Easy ways to check for your SIM card number

Has it ever happened that someone asked for your number, and you totally went blank? Quite an embarrassing satiation, but then it can to anyone, as we all are humans. While some people are extremely good at remembering numbers, some others lack in this department. That is why, you should always know that there are plenty of ways to discover your phone number without the hassles of remembering the digits. 


Multiple ways to check for your SIM number

Well, if you’re someone who finds it difficult to remember your mobile number and especially when you have more than one number, worry not! These simple tricks will do the job for you!


Add your number to your phonebook

Every smartphone (or even feature phone these days) has a Contacts app where you store all the numbers of your friends, family, workplace associates, and so on. However, did you know that you could also store your number and other additional details there? It is simple! When you open the contacts app, you might see an auto-added contact option showing ‘Me’. You can add your details here. This way, you can always remember your number even when you have forgotten it.

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Check your phone settings

The settings app is one of the most crucial elements on your smartphone. And now, it can help you look for your SIM card number too. All you have to do is dig into your settings app and look around to find out your SIM number. 


Check your SIM card case

When you got your new Airtel 5G SIM card, you must have received it in a case. Chances are, if you still have that SIM card kept somewhere, then look for it. The SIM card case will have the SIM number printed on it. 


Call someone

If any of the above methods are not working and you are still not sure of your SIM number, then the best way to find it is by calling someone. Call any of your friends or family and ask them to tell you what your SIM number is. Once they do, make sure you note it down somewhere.


What is the best way to remember my SIM number?

It is quite easy to forget your SIM number. However, there are many ways to remember it. For starters, you can break down your SIM number into smaller chunks and then try to memorise it. Otherwise, you could also try to use mnemonics to sort this out. You can make your number sound similar to certain words or phrases that make you remember it.

And finally, you can always write it down. It seems like an obvious answer but writing down your phone number on your phone’s notes app, or just on a diary or piece of paper that you can carry everywhere will also work. 

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We hope we have helped you clear your doubts about ‘my SIM number check.’


Follow these simple tricks and you will never face a sticky situation where you do not recollect your mobile numbers.


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