Ever Played Casino Ohne Limit Know Everything Before Trying It


Why play without limits on casino ohne limit?

In my view, a limit should not be the same as a limit. Why? Very easily. Each user has their own financial circumstances. A blanket restriction is not the way to go. There are certainly players for whom one euro per spin has reached the end of the road. However, real professionals are able to use significantly higher amounts in some cases .

The criteria for safe casinos with no €1 bet limit

Anyone who chooses an casino ohne limit will certainly not make a mistake. It is true, however, that the casino selection cannot only be made because of the lack of limits. A reputable casino check includes other points that every user must include in their considerations. When looking for a good online casino without limits , I took the following quality features into account.

8 important criteria for casino ohne limit:-

License: So Does the online casino have a valid license and which supervisory authority issued it?

Security: How are player and data protection regulated? Does the casino work with external partners or does it have the appropriate seal of approval?

Game offer: Are all game groups represented in the game offer, i.e. slots, arcade games, table and card games, scratch cards and a live casino?

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Bonus: What bonus offers are there for new customers and regular players? Are the bonus wagering requirements fair and understandable?

Deposit and withdrawal options: Which transfer methods are offered? Are deposits and withdrawals made free of charge? How quickly are winnings paid out?

Customer service: Is the customer support German-speaking and competent? How can the service staff be reached and when?

Mobile online casinos: Do I have all games and all other functions available on mobile? Does the online casino work with a native app or with a mobile website?

Other offers: Can the online casino come up with other gambling offers, such as sports betting or a poker arena?

The legal situation while playing casino ohne limit:-

The new gambling regulation in Germany has not only brought the 1 euro limit on the slot machines, but also other far-reaching restrictions that I have already touched on. But what is actually behind the new laws? Germany has vehemently opposed private online casinos for over two decades. With an impressive preventive tactic, the government has postponed the EU requirements year after year . Only the state of Schleswig-Holstein took a short-term special path in 2011 and 2012.

The situation only changed in 2018. At that time, the prime ministers of the federal states decided that a new gaming contract should be drawn up. Also the new regulations have been in force since July 1, 2021 in full effects. But the whole “matter” still has a huge catch. So far, only permits for sports betting providers have been issued in Germany. However , there are still no licenses for online casinos in Germany . However, game providers who want to obtain a license must already comply with the fundamental new rules.

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At times, players and the media have criticized the new regulations , as Süddeutsche commented . This is directed against the lack of data protection and the monitoring of players, but also against the exclusive marketing of games such as roulette by the state. According to the trade press, many regulations such as the 5-second rule only serve to appease the critics of a liberal gambling policy.

The German regulatory authority is still in the process of being formed. The German gambling scene is currently controlled by the regional council in Darmstadt on behalf of the state of Hesse. The best alternative for me are currently the online casinos with an EU license. They offer the usual, well-known security in an absolutely legally compliant framework . Due to the freedom to provide services in the European Union, every user moves in legal online casinos.

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