Divorce Online When Your Spouse Does Not Consent

Divorce Online Spouse Consent

The divorce process is never easy, it requires decent efforts and professional help, in case you are eager to reach beneficial outcomes. That is why many divorcees seek easier and faster ways to deprive themselves of the waste of time and money and undergo minimum stress and tension. But what to do if uncontested or collaborative divorce is certainly not your variant since there is no one to cooperate with. It often happens that one of the spouses refuses to approve divorce or can be found nowhere. Still, it is not a situation without a solution. Even such cases can be resolved neatly and with minimum waste. This article details on Divorce Online When Your Spouse Does Not Consent.

Study the Local Law and Regulations

Before you start preparing any divorce papers or settling divorce plans, you are to study the local law and regulations. The procedure of the divorce without the spouse’s consent differs from state to state, so you need to do appropriate research according to your place of residing. More to this, if your case is a little more complicated, meaning that it includes custody, alimony, big assets, and debts, you’d better look for professional assistance for sure. It can be any trustworthy online platform to grant you with do it yourself legal forms and appropriate guidance, or a local family law attorney to help you through the whole case. 

The specialized assistance you choose may help you to determine the reason you file for divorce, which predetermines the whole upcoming procedure. You are to select between no-fault or divorce on fault. If you pick no-fault divorce, it means you admit that your marriage has failed and you need to terminate it due to personal choice. On the contrary, divorce on the fault is filed to prove the guilt of one of the spouses for ruining the marriage and get certain benefits out of it. In most cases, you are strongly advised to go for a no-fault divorce since it has a simpler and faster procedure, and can be finalized without your spouse’s consent and presence. Yet, if you have some case complicacy and desire to force your soon-to-be-ex to take responsibility for some custodial or support issues, you just have to file for divorce on fault. 

File for Divorce up to Your Convenience

There are many ways to organize the divorce process up to your convenience. If you are ready to put in some effort, you will reach your aim in the shortest time and less money wasted, and on conditions appropriate to you. 

There is no difficult to encounter do it yourself legal forms, which suit your case. Although most online platforms offer divorce packages for couples who file for an uncontested divorce and have a desire to cooperate, there are some who will help you handle the issue without your partner’s consent. Just do a little research to make it lawful and reliable and you will succeed.

After all the divorce docs are neatly organized and ready, you are to file them. Many states offer online filing services through their official websites as well, but you can file for divorce personally by handing the forms to the Clerk’s Office. Pay the fees and move to the next stages of the procedure with no hurdles.

Make Announcement to Your Partner

Whether your partner wants a divorce or not, the law obliges you to send him\her the divorce package and announce that you are in the process of divorce. 

There are multiple ways to do it so that you don’t have to hand in the papers personally and can avoid extra drama. Send the notice and the package through the mail or sheriff’s office, or any other means attainable in your place of residing. In case, you don’t know your spouse’s location, you can use some modern tools to find it out, or use the service by publication, making an announcement about your divorce intentions in the local newspaper closest to the place of his\her last known residing place.

Be Patient Waiting

Your next step requires a mass of patients since you need to sit and wait for a certain time before you either get a response from your partner or get nothing and the procedure can move on in the appropriate direction. 

Actually, there is no need to “sit and wait”, you can concentrate on some vital issues meanwhile. Spend time with your children, work on your career improvements, settle future plans, and make arrangements to alter your life conditions according to the new life status. 

When the time determined by the law passes, you will have to consider the response of your spouse, covering any denials, complaints, and so on, or its lack, and move on with the appropriate procedure. 

Finalize the Case

As a final step, you will have to deal with court proceedings. Attend hearings and court meetings and show that you are eager to participate and cooperate. Prepare to respond to your spouse’s complaints and inquires according to the law and protect your rights. 

Even if your partner is not willing to cooperate, your divorce is a quite possible and manageable issue. Although it may take more time and effort, in the end, you will be free from unnecessary connections and happy to move on to the high-promising future.

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