Five things the internet has made possible

Five things the internet has made possible

sWhen the internet first came, people saw it as a status thing; something for the rich only. Fast forward to the 21st century, second month of 2021, the internet has become the cheapest and most accessible source of information in the world. There can be no argument that the internet has made our lives easier. In fact there’s a standing argument that there’s nothing you seek that you won’t find on the internet. And no one can deny the resounding impact the internet has had on bettering people’s standards of living.

In case you’re wondering exactly how the internet has made our lives easier, here’s a list of things we never would have thought possible in the 1900s.

  1. Email and Instant Messaging.

When people are describing the new phenomenon that is the world wide web, they say it has made the world a global village. 

Before the advent of the internet, it was not possible for you to send messages to people and the messages were delivered in seconds. Telegrams and letters take days (sometimes months) to reach their destinations and by the time the letters arrive, the information it carries might have become redundant. However, with emails and Instant Messaging, you can send messages that will be delivered in seconds.

  1. Education.

Another thing the internet has made possible is easy access to information. You no longer need to spend months and huge amounts of money learning new information, everything is available on the internet. Additionally, there are a lot of people posting tutorial videos on the internet, so even if you don’t have enough money to pay for a formal education, you can always get the education you need on the internet.

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It is interesting to note that some learning institutions also have a sort of online learning program that allows you to get a degree without actually setting foot in the school premises.

  1. Gambling.

The internet has also made gambling easier. With the rise of online casino websites, you can play casino games from your phone or laptop. You can also play slot machines and sport bets online. One positive effect of this is that it presents a way for you to escape social censorship and also to earn money from the internets.

  1. We are our own doctors.

Whoever thought there would come a time when people were able to diagnose themselves. Due to increased accessibility to the internet, a lot of doctors and medical professionals publish reports and blog posts on medical conditions and recommend actions for ailments. There have also been information on a number of minor ailments like a migraine, headache, whitlow and so on and their home remedies.

Another thing t

  1. Shopping.

hat has been made easier is shopping. You can now shop from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of websites on the internet that sell products, you can easily login to those websites and order products. Now, you no longer need to visit malls, supermarkets and boutiques to buy things.

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