ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish Comparison: Who Wins [New 2020]

ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish Comparison

When you are trying to find the ideal VPN services available on the marketplace, ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish are just two names that constantly come up.

They are both regulars on many “Best VPN” lists. However, you probably don’t want two VPNs, do you?

So, which one should you select? In our view, ExpressVPN wins over IPVanish (ExpressVPN’s 30-day guarantee provides a great deal of reassurance ). But let Colorfy have a good look.

What’s ExpressVPN?

What's ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network Service came into existence in the year 2009. It’s established by a firm named Express VPN International Ltd…

ExpressVPN stands because of its advertising value as the program is promoted as the very best privacy and security tool for internet users. It masks the consumer’s IP address and solitude are well preserved.

ExpressVPN has releases programs for almost all of the Operating systems. Beginning with Windows and macOS very first, the business started distributing apps for iOS, Android, and Linux.

The machine count is magnanimous, it’s over 2000 servers. The business has host places in over 148 places in 94 nations.

Express VPN is known because of its speed too. It features a mean rate of 160 MBps throughout the world.

Strategically the most significant server places have been in Brazil, Canada, and the United States that make them provide links at such a rate. More to the point, the servers from the European countries do provide fantastic rates in that portion of the planet too.

You will find censorship legislation in nations and China stood powerful inside against Apple. This made Apple eliminate all the VPN programs from Apple Store from China which affected ExpressVPN too.

What’s IPVanish VPN?

What's IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is a commercial VPN service provider. Its headquarters is located in the USA.

It had been set up from the year 2012. IPVanish at the moment has marginally over 1000 servers attached throughout the world.

It’s host places in over 60 nations. This makes it somewhat slower in relation compared to its counterparts.

IPVanish provides end to end encryption into the community. When connected via the system, the IP is hidden and also a decoy IP is shared amongst their customers.

This VPN service began with 32 servers and a single client for Windows OS. In the future, the service was expanded to macOS, iOS, and Android.

IPVanish is considered to be more secured with its additional protocols. But, their privacy policy is under consideration, since they published a client’s information into the police division breaching their privacy policy.

Users are permitted to join 10 devices at one time. The whole information is encrypted along with the IP that can be concealed. IPVanish has the same performance of bypassing region-wise limited access to see online sites with no difficulty. So many games That Are regionally restricted can be easily performed with Using IPVanish

ExpressVPN Vs IPVanish Comparison


The two VPN providers have an adequate collection of features and the two can assist you to connect to the Internet with a protected and strengthened tunnel.

This round will probably get out of every ‚Äúnamesake” and go over the further offering that sets it apart from the rest.


ExpressVPN packs a fantastic pair of features without overdoing the port at each of the client version it has.

It seems like it merely wants you to be joined and enjoy secure surfing, especially at first glance.

But going deeper shows features that may help quantify your link’s functionality and deciding upon the traffic which moves through the protected tunnel.

Here are the features it has:

  • Speed Test tool
  • Built-in Diagnostic Tool
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • IP Address Checker
  • Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • Content & Website Unblocking


IPVanish won’t only give up the battle within this very first round, that’s to do with all the accessible features.

We are just sad to notify you that the IP biking attribute that has been popular by a few can no more be configured in the port.

We only found that there was really a means to change how frequently the biking happens and it may also be disabled.

However, there are other noteworthy features to mention!

Here are some other features which IPVanish has:

  • Privacy Protection
  • Kill Switch
  • Enable/Disable on Startup
  • Automated Connection
  • Quick Connect
  • IP Address Verification and Diagnostics
  • DNS Leak Protection


Safety being the major goal of all VPNs, both ExpressVPN and IPVanish fare well in this section with lots of privacy-driven features.

Both utilize AES-256 encryption to protect your information, both possess a kill button each (though on desktop versions only) to stop your visitors in the event of lost links, both encourage the trustworthy OpenVPN together with the choice to select different protocols, both possess a large number of IP addresses – 30,000 to get ExpressVPN and 40,000 for IPVanish – to assist you in getting previous geo-restrictions, and use personal DNS. We didn’t discover any DNS or IP escapes through our evaluations in the instance of a VPN.

Nevertheless, there are subtle differences that set the two apart. Both support the very same protocols, but IPVanish gets the further IKEv2 whilst ExpressVPN has SSTP. These choices are somewhat useless since OpenVPN is your best that you can bet, however SSTP can come in handy once you’re in need of bypassing a firewall configured to discover and block the trivial protocols (for example, OpenVPN, yes).

Additionally, IPVanish enables you to obfuscate (or’scramble’) your own OpenVPN visitors, however, ExpressVPN has something a lot more helpful – split tunneling, which lets certain programs and websites of your choice to be hauled out the VPN.

Ease of Use

The next round has to do with the features of each VPN.

It’ll discuss how good the VPN support is when it concerns the general user interface layout.

This is a significant facet since users will mostly select a VPN that seems friendly and less intimidating in each accessible software platform at which it could run on.

Express VPN

If you would like to link to the Web through ExpressVPN, the user interface will provide you a sizable”On” button that is emphasized on the rear section by a defense figure.

This button will look green once you’re connected.

Picking a host to connect to can be made easy by the”select location” button which opens into a new window showing the list of servers that ExpressVPN has.

We suggest that you do so after doing a speed test on your favorite location.

It’s easy to locate a host to connect to using the Lookup feature and ExpressVPN has made certain there are filters that can help narrow down the hunt.

There aren’t a lot of choices in the port however ExpressVPN’s potency is located inside the”Settings” menu which may be retrieved by clicking onto the “three-dash” button that’s located at the top-left section of the interface then hitting the product that states “Options”.

There are five tabs under this section that are, for the most part self-explanatory. In here, you can select the method by which the service acts when your device starts up, disable or enable kill button, or fire split tunneling.

From here, it is just the”Browsers” tab which we find significant since it gives away hyperlinks for downloading Firefox, Safari, and Chrome extensions.


The simplicity of use is not a problem with IPVanish but it’s more options that may be retrieved directly on its surface in comparison with ExpressVPN.

It attracts users into the “Quick Connect” tab on launch and also here, advocated servers will reveal relevant information such as the protocol and IP address.

A chart that illustrates the rate is what takes the majority of the display making the “ON” button somewhat difficult to see but it’s situated in the top-right corner as shown below.

The same as ExpressVPN, the listing of servers that are recommended is helpful but it doesn’t demonstrate the very best ones all of the time so you’ll want to use the tab that’s labeled “host list” to be able to manually select the correct one.

You are able to pick a server either by utilizing the search feature or simply by scrolling. A map where you are able to choose a server place is also offered.

Specific data centers aren’t accessible though therefore, for example, you would like to join Amsterdam that has over 100 servers, so you may just connect into the nation as a whole rather than to a particular server from the 100+ which are readily available.

That may have some benefits and drawbacks to itself.

For example, it is a fantastic feature if you don’t wish to mess around with all the particular settings but is not great for more sophisticated users.

To repair this problem, there is the “Quick Link” settings tab at which you can do the thing.

The “Settings” section can also be simple and this is really where tweaks into the protocol, kill switch, IP verification, and setup of this client DNS are found.

Talking of protocols, you may also finally encounter IPVanish’s SOCKS5 proxy host protocol – intended to spare you the trouble of downloading a customer – but I do not suggest this to customers unless they understand their VPNs inside-outside; it will come at the expense of weakened encryption.

Last, there is a very small gap in the kill buttons which I’d love to find out here. ExpressVPN’s kill button – known as Network Lock – obviously alerts the consumer in the event of a relationship disturbance and when it is active. IPVanish lacks those notifications that are in reality another method of bolstering the user’s safety.

Our general verdict? The two VPNs are safe, but ExpressVPN has more useful features for this extra protection.


Privacy is the clear second concern following safety. As soon as we speed a VPN, it’s logging coverage is upmost in determining whether it’s a trusted seller. Towards the end, both ExpressVPN and IPVanish assert to possess strict no-logging policies, although the former track record is impeccable, the latter has had to answer some hard questions.

A number of decades back, IPVanish came to the limelight for cooperating with the police to capture a child-abuse defendant, thus compromising information that it claims not to maintain the first location. This was sufficient to get raised doubts regarding its logging coverage, and all these are not yet been set to rest.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, assures 100% solitude by backing its zero-logs coverage using its TrustedServer attribute. It only suggests that all ExpressVPN’s servers run on a RAM-disk manner so that the server is drained on each reboot, so which makes it impossible for logs to be kept over the VPN servers. Therefore, even when the host drops at the hands of an unwanted third party, there would not be some trace of this consumer left to locate on it.

I would have rated ExpressVPN the winner concerning solitude on such a note, but there is more. ExpressVPN boosts your anonymity by enabling payment via cryptocurrency, which can be something IPVanish fails on. Need we say more?

Speed & Performance

Let us admit it, a number of people might even have a chink or two at our safety armor at the name of pace. Speed is essential to users that intend to utilize the VPN mostly to reinstall geo-restricted content and therefore are really likely to flow in HD till apocalypse comes and brings the plug. VPNs are ill-famed for decreasing rate and rightfully so, but what things is that VPN reduces it at the least. This last piece is contingent upon the potency of this VPN’s server system.

I really don’t have to tell you that as a long-standing ExpressVPN consumer; ExpressVPN’s functionality in this aspect is considered superfast by the consensus of tens of thousands of customers. If they say’blazing fast’ they mean it (and what a relief it is!). ExpressVPN’s network comprises over 3,000 servers spread over 160 locations in 94 nations, which means that you can wave goodbye to painful loading intervals once and for all. What is more, this remarkable number comprises servers optimized for streaming and torrenting.

IPVanish, on the other hand, includes a host system one-third the magnitude of ExpressVPN. It will take pride in possessing all its 1,300 servers, and the rates aren’t bad in any way, but our evaluation results – from servers in a number of places – preferred ExpressVPN, and that is what matters. If you’d like rapid operation, you do not need to complete reading this review to understand that ExpressVPN is exactly what you have been searching for.

Connections & Compatibility

Safety, privacy, rate. So we have covered the core demands of a VPN already, but what about a VPN’s versatility concerning platforms and devices? Sure, this may not be high in your demand list, but imagine should you intend on using the VPN on multiple devices (such as we now own)? Or just a large group of individuals? Or what if you’re — God forbid – a Linux user?

At first glance, IPVanish appears to genius this parameter by providing 10 simultaneous apparatus links, but dig a bit deeper and you understand you’ll need to install it manually on every apparatus. In comparison to this, ExpressVPN’s supply of linking 5 devices simultaneously appears meagre, but its own customized router firmware can fix that easily by permitting you to set up the VPN on the router to pay more devices through one link.

If this appears to be a link for you personally, wait, since there’s more. At least from ExpressVPN’s end. It gives browser extensions at which IPVanish supports none. Its MediaStreamer DNS attribute does even better by permitting you to work with nearly every stage – such as VPN-unfriendly devices including Smart TVs.

And most importantly – ExpressVPN includes a committed command-line interface program for Linux users that, honestly, is the very least we expect from a decent VPN from the lack of proper GUI interface to its oft-ignored Linux users. I provide full points to ExpressVPN for compatibility and relations equally.

Torrenting, Streaming & Sharing

Ultimately, we come into the content portion of this VPN. Statistics prove that the greatest VPN users are actually seeking to skip regional censorship and accessibility to geo-restricted content over anything else. And when this crucial luxury isn’t in place, you can be certain that the VPN is hardly more than an add-on to your current security program.

From geo-restricted content we imply content whose copyright doesn’t extend beyond specific locations and that – as in the case of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and comparable streaming solutions – we really much like to get (partially because we have paid for this monthly subscription and partially because what the hell?! I want to see!).

Regrettably, in this respect, IPVanish proves to be a true disappointment. We believed that over the years they would catch on the match, however. IPVanish can’t unblock some of the favorite streaming solutions. It did unblock Netflix, but only if we utilized a US server, that defeats the entire purpose. In addition, it enabled us to torrent (it actively encourages it on its own site ), however as mentioned previously, the rates are gloomy. A small killjoy as soon as you’re able to observe countless seeders and therefore are still collecting bits and bytes such as rain at your palms.

Alongside it, ExpressVPN comes around as a lifesaver. The absolute size and variety of its own server system, and also that it keeps dedicated servers for both streaming and torrenting that you are able to select (and their client service will steer you to within seconds ) – all of this implies ExpressVPN was readily able to replenish geo-restricted articles on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, iBBC Player and Disney throughout our comprehensive evaluations from places around the world. We have eloquent HD rates, and unsurprisingly, can skip China’s Great Firewall as well with ExpressVPN (the primary site as such is blocked in China, but you might use another website like get-express-vpn. Id to get in).

That is just one too many reasons to dismiss ExpressVPN, particularly if all you need is a life filled with movie and hassle-free P2P sharing!

Customer Support

While the two of our head-to-head challengers offer you easy-to-use VPN programs and services, there might come a time when you ought to ask a query of the customer service departments.

ExpressVPN provides around-the-clock assistance with 24/7 live support chat, a searchable service knowledge base, and email service. Quick and informative answers are the principle here, along with also the provider’s knowledge base contains lots of helpful info.

IPVanish provides assistance by means of a trouble ticket entry system along with a searchable service library.

The provider recently included a bot support quality that tries to answer simple support queries. If it fails, then it provides to link you to live chat. (The bot does a good job of discovering what you might be searching for, but I preferred the individual response.) IPVanish’s service folk provided fast and useful replies to my queries.

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Pricing Strategies

Result: With $6.49/month cost IPVanish is less costly than ExpressVPN.

A VPN including all the fantastic features are of little value if it’s too pricey. Obviously, the cost is a significant element while hunting for the ideal VPN. Let us find out which out of both is more affordable.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish Pricing Plans

ExpressVPN – This provider has ever been among the higher-priced VPNs on the marketplace. ExpressVPN provides three strategies and all of them are rather pricey. Its 1-month plan starts from $12.99/mo, it has 12-month plan prices $8.32/mo and its own 6-month plan prices $ 9.99/mo…

IPVanish – Itself is not very affordable, but it’s cheaper than ExpressVPN. Additionally, it provides three strategies that you are able to check out at the table above, but what is worth noting is that IPVanish’s best strategy prices $6.49/mo that’s considerably more affordable than ExpressVPN’s best strategy that costs $ 8.32/mo. According to dollar value, IPVanish is much more moderately priced.


The two ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN are exceptional products that will provide you with fantastic support. When picking the best one for you, have a look through a few of the features discussed in this guide and find out which ones really stick out.

IPVanish stands out thanks to the intuitive interface and how it’s multiple approaches to make sure you pick the best host is surely a large bonus.

The two VPNs offer you a money-back guarantee and may also be signed up for a 1 month period, so it is simple to test out among those VPNs and see whether it’s a fantastic match for your requirements.

Hopefully, this guide has helped clean up a few of the questions that you might have had about both of these VPNs. Should you have to learn more, please leave a comment in the area under!

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