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Being short on time is normal and it’s nothing to feel sad about because deadlines are somehow always met no matter what, which is kind of funny. So, don’t worry because by the end of this article, you’ll also be done with your articles, just follow the tips step by step and it should be easy. And somehow being short on time just boosts your creative writing skills which help you in writing quickly.

An essay usually consists of 4-5 paragraphs, considering that you’re short on time. Try to stick to 5 paragraphs, don’t exceed more than that because you have to save time. If you decide to go for 6 paragraphs, then you’ll have to spend more time researching, so I’d suggest sticking to 5 paragraphs.

 Make sure you do not use long sentences because it confuses the reader due to which they won’t be interested in reading your essay. Try to use short sentences and get too wordy when describing things as people get annoyed at that type of stuff. Try to be straightforward.

If the essay is informative which it won’t be but if it is, then all you’ll have to do is read a quick summary of the topic you chose and write your essay. But, if you’re at the college level, then the essay will most likely be a persuasive one. So, when researching, you’ll have to gather two arguments and some pros and cons about them. Try to use trusted sources only. 

You obviously won’t have the time to go to a library and research, however, if there’s a library close to your house then going there as writing in a peaceful environment also helps. Make sure to also gather some support sentences with your arguments to support them. It looks cleaner than that.

Once you’re done with researching, what you’ll do is draft your essay on a piece of paper. Don’t waste too much time on this part as you still have to write the whole essay. What drafting will do is it’ll help you write your essay faster because every argument and point will be drafted so, you won’t have to brainstorm while writing the essay. You should only give this part about 30minutes if you want to be efficient and finish your essay quickly.

You could also ask for an evolution writers review for your essay once it’s done. They’re professional writers and will give the best and most honest review you could get.

Now, it’s time you start writing the essay. As I mentioned above, try to keep your sentences short and easy so that even an 8th grader could read your essay. And the most important part. 

The introduction you write should be interesting and eye-catching because if it’s not the reader honestly won’t be that much bothered to read your article. Give your readers a reason to be interested in your article and this can only happen with an interesting introduction.

In the conclusion, you will be reviewing one of your arguments and supporting it with the support sentences you gathered while researching. By the end of this article, your readers should be convinced to adopt your point of view.

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