio of 18:9. On the flip side, Samsung S9 consists of a resolution of 2960 * 440 and an aspect ratio of 18:9.

Now, though the two mobiles have attractive screens and excellent performance in many situations, Samsung S9 is much more colorful.

You will see a striking gap between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8, particularly the glass in the front and rear when you look carefully. The telephone includes a tall, narrow screen, making it feel elegant and velvety once you hold it.

Still, on the plan, Samsung S9 includes a fingerprint sensor underneath the camera. Additionally, the phone makes it possible to face unlocking technologies, which is lovely.

Considering Pixel 3, Google utilized glass instead of metal when creating the rear of the telephone. Additionally, There’s a centralized fingerprint detector in the back marginally under the camera.

Ability And Performance

The two versions are located on the Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line chips, the Snapdragon 845. Both versions incorporate the 4GB of RAM and 64GB of foundation storage. But using all the Galaxy S9, you can find a version with up to 256GB onboard, instead of the only 128GB; that’s the greatest you can get together with all the Pixel 3.

Google’s flagship doesn’t own a microSD card slot, while the Samsung one does. It may be utilized to expand memory up to 400GB.

The Pixel 3 is based on a 2,915 mAh juice with 18W rapid wired charging if it comes to battery-powered. Quick Qi wireless charging can also be a part of this equation.

The Galaxy S9 includes a bigger 3,000 mAh battery using Quick wired charging, in addition to fast Qi. Regardless of the small gap, neither of these mobiles should fight to provide all-day performance.


If you’re trying to find the most significant reason to purchase the Pixel 3, then buy it for your camera. Most testimonials you see will replicate this claim – it is among the very best all-around shooters on a smartphone so far, even beating out the likes of Apple’s brand new iPhone XS in several scenarios.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 includes a fantastic camera setup also. We advised you in our overview that the S9’s camera has been among the very best, though a small faulty occasionally.

Before we get too far into this, let us compare hardware. The Pixel 3 features one 12.2MP rear camera using an f/1.8 aperture and 1.4-micron pixels, complete with OIS and EIS. The Galaxy S9 also offers one 12MP lens with double f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures, 1.4-micron pixels, and OIS.

In the picture above, you will see both devices may shoot impressive shots; however, the Pixel’s provides more comparison and punchier colors without oversaturation. This blanket’s color is much more true to life from the Pixel’s picture, although the S9 washes it more.

The same goes for this photo. The Pixel 3 produced a much realistic picture, with the ideal levels of comparison without any overblown highlights. From the S9’s picture, you can see the entire image is skinnier than the Pixel’s.

The Galaxy S9 picked up a reasonably radical highlight in the window right to the left of the wall, whereas the Pixel 3 balanced it out and did not overexpose the light source.

Again, the Pixel produced a true-to-life shot, but that is not always such a fantastic thing. The texture and scales on the dinosaur are somewhat sharper, and the color is more accurate also. On the other hand, the Galaxy S9’s photograph is lighter and lumps the highlights, even though it’s at the cost of less precise colors.

Both phones have back – and – front-facing portrait manners, and I would say Pixel 3 is the winner. It is more precise to separate the topic from the desktop, and also, the S9 will oversoften any confront it sees.


Samsung and Google offer radically distinct software encounters. Simultaneously, the hunting giant leans towards simplicity by merely providing a pure Android meeting, the Korean smartphone behemoth stakes on the number of additional features and customizations.

The Galaxy S9 started with the Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience consumer interface, but the firm introduced One UI. This is the mobile manufacturer’s brand new user interface, including modern features, designs, and styles. In the USA, Galaxy S9/S9+ users may access 1 UI using Android Pie in beta. A public roll-out is likely in January.

1 UI marks a fresh approach for Samsung, making it simpler to utilize apparatus single-handed, helping users concentrate on one thing simultaneously, and much more.

Nevertheless, a particular category of consumers will continuously tend to gravitate towards the tasteful software encounter that just the Pixel provides. It is reasonable to state that in this section, Google’s flagships will have the benefit. The Pixel 3 has been started using Android 9 Pie from the box.

Battery life

Neither of both devices is excellent when it comes to battery life. There, I said it! I would say that they are only average to get a smartphone that price a premium.

Both of these pack a 3000mAh (2915mAh to get Pixel 3) battery. See? Not a massive deal, right?

Both of these possess the fuel for a whole day with my degree of use. However, at night I must remember to charge them, or I’m pretty much screwed. Ordinarily, together with my heavy use, I receive around 4.5 – 5 hours of display punctually.

Safety and Biometrics

The final and deciding round. This round will determine who’s the king of their very streamlined smartphone of 2018.

One thing I would very much like you to understand is the two Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 are fantastic phones. This Google Pixel 3 Samsung Galaxy S9 comparison was an enjoyable way to research both apparatus.

If it comes to safety and biometrics, Pixel 3 features a fingerprint sensor on the trunk. It is fast and accurate. This is quite typical of any flagship apparatus. But, it doesn’t have some other unlocking procedures. No more iris scanner or elaborate confront unlock for you.

I genuinely feel a face recognition attribute could have been added (if you’re considering Android’s built-in face unlocking, then do not. It is just pure crap ), especially considering the magnitude of this telephone’s brow.

Galaxy S9, on the other hand, is a champ when it comes to biometrics. It features both an iris scanner along with a fingerprint scanner. Both of these are accurate and quick. The only downside to this iris scanner is that it doesn’t operate appropriately in dim.


Although Samsung S9 has several features that make it even more superior to Google’s Pixel 3, it’s surprisingly less expensive.

The 64GB Samsung S9 goes for $719.99; however, if you’re fortunate, you could even purchase it at a lower cost when there are continuing offers. Whatever you want, it to maintain checking for supplies and whenever the ideal time comes, make your buy.

For Pixel 3, the price begins at $800, which means it’s costlier compared to Samsung Galaxy S9. If you’re fortunate, you can purchase at a lower price when there are ongoing promotions or discounts. By picking Samsung S9, you’ll be saving more than $80 in your purchase, which is enormous.

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Final Verdict

To secure its market share and get more visitors to purchase their Android apparatus, Google must rework on Pixel 3. The telephone lags in numerous regions in contrast to Samsung S9 and other Android mobiles that cost less.

But most individuals may get drawn to the telephone due to regular updates and wonderful Android experience. Google has done very little to create Pixel 3’s layout match the considerable cost where buys the phone. As a truth, an individual would feel cheated purchasing a telephone that’s not too good considering a more significant cost yet to get a lousy deal compared to buying Samsung S9.

Studying Samsung Galaxy S9, on the other hand, offers excellent functionality, a gorgeous display, and a fantastic camera, all in 1 bundle. Samsung has attempted the very best to provide a telephone that is not just reasonably priced but has the latest features.

Apart from lagging in upgrading its applications, Samsung has done a fantastic job with Samsung Galaxy S9, making it worth the cost.

This said, however, remember you’re the person that is going to use the telephone. Create a decision you’ll be proud of extended after making your purchase and one which will satisfy your wants.

Video: Pixel 3 vs Galaxy s9 Front Facing Camera Test

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